Piloting a one un in tanzania
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Piloting a ‘One UN’ in Tanzania. 2007 - 2008. One Programme. One Leader. One Budgetary Framework. One Office. One UN Reform in Tanzania. Overall goal: System-wide coherence & effectiveness

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One un reform in tanzania

One Programme

One Leader

One Budgetary Framework

One Office

One UN Reform in Tanzania

  • Overall goal: System-wide coherence & effectiveness

  • Pre-dates the ‘Delivering as One’ report: Strategic focus in the development of UNDAF II as follow up of the Joint Strategic Review 2004/05

  • Greater impact on the development and humanitarian challenges facing Tanzania

  • November 2006 HLP Report - ‘One UN’ at country level:

  • January 2007: Tanzania one of 8 pilot countries

Aid effectiveness the jast environment
Aid effectiveness – the JAST Environment

The Joint Assistance Strategy for Tanzania(JAST) – signed December 2006 between GoT & 18 DPs, including UN

JAST: GoT-led, medium term framework aimed at improving aid effectiveness & implementing the MKUKUTA and MKUZA

UN alignment with JAST needs:

  • improve 2006 Paris Baseline Indicators/increase use of national systems and processes

  • ‘step-change’ from working at project level to engaging in sector-wide/ Programme Based Approaches

    Delivering as One is a UN response to a changing aid environment

Piloting a one un in tanzania

I. The One UN Programme: delivering as One

  • The first of the Four Ones to be fully developed, based on principles of strategic focus, inclusiveness & joint programming

  • The One UN Programme builds on:

    • HLP report on system-wide coherence and TCPR recommendations

    • UNDAF II (“UN business plan” aligned to national priorities)

    • country programme action plans of executive committees agencies

    • country strategic priorities of specialized agencies

  • It is the result of a re-prioritization effort

  • Reflects UN effort to reposition in new aid environment; organization’s comparative advantages and division of labor; ensures support to unmet needs; and builds on past experience and ongoing efforts

  • Ensure a shift from a highly projectized type of assistance, to the provision of top quality upstream advisory services and technical assistance.

One Programme

Piloting a one un in tanzania

I. The One UN Programme: delivering as One

Results to be delivered in the pilot phase primarily achieved through implementation of Joint Programmes in 6 key areas:

  • Wealth creation, employment and economic empowerment

  • Reduction of maternal and newborn mortality

  • Support to national response to HIV/AIDS

  • Capacity strengthening for development management

  • Capacity building support to Zanzibar

  • Human security, Transition and Disaster Preparedness

    JPs strategically prioritized by UNCMT and GoT in line with development issues high on the GoT agenda

    Given UN’s strong track record on humanitarian assistance, a component added to strengthen GoT’s disaster preparedness and response capacity

One Programme

Piloting a one un in tanzania

I. The One UN Programme: delivering as One

Why focusing on Joint Programmes?

  • Joint programming and implementation is the biggest challenge in terms of H&S

  • Effectively delivering as One requires an overhaul of procedures and systems (change mgt)

  • JPs are conduit for the definition of joint work plans, joint budgets, common results, division of labor and shared accountability

  • JPs will allow streamlined fund management and resource delivery, reducing transaction costs, by increasing use of national systems

One Programme

Piloting a one un in tanzania

1st Tier

  • Measure progress of the UN reform process against Paris Baseline/JAST indicators on aid effectiveness as well as change management indicators. The second tier will also cover criteria to define success of the reform process

2nd Tier

  • Link the One Programme M&E framework to the UNDAF M&E framework which relies on national poverty monitoring systems. Measure development results and impact of the One UN at JP level

3rd Tier

I. The One UN Programme: delivering as One

Monitoring & Evaluation

There will be three tiers of M&E of the One UN Pilot:

One Programme

Piloting a one un in tanzania

I. developed by HQ for all the pilotsThe One UN Programme & UNDAF:thetransition

UN Agencies will continue to work towards the delivery of outcomes identified in the UNDAF, increasingly making use of Joint Programmes but also through agency-specific work according to a clear division of labour; the total being the UN’s overall contribution to MKUKUTA/MKUZA implementation on a bi-annual basis.

Beyond 2008, One Programme will expand to include a larger frame of joint programmatic activities and individual agency interventions that build on the achieved results of the first phase and the ongoing re-prioritisation of UN activities in the field.

The vision is that over time, the One Programme will ultimately replace the need for a UN Development Assistance Framework and individual agency Country Plans.

One Programme

Piloting a one un in tanzania

  • Clarify the overall UN investment in Tanzania developed by HQ for all the pilots

  • Identify funding gaps for the One Programme

  • Facilitate fund-raising

  • Facilitate funding forecasts

  • Facilitate implementation planning

  • Improve the UN input to MTEF

  • Provide information for Paris Indicators monitoring

  • Define our baseline for progress monitoring

The One Budgetary Framework will:

II. The Budgetary Framework & One UN Fund

One UN Fund: The mechanism through which the un-funded portion of

the One UN Programme will be financed. The Fund will streamline,

simplify & increase predictability of resources made available to the GoT

through the UN system.

