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Thomas Jefferson. By: Garrett Smith. Family. Father: Peter Jefferson, 1708-175, Mother: Jane Randolph, 1720-1776 7 sisters and 2 brothers. Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday. Thomas Jefferson Was Born April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, VA(Virginia). education. educated from ages 9 – 14.

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Thomas jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

By: Garrett Smith


  • Father: Peter Jefferson, 1708-175,

  • Mother: Jane Randolph, 1720-1776

  • 7 sisters and 2 brothers.

Thomas jefferson s birthday
Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday

  • Thomas Jefferson Was Born April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, VA(Virginia)


  • educated from ages 9 – 14.

  • Greek, Latin, and French.

  • Law in college with George Wythe, first American Law professor.

  • Thomas Jefferson was admitted to the bar.


  • Thomas Jefferson was an inventor, architect, scientist, and collected books.

  • He could read more than five languages.

  • He was the U.S. Minister to France.

Close friend
Close friend

  • Thomas Jefferson and John Adams became very close friends.

  • They worked together on a committee to draft the Declaration of Independence.

  • Even though they were close friends they often had differences of politics.

Childhood contributions
Childhood contributions

  • Thomas Jefferson went on fifty mile horseback rides and loved to read books.

  • As a child, Thomas Jefferson was very interested in books and learning.


  • Thomas Jefferson was a Statesman, planter, lawyer, philosopher, inventor, architect, and a teacher.

  • He also loved to help other people.


  • In 1802 Thomas Jefferson was charged with having a relationship with his slave, Sally Hemming's, and fathering a child.

Martha wayles skelton wife
Martha wayles skelton- wife

  • Thomas Jefferson married Martha Wayles Skelton on January 1, 1772. There are not many photos of Martha, but she was described as being small and beautiful.

  • She was gentle and had a good nature


  • Thomas Jefferson liked to learn from other people.

  • He had great teachers who taught him language and law and he looked up to them.

  • He decided he wanted to be the kind of person that others would look up to.

Jefferson s greatest success
Jefferson's greatest success

  • The Louisiana Purchase was one of Thomas Jefferson’s greatest successes.

  • America wanted to purchase Louisiana because the Mississippi was the only way to get crops there and back.

Without thomas jefferson
Without Thomas Jefferson

  • Without Thomas Jefferson, America probably would not have become America as we know it. The United States would not have been able to expand and evolve like it is today.

  • Without Jefferson the Lewis and Clark Expedition would have never happened and John Colter wouldn’t have discovered Yellowstone.

Interesting items
Interesting items

  • One of the things that Thomas Jefferson did that wasn’t right is that he told people that slavery was immoral and should be abolished.

  • Yet he owned hundreds of slaves.

  • Thomas Jefferson totally would have had an Ipad if it was invented because he loved science and technology.

  • His favorite device was a rotating bookstand that held 5 books.

Random information
Random information

  • Thomas Jefferson wanted to end all taxes of any kind paid by U.S. citizens.

  • And he believed that the government which governs the least, governs the best.

  • His inauguration was the first one that took place in Washington D.C.