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Microwaves. Dave Klamer May 8, 2001. What is a “Microwave?”. Part of the RF spectrum 1 - 300 GHz. A microwave oven. 800-900 MHz. 50-600MHz. Uses of Microwaves. Cooking. Communication Radios Satellites RADAR. Medicine. Astronomy. How A Microwave Oven Works.

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Dave Klamer

May 8, 2001

what is a microwave
What is a “Microwave?”
  • Part of the RF spectrum
    • 1 - 300 GHz
  • A microwave oven

800-900 MHz


uses of microwaves
Uses of Microwaves
  • Cooking
  • Communication
    • Radios
    • Satellites
    • RADAR
  • Medicine
  • Astronomy
how a microwave oven works
How A Microwave Oven Works

Electricity flows from from the wall, through fuses and safety mechanism to the controller

how a microwave oven works1
How A Microwave Oven Works

When the controller says to go, the triac activates, sending power to the high voltage transformer (About 3000-4000 V)

how a microwave oven works2
How A Microwave Oven Works
  • The magnetron tube transforms the high voltage into electromagnetic energy
  • A waveguide guides the microwaves into the cooking chamber
  • A stirring blade spreads the microwaves evenly
high voltage components
High Voltage Components
  • The Magnetron is the heart of the microwave
    • 2450 MHz
  • Several components needed
  • 2450 MHz happened to be available
  • RF Leakage
normal microwave use
Normal Microwave Use
  • RF energy excites water molecules
  • Water molecules rotate on poles, friction with neighbor molecules
  • Friction forces molecules to retain energy, otherwise it would just radiate energy away
cd in microwave
CD in Microwave
  • RF energy bounces of from CD, makes neat sparks

* This could cause damage to microwave

lit matchstick in microwave
Lit Matchstick in Microwave
  • Plasma of the fire rapidly absorbs the large amount of RF energy

* This may damage your microwave

tinfoil in microwave
Tinfoil in Microwave
  • This is why your mom told you to never put tinfoil in the microwave!
  • This kicks out a tremendous amount of heat and noise. Will burn through glass
light bulbs in microwave
Light Bulbs in Microwave
  • A Christmas tree ornament works much like a CD, but in a 3-D Pattern
  • Gasses in light bulb make it glow different colors when subjected to microwave energy
  • A “burned out” bulb will work fine
  • A laser printer lamp
  • A small neon bulb works really well

The setup

At about 20sec