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2016 REAL ESTATE HOTSPOTS IN SAN DIEGO PowerPoint Presentation
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2016 REAL ESTATE HOTSPOTS IN SAN DIEGO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. 2016 REAL ESTATE HOTSPOTS IN SAN DIEGO San Diego is a diverse place filled with cultural and historical vibes. In addition to the numerous colleges and universities, San Diego offers a fantastic climate year around and numerous attractions for residents to enjoy. When you apply for your VA loan you will need to have some sort of idea where in San Diego you want to buy a home. With so many choices it is easy to feel overwhelmed when searching for your new home. To assist you in your search we have created a list of the 2016 Real Estate Hotspots in San Diego. POWAY Poway is a quiet suburb on the north part of San Diego. What it lacks in bustling activity it makes up for by being family friendly and one of the safest places to live in San Diego. Residents of Poway enjoy close proximity to several country clubs and the Lake Poway Recreational Area. With a variety of housing types, Poway boasts affordably priced homes making it a top choice when searching for a home. LA MESA On the eastern part of San Diego is La Mesa, a vibrant blend of urban and rustic combined into one community. La Mesa features upgraded intersections and sidewalks making it the most walk-able place in San Diego. With a decent school rating and moderate property values, La Mesa is a good fit for everyone.

  2. CARMEL VALLEY Another desirable location with close proximity to the beach, Carmel Valley is another popular community in San Diego. Wineries, golf courses, restaurants, hiking trails and horseback riding are some of its main attractions. If you are seeking an upscale country feel, Carmel Valley is an ideal choice. Be prepared to spend a bit more on property in this desirable community. ENCINITAS This five district community has beach access and a recently updated community park. The homes here may max out your VA loan however, the school rating there is one of the highest in San Diego. Residents here enjoy the San Diego Botanical Garden and have several beaches to choose from making Encinitas is a popular area to live in. ALLIED GARDENS Allied Gardens has seen a generational shift in the last few years, and changes associated with it. Younger families are enjoying the benefits of a suburban feel while being located in the center of the city. The increased popularity of this community brings with it new businesses and also plans to make the San Diego River more accessible. Homes are likely to increase in value in the next five years making property in Allied Gardens an attractive investment. IMPERIAL BEACH In the last five years Imperial Beach has undergone many changes to improve the local economy including the construction of the Pier South Resort. This beachfront community is a quick drive away from Tijuana, Mexico. Although Imperial Beach remains a popular destination for tourism, the community doesn’t have a crowded feel. With a variety of shops and restaurants to choose from, Imperial Beach has all the amenities homebuyers are looking for.