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Apprenticeship Preparation

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Apprenticeship Preparation. “Hands-on training for those who enjoy learning by doing”. Why be an Apprentice?. Earn money while you learn May be eligible for incentives Automatic college enrolment Hands on training – 90% on job & 10% in classroom

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Apprenticeship Preparation

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apprenticeship preparation


“Hands-on training for those who enjoy learning by doing”

why be an apprentice
Why be an Apprentice?
  • Earn money while you learn
  • May be eligible for incentives
  • Automatic college enrolment
  • Hands on training – 90% on job & 10% in classroom
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities for licensed trades people
  • Labour Market demand
what is an apprenticeship
What is an Apprenticeship?
  • Employment – full time or part time
  • Approximately 2 – 5 years in length
  • Legal contract between the Apprentice, Employer and Ministry
      • NOTE: Both the apprentice and the employer are responsible for updating the Ministry on any changes in employment status, address, business status and contact info.
  • Employed by a Certified Journeyman in the trade
  • Meet the min. age requirement of 16 (parental consent under age of 18)
  • Have a grade 10 or 12 depending on trade requirements
  • Demonstrated interest in the trade
  • Strong work ethic
  • Strong foundation in math & sciences for some trades
Voluntary/ Unrestricted:

Passing the Certificate of Qualification Trade Exam is NOT mandatory however employers do consider trade licensing as an indication of competency.

Certification is an ASSET

Compulsory/ Restricted:

Require that all workers must have passed the Certificate of Qualification Trade Exam to be licensed to work legally in that trade.

Certification is MANDATORY

  • Red Seal:
    • Certified tradesperson to work anywhere in Canada; trade exams based on industry standards developed and recognized inter-provincially; Successful candidates receive a ‘Certificate of Qualification’ with the ‘Red Seal’ attached.
approaches ontario youth apprentice program
Approaches: Ontario Youth Apprentice Program
  • Funded by the Ministry; administered by School Boards
  • Co-op program with trades
  • Opportunity to ‘test the waters’ while earning a credit towards OSSD
  • Accelerated OYAP programs are available for eligible students offering the first level of apprenticeship college training, while completing the regular co-op credit
approaches pre apprenticeship
Approaches: Pre-Apprenticeship
  • Assist clients facing specific job search challenges e.g. newcomers, woman new to the workforce, at-risk youth, criminal record, etc.
  • Programs are FREE and must offer the following:
    • Assistance overcoming specific challenges like life skills
    • First level of apprenticeship college training
    • 8-week work placement opportunity
approaches co op college diploma program
Approaches: Co-Op College Diploma Program
  • Delivered by the colleges, in partnership with the ministry and trade employers
  • Covers apprenticeship theory component and approximately 6 months of trade experience
  • Graduates are Registered Apprentices with a college diploma
    • NOTE: students responsible for tuition; still must find an employer to complete the mandatory trade experience.
approaches find an employer
Approaches: Find an Employer
  • Legal contract between the apprentice, employer and ministry
  • Employed by an Employer in the trade
  • Meet the minimum age and eligibility requirements
  • Once employed, candidates contact the local Apprenticeship Office to identify the Training Consultant assigned to their employer (by postal code)
  • Request Apprenticeship Registration meeting with their Training Consultant and Employer
final step examination
Final Step: Examination
  • Format: multiple choice, written
  • Passing Mark: 70%
  • # of Attempts: as many as is reasonable
  • Fee: $100 per attempt
  • Supports/ Study Aids:
    • Apprenticeship training manual
    • Preparation handout
    • Breakdown of exam
    • For Red Seal, sample questions available
    • Translators
    • Sign Language Interpreters or readers
    • Private booths
  • Note:
    • Study materials and preparatory course are at the applicant's discretion
    • Appointment for support services is at client discretion and responsibility; an interview is required to prove practitioners' eligibility.
getting there
1) Apprenticeship:

People interested in skilled trades who do not have the necessary skills and experience

Determine Career Goal

Job Search Training

Get employer

Apprenticeship Office

Apprenticeship Registration

2) Trade Certification:

People that have developed the skills of their trade other than as a registered apprentice in Ontario, and who want to work in a trade


Complete Application


Getting There
getting there rnc
Getting There: RNC
  • Schedule an appointment with a Case Manager
  • Required to attend the following workshops:
    • Resume/ Cover Letter
    • Successful Interview Skills
    • Tapping into the Hidden Job Market
incentives apprentice
Incentives: Apprentice
  • Provided by EO Service Provider:
    • Apprenticeship Scholarship
      • $500.00 when registered in upgrading program; $500.00 upon completion.
  • Provided by Ministry:
    • 80% of college training costs are covered by the province
    • Apprenticeship Incentive Grant
      • Maximum of $2000.00 (Red Seal Only)
    • Apprenticeship Completion Grant
      • $2000.00 (Red Seal and Non-Red Seal trades)
    • Tools: Loan For Tools
      • Maximum $800 for tools and equipment
    • Tools: Trades Person Tool Deduction
      • Maximum of $500/ year
incentives employer
Incentives: Employer
  • Provided by EO Service Provider:
    • Apprenticeship Employer Signing Bonus
      • Maximum of $2000.00 ($1000.00 when registered with ministry; $1000.00 after 1st 6 months of employment and completion of the training plan).
  • Provided by Ministry:
    • Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit
      • Maximum of $2000.00
    • Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit
      • Maximum of $40,000.00
    • Co-operative Education Tax Credit
      • Maximum of $3000.00/ student per work term
    • Tradesperson Tool Deduction
      • Maximum of $500.00/ year
apprenticeship offices
Apprenticeship Offices


1420 Bayly St, Unit 1 1-800-461-4608


34 Simcoe St 1-800-560-3821


10 Kingsbridge Garden Cir, # 404 1-800-736-5520


625 Church St, 1st Fl 416-326-5800

apprenticeship office services
Apprenticeship Office Services
  • Trade Certification Application Assessments
  • Exam Facilities
  • License Renewals
  • Information & Advising
  • NOTE: Toronto Office offers 2 exam sessions daily, 5-days a week. Bookings are required for clients using support services
important links
  • Employment Ontario:
  • Federal Red Seal Program:
  • Ministry of Revenue:
  • Working in Canada:
  • Canadian Apprenticeship Forum:
  • Skilled Trades – A Career you can Build on:
  • Apprentice Search:
  • Tradeability: