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TransferIN: Indiana’s Statewide Transfer Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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TransferIN: Indiana’s Statewide Transfer Initiative

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TransferIN: Indiana’s Statewide Transfer Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TransferIN: Indiana’s Statewide Transfer Initiative. Presenters:. Tari Lambert , Director Transfer Indiana Central Office Larry Ottinger , TA Specialist Transfer Indiana Central Office Barbara Stafford , Director of Degree Audit & Transfer

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TransferIN: Indiana’s Statewide Transfer Initiative

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. TransferIN: Indiana’s Statewide Transfer Initiative

    2. Presenters: Tari Lambert, Director Transfer Indiana Central Office Larry Ottinger, TA Specialist Transfer Indiana Central Office Barbara Stafford, Director of Degree Audit & Transfer Indiana State University

    3. Indiana Institutional Structure 4-Year Institutions: Public: 5 state schools with 15 campuses Private: 31 schools with 33 campuses 2-Year Institutions: Public: 2 state schools ( 1 with 23 campuses) Private: 1 > all public school campuses are autonomous > no state-wide CC system

    4. History of Indiana Initiative November 1987- ICHE approves 1st four AS degrees in Nursing to facilitate transfer All institutions and ICHE agree to improve transfer opportunities from two-year programs.

    5. History (cont’d) November 1988 – Indiana Legislative Services Agency issues Final Report of the Interim Study Committee on Post-High School Study which“urges IVTC and Indiana’s colleges and universities to work to resolve the transferability issue, so as to avoid intervention by the General Assembly”

    6. History (cont’d) January 1989– General Assembly passes Senate Resolution 18, “urging all state universities and IVTC to enter into articulation agreements to facilitate the transfer of credits from courses successfully completed by IVTC students enrolled in IVTC associate of science degree programs”

    7. History (cont’d) January 1990– ICHE completes A Study of the Transfer of Credit by IVTC Students to Public Institutions in Indiana which concludes that “officially, most public institutions in Indiana do not transfer Ivy Tech credits”

    8. History (cont’d) February 1992 - Indiana General Assembly passed P.L. 19-1992 which mandated 30 semester hours (10 courses) of general education courses transfer among state institutions

    9. 1992 - 1999 Some progress: >Beginning of distance education programs that articulate with Ivy Tech AS degrees >Beginning of systematic transfer evaluations >Beginning of transfer cooperatives between Ivy Tech and Vincennes University and baccalaureate-granting schools

    10. April 2000 ICHE announced the Transfer Indiana Initiative • To develop transfer-of-credit agreements for • frequently taken courses • To develop statewide agreements whereby AA • and AS programs articulate fully with related • baccalaureate degree programs • To publicize by all appropriate means, including • an electronic web site, a master list of transfer- • of-credit & program articulation agreements

    11. ICHE established two committees: • Statewide Transfer & Articulation Committee (STAC) • Web Site Development Committee

    12. History (cont’d) September 2001- Articulation agreements concluded with all public 4-year campuses for 8 Vincennes University A.A./A.S. degrees. (1st time in state’s history that statewide articulation agreements were concluded for an associate degree program with every public university campus.)

    13. First 8 Articulation Agreements: • English • History • Liberal Arts • Philosophy • Political Science • Pre-Law • Psychology • Sociology

    14. 2001 – March 2002 >STAC determines 40 mostly frequently taken courses in Fall 1999 >Established course equivalencies for these 40 courses between all of the publicly funded schools Additional Activities: >Discipline based academic meetings >Regular meeting of academic representatives from each school >Establish both course and program articulations (with mixed results)

    15. May 2002 ICHE approves Principles Guiding Statewide Transfer and Articulation in Indiana

    16. Statewide Transfer Principles Principles Guiding Statewide Transfer and Articulation in Indiana: • Faculty Primacy • Equal Partners • Collective Responsibility • Comparable Treatment of Students • Course-to-Course Transfer • Articulation for Majors • Inclusion of Independents

    17. Principles (cont’d) • Wide Communication • Constructive Evaluation • Currency • Multi-Directional Transfer • Responsiveness to Student Problems • Appropriate Timing of Transfer

    18. History (cont’d) April 2003 - HB 1209 passed by General Assembly; reinforced role of STAC (making it official) and demanded accountability August 2004 – STAC and other committees propose to ICHE that funding for a statewide transfer web site and support infrastructure be included in ICHE’s budget recommendation for the 2005-2007 Biennium.

    19. History (cont’d) April 2005– General Assembly passes HB 1001, which calls for STAC to establish statewide Core Transfer Library (CTL)with 70 courses that will apply toward degree requirements in the same way as the receiving institution’s equivalent course. HB also calls for the establishment of articulation agreement in 12 programs that will apply toward any IVTC or VU campus.

    20. 12 Programs from Ivy Tech and VU: • English/Communication • Mathematics • Life/Physical Sciences • Fine Arts/Humanities • Social and Behavioral Sciences • Languages • Information Technology • Manufacturing/Technology • Business • Education • Nursing • Criminal Justice

    21. History (cont’d) August 2006 Funding provided by ICHE for: > Transfer Indiana Central Office (TICO) > Transfer system pilot project April 2007 Funding for 2007-09 Biennium approved by General Assembly

    22. March 2008 – June 2008 • Web site subcommittee formed • Steps to completion: • Searched statewide transfer sites • Searched own sites looking at ease of use • Independent person reviewed sites • Researched other states / schools • Determined major categories • Process • Results • Assigned categories to committee members • Research • Writing content • Coordinated all copy through several people • Determined rudimentary format/style sheets

    23. Launch date: Wednesday, June 4

    24. LINK HEADINGS: • Students • Dual Credit • Educators • Transfer Links • / Degree Planner • CTL • Contact Us

    25. Student Links • Types of Transfer • Steps for Transfer • Military Information • Transfer Policy

    26. Educators • STAC Documents • Annual Reports to State Legislature • STAC members • Articulation Agreements

    27. Transfer Links • Colleges • Financial Aid • Admissions • Contacts

    28. / Degree Planner Statewide Transfer Tool to Provide Information on: >Courses >Programs >Course Equivalencies >Degree Audit

    29. CTL Core Transfer Library - currently has 82 courses listed (public schools only) - other courses may be added soon - private schools are currently in process of joining

    30. Core Transfer Library (CTL) Courses are listed by: • Course title • Institution • Alpha listing of all courses

    31. Current Plans / Activities >Redirect projects to meet current state and federal mandates >Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEA) >High school academic diploma >Dual Credit >Collaboration between publicly funded and private institutions >CTL >Pilot institutions: Valparaiso and Indiana Wesleyan University >Expand transfer program to include more private institutions >Collaboration with surrounding states

    32. Current Plans / Activities implementation Struggles: >meeting deadlines >individual IT/resource constraints for each school >variety of SIS interfaces