«Современный урок современного учителя для современных детей» - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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«Современный урок современного учителя для современных детей» PowerPoint Presentation
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«Современный урок современного учителя для современных детей»

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«Современный урок современного учителя для современных детей»
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«Современный урок современного учителя для современных детей»

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  1. «Современный урок современного учителя для современных детей» ( В рамках акции «Открытый урок для Президента России») ТЕМА:“Environmental problems. What can we do to protect the environment?” (Обобщающий урок по теме «Окружающая средана уроке английского языка в 7 кл.) Урок выполнен и проведен: учителем английского языка гимназии № 399 Красносельского р-на города Санкт-Петербурга Ибрагимовой Викторией Витальевной(учитель высшей категории)

  2. Contents: • Topic Discussion • Water Pollution • Air Pollution • Nuclear Pollution • Land Pollution • What Is Recycling? • Recycling Activities • What Can We Do To Help Protect The Environment? • Vocabulary Revision (crossword) • Listen, Complete And Sing

  3. Topic Discussion Nowadays people understand how important it is to solve the environmental problems that endanger people’s lives. The most serious environmental problems are: • air pollution • water pollution • nuclear pollution • land pollution

  4. Water Pollution Reasons: • Countries use seas as a dump. • Oil from tanks leaks out. • People use washing powder and other chemicals. Consequences: • There is not enough oxygen in water and fish and water birds die. • It is not safe for swimming. • People can become sick. Solutions: Laws must be passed to make factory owners put filters to reduce pollution.

  5. Air Pollution Reasons: • Smoke comes from chimneys of factories. • People burn rubbish. • Trees are cut and burnt in fires. • People smoke. • Gases from sprays and refrigerators go into air. Consequences: • There is less oxygen and more carbon dioxide in the air. • Too much smoke in the air hurts our lungs. • Smoke damages the ozone layer. Solutions: Governments must pass the laws against polluting activities.

  6. Nuclear Pollution Consequences: Reasons: • Nuclear pollution causes cancer. • Nuclear waste poisons water and kills fish. • Nuclear power stations can go wrong. • Some countries test nuclear weapons in oceans. Scientists and engineers should find the ways to make nuclear power stations safe. Solutions:

  7. Land Pollution Reasons: • People produce a lot of rubbish. • People leave some rubbish in the countryside. • People hunt and kill animals. • People destroy forests to produce different things. Consequences: • Some countryside is awful to look at. • There are fewer rainforests. If we destroy them, we will never find the cure for cancer and AIDs. • Animals are becoming endangered. • Some left rubbish can poison plants and animals. Solutions: Governments must pass stricter laws against hunting and for recycling.

  8. What Is Recycling? Recycling -the process of treating used objects or materials so that they can be used again. (LONGMAN Dictionary of Contemporary English) • Recycling is an excellent way of saving energy and conserving the environment. Did you know that: • 1 recycled tin can would save enough energy to power a television for 3 hours. • 1 recycled glass bottle would save enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes. • 1 recycled plastic bottle would save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 3 hours. • 70% less energy is required to recycle paper compared with making it from raw materials. • Recycled paper produces 73% less air pollution than if it was made from raw materials.

  9. Recycling Activities • Materials: • egg carton • paint • 2x ping-pong balls • foil • tissue paper • glitter • tinsel • glue Make a Croc-Monster Use empty egg cartons or burger boxes to create crocodiles, dinosaurs and alligators that open and close their mouth. Make an Elastic Band Guitar Create a guitar using elastic bands which make sound when you pluck them. • Materials: • empty tissue box • elastic bands • toilet roll • paint • glue

  10. Make a Drum Be creative with an old yoghurt pot and make a fun musical instrument quickly and simply. • Materials: • Large Yoghurt Pot • piece of paper • 1 Elastic Band Make a Shaker Complete the band with this simple homemade percussion instrument. • Materials: • empty drinks can • frozen peas or rice • paper • bluetack • glue -What other new things can you do reusing old ones?

  11. What can we do to help protect the environment? Help birds in winter! Take care of animals! Don’t leave your rubbish behind! Don’t pick flowers in the wood! Don’t kill animals!

  12. Don’t smoke! Sort out your rubbish! Ride bicycles more! Buy an artificial fur tree!

  13. Use less chemicals! Use public transport instead of cars! Wash your car in special places! Put your rubbish in such bins! Use less aerosol sprays! -What else can you suggest?

  14. Vocabulary Revision dump shortage waste population nuclear safe destruction environment poison weapon Across Down 2  A place where you can take the things you do not want and leave them there. 4  When there is not enough of something that people need. 6  Relating the energy that is produced when an atom is split or joined to another atom. 7 The word which is opposite to "dangerous". 8  The land, water and air that people, animals and plants live in. 9  Something that you use to fight with. 1 The number of people who live in a country or area. 2 Damage that is so hard that something cannot exist as it was before. 3 A substance that can kill or harm you if you can eat it, drink it,etc. 5 The useless materials, substances or parts that are left after you have used something.

  15. Listen, Complete and Sing Save the Planet The fish in the 1)... are dying From the pollution we create We've got to 2) ... polluting Before it's too late Before it's too late. Our planet is in trouble It gets worse every 3) ... We have to 4) ... our planet In every possible way. In the woods and forests They 're cutting down the 5) ... We've got to 6) ... the forests Every one agrees Every one agrees. The hole in the ozone layer Is getting 7) ... every day We've got to stop 8) ... pollution We have to find a way We have to find a way. sea stop day help trees save bigger air