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Joint Logistics Education & Development Forum

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Joint Logistics Education & Development Forum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Joint Logistics in the Next Decade. Joint Logistics Education & Development Forum. LTG Kathy Gainey Director for Logistics (J-4) The Joint Staff 11 June 09. Agenda. Reading the Demand Signals - Why focus on 2020? Interagency Logistics - New partnerships and processes

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joint logistics education development forum

Joint Logistics


the Next Decade

Joint Logistics Education & Development Forum

LTG Kathy Gainey

Director for Logistics (J-4)

The Joint Staff

11 June 09

  • Reading the Demand Signals
    • - Why focus on 2020?
  • Interagency Logistics
    • - New partnerships and processes
  • Interagency Logistics Imperatives
    • - Conceptual Framework

“The future of national and international security lies in interoperability and cooperation among the Services, the interagency, international partners and non-governmental organizations .” CJCS Guidance

progression of joint logistics
Progression of Joint Logistics

To Interdependency…

To Jointness…

To Coordination…

To Deconfliction…

From Competition…

Progression also applies to Interagency Logistics

documents that impact the future of joint logistics
Documents that Impact the Future of Joint Logistics

National Security


Joint Logistics


National Defense


March 2006

Opportunity to shape

the future of Joint Logistics

demand signals
“Demand Signals…”

DOD Report on Improving

Interagency Support

June 2007

GAO Report on Improving

Stability Operations

May 2007

“Military forces must become more capable of… integrating non-kinetic activities into traditional combat missions …”

How do we, the “logistics community” incorporate this trend?

demand signals1
“Demand Signals…”

Provincial Reconstruction Teams

  • Great example of interagency-centric
  • operations
  • Whole of government approach
  • Integrates non-kinetic missions

Incorporate interoperability into war

planning at outset

traditional cocom support model
Traditional COCOM Support Model

US Agency

Civilian Contractors

Host Nation Operations

Coalition Operations

US Military

Solutions to regional problems

one example africom support model
One example…AFRICOM Support Model

Local African

Local African Company

Local Multi-National Company

Non-Governmental Organizations

African Capabilities

for Africans

Civilian Contractors

Local Military-US Military

Civilian Contractors/US Military

US Military

Make US Military the last option

joint logistics imperatives


Joint Logistics Imperatives
  • Unity of Effort
    • Process definition
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Process transparency
    • Common output metrics


  • JLE Visibility
    • Enterprise data architecture
    • Authoritative source data
    • 24/7 access to network
  • Rapid & Precise Response
    • Velocity, Reliability, Visibility
    • Efficiency
    • Performance tracking
    • Process analysis

Conceptual Framework for Interagency Logistics

progression of interagency logistics
Progression of Interagency Logistics

A Goldwater – Nichols for Interagency…

To Interdependency…

How to make the jump to Interdependency?

From Stovepipes…


Joint Logistics Education…

A Future State

Putting the DoD logistics

network of networks behind every

Joint logistician!



Can you hear me now?

It’s About Knowledge and Reach Back!

what are we doing about it not just an idea
What are we doing about it?Not just an idea…
  • Conference of Logistics Directors 2009 Theme:

“Beyond Jointness –

Interagency and Multinational Logistics”

  • JS J4 Division focused on interagency & multinational


  • Meetings w/UN, State/USAID, & DHS counterparts

Committed to developing joint logistics

tools and products that support the

joint warfighter in the future fight

what do i need from you
What do I need from you…
  • Interagency logistics is our future
  • Visualize enterprise participation…how can we

partner now…and in the future

    • Leverage academia, domestic and international partnerships – build new ones
    • Think creatively
    • Be the catalyst to change our culture
    • Collaborate, innovate – think about
    • future doctrine