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  1. VBQU149 Create texts of some complexity

  2. Columns • Making columns in Microsoft Word • Open word and blank page type =rand() • Go to page layout, then columns and experiment

  3. Columns • Columns may need adjusting to fit headings This button brings up the paragraph options

  4. Columns • Going to the more column menu helps to give more options

  5. Columns • What if you don’t want the whole document to be columns. • Put your cursor at the start of the text you wish to column • On the page layout tab go to page Breaks and choose continuous

  6. Columns • Go to the end of the paragraph and do the same again with the continuous page break • Now turn on your formatting tool to see where the page breaks are • Now go back to the page layout tab choose columns and experiment with different types of columns • Your text that is not with in the page break should stay the same while the text within the break should column as specified by your selection

  7. Labels • Printing labels • Go to the mailings tab • Go to the labels tab choose individual label's Type the address you wish to put into the box…. Then full page of the same label

  8. Find and Replace Text • How to find and replace text in a word document Press the editing button then the find button

  9. Find and Replace Text • By initiating the find button the left plain will open for easy navigation • Type the word you are looking for in the search box and will bring up all locations of that word • Replacing text is on the same editing button this time clicking replace

  10. Find and Replace Text • Find what: is the box where you type the word ypu want to find • Replace with: is what you want to replace it with

  11. Tabs • You will need your ruler, that is under the view tab • At the end of the ruler you will see the tab key variations button The L indicates the left align tab

  12. Tabs • By clicking in the ruler your tab will be anchored to that spot • All tabs that are default are wiped and your tab is the new tab • Click and drag downwards erases the tab

  13. Tabs • Center tab • Right tab

  14. Tabs • Decimal point tab this will place the decimal point in the center of the tab

  15. Tabs • By clicking on your tab symbol will bring up the dialog box • Worksheet 1

  16. Making a Poster • Open a blank document in Microsoft Word • Change the margins Narrow • Go to insert then shapes then drawing canvas

  17. Making a Poster • Extend the drawing canvas to the edge of the page • Right click on canvas for formatting Go to colors and lines In front of text

  18. Making a Poster • Colours and lines choosing a fill colour Go to fill effects

  19. Making a Poster • Making a gradient background Choose two colours Mouse over click colour

  20. Making a Poster • Making gradient to what you want Green is the first colour and white is the second colour Transparency can be changed and the angle can be changed This example is 52% transparency and Horizontal line

  21. Making a Poster • Adding a line around the edge of the poster by choosing line Colour burgundy line style and 3pt weight Note – I changed mine to blue

  22. Making a Poster • Your poster should look something like this now Input auto shape Rectangle and place up the top of the document

  23. Making a Poster • Right click the shape and choose format shape Format AutoShape Fill effects

  24. Making a Poster • Putting a picture in the AutoShape Choose picture

  25. Making a Poster • This will take you to a picture folder • Download pictures from website • right click shape and insert the picture and make transparency

  26. Making a Poster • Insert a text box underneath the picture box about the same size • Type the words • Choose font • Space accordingly • You can right click the text box and format text • I changed my text colour to match the border

  27. Making a Poster • Adding a circle with the AutoShapes • Hold down the shift down to get a perfect circle • Copy and paste two more circles so there should be three equal sized circles • Right click one circle to format picture

  28. Making a Poster • Fill effects with pictures Picture tab

  29. Making a Poster • Your poster should now be coming to life Alert words Pictures aligned Another text box with this text Right click bullets to change the bullet structure Match font colour

  30. Making a Poster • Adding another textbox for your details • Set tabs 5 and 12

  31. Making a Poster • Format the shape by right clicking and picking a fill colour making it a solid box – change the text to white

  32. Making a Poster • Finishing off with another text box

  33. Making a Poster • Final poster you may tweak until you are happy