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Medusa the Gorgon

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Medusa the Gorgon

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Medusa the Gorgon

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  1. Medusa the Gorgon Greek gods and creatures

  2. The story of Medusa Medusa was once a beautiful woman, but, when she slept with Poseidon in Athena’s temple, Athena wasn’t happy. So she punished her,makingMedusa a Gorgon. Because of her hideous, unsightly appearance Medusa hid herself away, so that no one would see her. People were determined to find out where she had gone and if she had anything to do with the disappearances. So the curious people of Athens, sent a brave man called Perseus to kill her. When Medusa was a gorgon she lived in a cave , in Cisthene (east Ethiopia) where she kept all of the stone subjects.

  3. Eventually Perseus arrived at Medusas cave. Medusa hid behind some stone people. She knew that he was there to kill her. Perseus and Medusa were both shaking with fear, because Perseus had never seen a gorgon before and Medusa had never seen a human for years. When Medusa came out from under all of Perseuses soldiers ran away screaming. Perseus knew that he had to not look at her for he would turn into stone. He used a mirror so that Medusa would look at herself and turn into stone. Then Perseus cut Medusas head clean off of her body. Perseus returned home with Medusas hideous head on the shield of Minerva, which he had used in his expedition, as a warning to others. It is bad if you boast about yourself or you’ll end up like Medusa!!!!!!!!

  4. Perseus CONSTELLATION Astronomers have said that there is a constellation of Perseus holding Medusas head with his fist. Watch out at night for his constellation !!!!!

  5. WHAT GORGONS HAVE Snakes for hair Enchanting red eyes (so that people look) Eyes so people look and turn into stone Unsightly beauty Pale white skin Yellowy fangs

  6. GLOSSARY CONSTELLATION -CONSTELLATION means that an image is joined by stars to create an image of the past or present. GORGON -GORGONS are Greek mythical creatures that have snakes for hair and other unsightly features.