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Karaganda Economic University

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Karaganda Economic University

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  1. Karaganda Economic University www.keu.kz KARAGANDA ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY www.keu.kz

  2. Higher Education in Kazakhstan KEY DATA: 9 national universities 55 public (state) universities 13 non-civil HEIs 89 non-public universities Total number of students – 663 thousands (2008-2009 academic year) Total number of academic staff – 38 thousand ADMISSION: Obligatory state admission exam – National Testing for School Leavers. Successfully passed students are eligible to study at state expense (grants). TUITION FEE: Tuition is set by universities autonomic decision based on the amount of the state grant (about 1000 Euro for 2009-2010 acad. year) INTERNSHIP: Obligatory minimum about 10 credits (about 3 month) Kazakhstan is one of the first former Soviet republics signed and ratified the Lisbon Convention recognition of qualifications concerning to higher education in the European Region and Bologna process. 18 Kazakh universities have sighed Magna Charta Universitatum. Higher education gradually shifts to three level system – Bachelor-Master-PhD based on accumulating credit system. www.keu.kz

  3. KARAGANDA ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY University is located at the central part of Kazakhstan – Karaganda region - one of the main industrial centers of the republic with the population of 1342,1 thousand people. The region is very reach in mineral recourses: coal, copper, gold, molybdenum, zinc, lead, manganese, tungsten, iron and polymetallic ores, oil, gas. The center of the region is Karaganda - second city in Kazakhstan with the population of 459,3 thousand people or 34,2% of the total region population. The city is one of the most important industrial and scientific centers. There are 5 big HEIs and several small in the city. www.keu.kz

  4. KARAGANDA ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY Background Decision of the Council of Ministers and Resolution of the Board Centrosoyuz USSR in 1966, was formed Karaganda Centrosoyuz Cooperative Institute - a specialized institution, which was entrusted with the mission of training for the system of consumer cooperatives, not only for their own republic, but also to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan adjacent to Kazakhstan, neighboring Russian regions. Through a series of reorganizations in 1997 Institute was transformed into Karaganda Economic University. About 50,000 specialists have been trained at the university, our alumni work in various sectors of national economy, in government sector, in a system of consumer cooperatives. www.keu.kz

  5. KARAGANDA ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY • Founded in 1966 • 9000 enrolled students: 5500 from them are distant learning students • Staff: • Total staff – 560 • Academic staff – 329 • Administrative staff (university management) – 47 • Degree Programs: • 19 Bachelor Degree Programs • 13 Master Degree Programs www.keu.kz

  6. UNIVERSITY STRUCTURE FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW: Chair of Law, Chair of Economic Law, Chair of Custom Administration, Chair of Humanity Sciences, Chair of Marketing and Tourism, Chair of Merchandizing and Certification DISTANCE LEARNING FACULTY OF FINANACE AND ECONOMICS DISTANCE LEARNING FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT: Chair of Economics, Chair of Management, Chair of Mathematic, Chair of Kazakh Language and Culture, Chair of Foreign Languages FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE: Chair of accounting&audit, Chair of banking, Chair of information systems, Chair of Finance, Chair of Assessment • ADINISTRATIVE OFFICES: • Department of Organization of Education Process • Department of Postgraduate and Additional Study • HRM Department • Scientific Research Department • International Programs and Projects Center • Quality Assurance Center • Innovative technologies of study lab • Computer Center • Library, Gym, Canteen, Dormitory • University TV Center www.keu.kz

  7. Study at KEU www.keu.kz

  8. Study at KEU B.Sc. Degree Programs MANAGEMENT (full-time, part-time) ECONOMICS (full-time, part-time) MARKETING (full-time, part-time) JURISPRUDENCE (full-time, part-time) CUSTOM ADMINISTRATION (full-time, part-time) PUBLIC MANAGEMENT (full-time, part-time) FINANCE (full-time, part-time) BANKING (full-time, part-time) ACCOUNTING (full-time, part-time) ASSESSMENT (full-time, part-time) STANDARDIZATION, METROLOGY AND SERTIFICATION (full-time, part-time) TECHNOLOGY OF FOOD PRODUCTS (full-time, part-time) SOCIAL WORK (full-time, part-time) INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS (full-time, part-time) INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (full-time, part-time) TOURISM (full-time, part-time) HOTEL AND CATERING (full-time) INFORMATION SYSTEM (full-time, part-time) COMPUTATIONAL HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE (full-time) M.Sc. Degree Programs MANAGEMENT ECONOMICS MARKETING JURISPRUDENCE CUSTOM ADMINISTRATION PUBLIC MANAGEMENT FINANCE ACCOUNTING ASSESSMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM STANDARDIZATION, METROLOGY AND SERTIFICATION TECHNOLOGY OF FOOD PRODUCTS TOURISM More detailed information - www.keu.kz www.keu.kz

  9. Study at KEU For students who are not able to study internally “in classroom”, there is an opportunity to study distant. At university there is a developed system of distance learning. Enrolled students get the access to the e-materials posted on the university website. They study remotely, performing tasks (tests, assignments, essays, etc..), and twice a year come to the university to pass face-to-face exams. www.keu.kz

  10. RESEARCH and SCIENCE • Research Institute of New Economy and Systems Analysis • 20 Research Projects developed within the contracts with business structures and public administrative bodies with the total financing approx. 90 thousand USD in 2008-2009 academic year • Scientific conferences conducted every year • Doctoral thesis defense council • University staff patents on R&D • Professional training program conducted by university staff www.keu.kz

  11. INTERNATIONALIZATION University is a member of several international organizations - International Association of Universities, Educational Network, Board of Cooperative universities of the CIS countries. The University actively cooperates with international organizations and their missions in Kazakhstan, in particular, Erasmus Mundus, German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, British Council, Information and Education Center Bilim – Central Asia, Education First Academic program, Kazakhstan Council for Education Travel, CCUSA Kazakhstan, AIESEC. In 2006 KEU signed a “Magna Charta of European Universities”. University actively cooperates with foreign partner institutions in the direction of staff and students exchange, developing of join education and research projects, cultural communication. With People’s Friendship University of Russia KEU develop join Master program “Stratigic Management”. KEU have a successful experience of TEMPUS Program projects implementation. This year university became a member of consortium of Universities of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. KEU students study all over the world. www.keu.kz

  12. STUDENT’S LIFE Our students have many opportunities to express their talents! There are different artistic groups: Choreographic ensembles; Ethnographic theater and museum of national costume; Fashion theater; Vocal studio; “Comedy clubs”; Vocal and instrumental ensemble; Ethnographic ensemble of national instruments; Student theater; Debate Club; Culture center; We have students associations and organizations : AISEC, Kazakhstan alliance of students; Youth Center “Leader of XXI century”; Public organization “Choice of young generation”. We have a wonderful gym and organize a lot of sport competitions and Olympics. www.keu.kz

  13. WELCOME TO KARAGANDA ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY!!! 9 Akademicheskaya, Karaganda, 100009 Kazakhstanwww.keu.kzphone: +7 7212 44 16 34 (ext. 141)fax:   +7 7212 44 16 32 www.keu.kz