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why data science is fastest growing industry n.
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Why data science is fastest growing industry right now PowerPoint Presentation
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Why data science is fastest growing industry right now

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Why data science is fastest growing industry right now
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Why data science is fastest growing industry right now

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  1. Why data science is fastest growing industry right now

  2. IT industry has witnessed a revolutionary prospect in data science field in recent years. Almost all big MNCs have set up CoEs on data science and even small to middle-level companies also started working on it. • As per IDC estimation and CAGR growth record on Big Data industry, there will be up to 23.1 percentages of growth between 2016 and 2020.This is equal to USD 57 billion including all sectors. • Let’s look into the core areas of use will help you to understand why data science has become fastest growing area right now.

  3. Prescriptive analytics – new solution trend for the industries • Nowadays organizations widely use prescriptive analytics to achieve optimal production level decisions. • This data science wing is a combination of analytics and mathematics which helps entrepreneurs to make better decisions within less time. • Extensive use of Machine learning • The overall development pattern and technology trend has seen a paradigm shift with more use of automation and DevOps while handling a huge set of complex data. • Furthermore, it has paced up machine learning development in lighting speed.Alongside, with the advancement of AI, it leads to high-performance AI chipsets with an aim to target edge based inferencing driving a new generation machine learning technology and tools.

  4. Increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) • 2018 technology trends show an open development framework for AI which converges with data-science development. • It shows that every sphere of services and applications will virtually incorporate artificial intelligence in it. • This leads towards more development in machine learning with a more advanced machine learning algorithm. • Furthermore, this will be a workable solution for another important technology area that is cybersecurity.

  5. Rapid development in Blockchain technology • 2018 Gartner identification for strategic technology trends shows in many areas of growth and Blockchain is one of the promising areas where data analytics will play a key role. • Though deals with massive data lakes, this open ledger is not meant for data analysis. • That's where data science comes into the picture to analyze all kinds of collected data. Different data analysis tools and techniques help in efficient analyzing of the data.

  6. Scope in IoT • Another investing and growing technology area based on data analytics are IoT (Internet of Things). • With the increased use of smart devices, companies are using sensor-based data more and more for implementing IoT for business benefits. • The trend will grow continually providing data analytics a bigger sphere.

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