One UN Fund initially accommodates financing for 3 broad categories:

  • The Joint Programmes

  • Harmonization efforts regarding operational procedures & systems: Change Management

  • The One UN Communication Strategy for 2007-2008

One Budgetary Framework

Piloting a one un in tanzania

II. The Budgetary Framework & One UN Fund developed by HQ for all the pilots

One Programme Budget

US$ million

*Includes support costs

One Budgetary Framework

Piloting a one un in tanzania

II. 2007-2008 Budgetary Framework Breakdown developed by HQ for all the pilots

One Programme Budget

Funded (US$ million) 32

Likely to be funded 12

Unfunded 30

Piloting a one un in tanzania

II. 2007-2008: One Programme & UNDAF developed by HQ for all the pilots



One Programme


One Programme (US$ million) 74


Piloting a one un in tanzania

ONE UN FUND developed by HQ for all the pilots

GOT/UN Joint Steering Committee





1%: pass-through

One UN Fund

Pooled fund for the unfunded One Programme


to disburse

























Technical Assistance







Funds Transfer and

Procurement through

GOT Systems











Administrative Agent: AA Managing Agent: MA

Participating UN Organizations: PUN National/Sub-national Partners: NP

Piloting a one un in tanzania

ONE UN FUND: the Admin Agent and Managing Agents developed by HQ for all the pilots

Administrative Agent

Managing Agents

  • Manage funds for JPs

  • One stop shop for AA

  • Receive funds from the One Fund through AA

  • Account allocated funds as income

  • Manage JPs and follow-up implementation (accountable for achievement of results and financial mgt)

  • Disburse funds to NPs

  • Procure goods and services

  • Instruct AA to transfer funds to PUNs for direct execution

  • Responsible for financial,narrative reports

  • Provide a summary audit to AA (IAS)

  • Administers the One Fund as per MOU

  • One stop shop for donors/RC-JSC

  • Executes instructions from RC-JSC

  • Receives funds from donors and keeps them in One Fund, a trust fund

  • Does not account donor provided funds as income

  • Disburses funds to MAs

  • Compiles and provides financial, narrative reports to RC

  • Reports on the One Fund

  • Prepares an overall audit summary report and submit it to RC/PUN

Piloting a one un in tanzania

III. One Office and Change Management developed by HQ for all the pilots

Joint premises/co-location:

  • Kigoma and Zanzibar steadily advancing. In the medium term, discussing also co-location in Dar es Salaam.

    Common management and operation practices:

  • Moving towards co-locating Info Centers

  • Co-location with a view to creating synergies of Procurement teams

  • Co-location of the Emergency Group

  • Piloting common IT solutions

  • Increase in inter-agency HR exchanges

  • Increase use of joint contracting (security, travel, printing etc)

    Ongoing and key at this stage:A skills mapping/capacity assessment to be accompanied by a strategy for investments in re-qualification and skills upgrade

    Communication: is critical to change, both internally and externally. A solid Communication Strategy has been developed and is being implemented.

One Office

Piloting a one un in tanzania

IV. One Leader developed by HQ for all the pilots

Strengthening the role of the Resident Coordinator

Defining a ‘firewall’ with UNDP, by signing a delegation of authority to the Country Director

Developing a Code of Conduct/ground rules for the

UNCT at all levels (incl. HQs)

Clarifying issues around accountability structure

One Leader

Piloting a one un in tanzania

Thinking differently developed by HQ for all the pilots

Thinking together, strategically

Building a new common identity based on a shared vision

Identifying ourselves differently

UNDAF and One Programme: planning together, increasing use of principles of comparative advantage and DoL (lead & delegating principle) and full alignment with National Priorities

Planning differently

Increased team work (programmes, operations/change management, communication)… enabling synergies, mutual reinforcement, multisectoral approaches

Working differently

In the reform, by sharing and pooling capacities: CMT, IAPC, OMT, CG and secondments to RCO…a realinteragency team

Supporting a common process

What are we doing differently?

Piloting a one un in tanzania

  • Integrated services and operations developed by HQ for all the pilots (procurement, IT, HR, emergency prep/response…)

  • Common procedures (auditing, reporting etc)

  • Harmonized planning cycles aligned to national cycles (more predictability)

Operating as one

  • Increased use of (strengthened) national systems (procurement and PBAs)

  • Common results framework and common accountability for their achievement

Implementing as one

What will we be doing differently in 18-24 months?

In the framework of the One Programme:

Piloting a one un in tanzania

Lessons Learned developed by HQ for all the pilots

  • Team work and team building are critical to the process: the first step is to change mindsets

  • Stage the process right: inclusiveness and strategic focus can only be achieved through a participatory programming process

  • Be bold: set an ambitious roadmap, be aware and realistic about risks and challenges

  • Simplify and streamline communication, both internally and externally: understanding the process is a key driver in change management

  • Enable Government to take the lead and allow Development Partners/Member States to participate in the process

Identified challenges
Identified Challenges developed by HQ for all the pilots

  • The influence of HQs on the reform process might complicate local ownership (firewall with HQ). Need to clarify support responsibilities and division of labour between DGO, Regional Directors Team, UNCT, etc.

  • Internal and external resistance to change needs to be managed

  • Design a medium term strategy for One UN Programme in TZ beyond the pilot phase

  • Inclusiveness should not come at the expense of change

  • Capacity to deliver: need to change the skills mix within the country team. HR implications of change mgt critical in delivering on the reform

  • Much of the transformation will need to happen on the operations side. Need to strengthen the capacity of the OMT

  • Move from project based assistance to Programme Based Approaches: lack of harmonized guidelines on how to use national procedures and systems for development support may affect ability to comply with JAST commitments

Piloting a one un in tanzania

Thank You developed by HQ for all the pilots