do you suffer from crohn s disease n.
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What is Crohn's Disease

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do you suffer from crohn s disease

Do You Suffer From Crohn's Disease?

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what is crohn s disease

What is Crohn's Disease?

Crohn's disease is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It usually affects the intestines, but may occur anywhere from the mouth to the end of the rectum (anus).  Alternative Names: Inflammatory bowel disease - Crohn's disease; Regional enteritis; Ileitis; Granulomatousileocolitis; IBD- Crohn's disease.



Symptoms depend on what part of the gastrointestinal tract is affected. Symptoms range from mild to severe, and can come and go with periods of flare-ups.

The main symptoms of Crohn's disease are:

Crampy abdominal (belly area) pain



Loss of appetite

Pain with passing stool (tenesmus)

Persistent, watery diarrhea

Unintentional weight loss

Other symptoms may include:


Eye inflammation

Fistulas (usually around the rectal area, may cause draining of pus, mucus, or stools)

Joint pain

Liver inflammation

Mouth ulcers

Rectal bleeding and bloody stools

Skin rash

Swollen gums

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