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Kirk Cameron: A Man with Convictions Michele Twiddy Class Time March 27, 2014

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Kirk Cameron: A Man with Convictions Michele Twiddy Class Time March 27, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kirk Cameron: A Man with Convictions Michele Twiddy Class Time March 27, 2014.

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“I'm a man of convictions. If you press me about how I feel about an issue, you're going to see my convictions” states 43 year old Kirk Cameron about life ( The former childhood star is no longer playing Mike Seaver type roles. He is no longer the teenage boy on the hit show “Growing Pains” (Cameron, 2008). Kirk is now working in ways that reveal his principles and beliefs. Today, everything Kirk participates in, his ministries, documentaries and speaking engagements, share his convictions with the world.


Cameron is involved in several ministries that allow him to evangelize around the world. He is the author of a newsletter, Cameron Connections, which is written to keep readers “in the loop” about what he and other evangelists are doing (Cameron, 2014). He is also part of a television and radio show called “The Way of the Master” which airs in over 123 different countries every week. “The Way of the Master” is a unique show that portrays Kirk and fellow evangelist Ray Comfort speaking to people on the streets about their faith in God (Living Waters Publications, 2011). However, Kirk doesn’t just share his faith through the newsletter and television/radio show.


Kirk Cameron has also produced several documentaries and movies allowing him to share his faith on which his convictions are based. His most recent documentary, Unstoppable was released in 700 movie theaters across the United States on September 28, 2013. This film discussed why bad things happen to good people. This is something everyone wants to be able to grasp. Cameron walked viewers through the Bible alongside the life of a terminally ill child who died before the filming. Other films he has been involved with include Monumental and Mercy Rules (Cameron, 2014). Whatever he is involved in, Kirk is sure to support his strong family values.


His strong belief in heterosexual marriage has been voiced and recognized by the media. He also shares these principles during his Love Worth Fighting For marriage conferences. Kirk feels so strongly about his marriage and the commitment he has made to his wife and family that he will not even kiss another woman when he is acting in a movie. According to an interview with Kirk on The Today show in September, 2008, when he was filming the movie “Fireproof” he would not kiss the actress who played his character’s wife. Instead, the producers brought in Kirk’s real wife, Chelsea, dressed her in the actress’s dress and arranged the lighting so the audience could not tell he kissed his wife and not the actress (Celizic, 2008). Kirk Cameron is no longer the lady’s man he was when he played Mike Seaver over 25 years ago (Cameron, 2011). His heart belongs to Chelsea only and he is not afraid to talk about it.


Kirk Cameron is a man of convictions. This is evident in his speaking engagements, documentaries and ministries in which he is involved. Kirk Cameron is not afraid to speak his mind. He is a Christian, and he will continue to promote his faith in everything he does.

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