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NOMINATION FORM EM EA SOUTH AND WEST. Project excellence is the foundation for CSC’s growth and success In order to recognize the excellent work done for clients throughout the region, Claude Czechowski is announcing the second annual

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  2. Project excellence is the foundation for CSC’s growth and success • In order to recognize the excellent work done for clients throughout the region, Claude Czechowski is announcing the second annual • The award honors those who have solved critical challenges and achieved dramatic business results for our clients/for CSC • It is a tribute to the ingenuity, passion and purposefulness of individuals and teams as demonstrated by the extraordinary solutions they create for our clients/for CSC EMEA SW President’s Award competition

  3. Selection criteria • Each nomination will be evaluated according to the following criteria and must excel in all four areas. All criteria are weighted equally during the selection process. • Innovation - What was new, creative, or unique about this achievement. • Leverage - How CSC could exploit this achievement in other industries, business domains, or countries. • Proven - How the achievement has been applied and how it is being used. • Value - How the achievement added value for the client—both qualitative and quantitative and /or for CSC in terms of generating revenue, decreasing costs, or offer industrialisation • Entries will be evaluated by a committee from the Quality task force with representatives from each country 4 Nominations will be awarded one of the 2012 President’s Awards

  4. Nomination requirements • Eligibility requirements • Projects must have ended in FY12 • Any regular employee of CSC from the region EMEA SW may be nominated for the award • Individuals and teams (of no more than 4 coremembers)may be nominated. • Up to 20 additional team members can be listed for acknowledgement • Nominations must be submitted on the format provided • Entries must be submitted by May 25, 2012 • Awards will be announced mid June 2012

  5. President’s Awards A total of 4 awardwillbegiven :3 categories • 3 awards for best externalprojects • 1 award for best internalproject The 4 nominations selected to win an Award will receive the following honors: • For the Core team members (maximum 4) • A prize • Commemorative gift • Recognition throughout the region • For all other team members • Commemorative gift • Recognition throughout the region

  6. Basic Information Enter a title for the nomination. The title should be SHORT and DESCRIPTIVE. Title: FixMyStreet Provide a one-sentence summary that describes the achievement. Description FixMyStreetis an ATAWAD Mobile Application running on a Mobile Software Technical Center (MSTC) Architecture in the clouddelivered to the Brussels Regional Informatics Center. Enter the dates this accomplishment spans. To be eligible, the end date must before end FY12 Start and end dates: 12/2011  04/2012 What industry is most closely associated with this achievement? Industry sector: Public Sector Enter the CSC organization that is submitting the nomination Country / LOS / Support organisation: CSC Belgian CCT-IS

  7. 2 Award Categories • Please select one category for your entry

  8. Nominee Information CORE TEAM : Individuals up to FOUR people may be nominated IMPORTANT NOTE : Nominees and team members must be CSC employees from the region EMEA SW Other team members to be acknowledged, maximum 20 people (add lines if needed)

  9. President’s Award Nomination • General description of the project • BRIC is a regional organization in Brussels delivering high-quality IT services. To modernize their offering, • the objectives were: • The setup of a new department (MSTC)to support mobile developments • Using MSTC structure to develop their first mobile application: FixMyStreet. • Mobile departmentwill give BRIC a brand new organization to deliver mobile solutions to their customers. • CSC has installed an MSTC (Mobile Software Technical Center), a complete clonable mobile solution architecture environment in the cloud including • A complete mobile architecture compatible with Apple, Google, BlackBerry RIM, Symbian, Bada, WebOS and Windows Phone environments facilitating cross-device compatible mobile developments • Give access to more than1500 real mobile devices making project automated testing easy and ensuring no app regression • A Complete Automated Quality Report Chain publishing automatically mobile apps on Market Stores • An internal social network and documentation tool • Modulable System making integration with customer existing technology more easy to do • Catalog of reusable libraries and project templates implementing high-quality design and architecture concepts • Speed to market decreasing mobile developments time consumption by 65% • Evolvable & Low-Cost (Setup cost – 75%) • Clonable in a few minutes (CLOUD) • We also have foreseen an MSTC training for 4 BRIC internal people giving them knowledge to manage it themsleves • FixMyStreetapp will allow citizens to report problems with the regional roads, footpaths, cycle paths and traffic lights • online, by SMS or via a Smartphone app. • CSC: Has delivered FixMyStreet mobile app running an all mobile devices from a unique source code. This application running on MSTC architecture has been made reusable to decrease the cost of developing any new mobile applications in the future

  10. President’s Award Nomination • Innovation • FixMyStreet is innovative mobile app because • Unit testing engine is running on all devices • Constantly tested on multiple devices • Runningmultiple devices from unique code • IntegrateBRICcartography (Urbis) features • Integrated to Facebook remote services • Confirm a new trend in mobile, the C2B • The MSTC cloud solution is • A complete automated secured mobile solution • Reusable & clonablewithin a few minutes • Access to 1500 testing mobiles reducing • the risk of application regression • Optimize ATAWAD developments • MSTC Mobile testing scripting based on text and image OCR ensuring multi device compatibility • The whole story is available on C3(https://c3.csc.com/groups/phonegap) • We have acquired a deep understanding of hybrid mobile development tools like Adobe-Phonegap-Cordova. (http://phonegap.com/) allowing our customers to deploy their mobile applications on all devices from a single piece of code to maintain minimizing costs and maintenance • The MSTC is updatable to ensure the slowest deprecation of MSTC solution

  11. President’s Award Nomination • Leverage • The MSTC concept is business independent and stored in the cloud. This is the reason why it can be applied to any kind of industry (Public Sector, Manufacturing…), business (Army, Citizen Services…) or country(Belgium, France…) without any restriction. In addition MSTC is based on Elastic Cloud Resources ensuring fast responses at any time. • This project reinforces our own knowledge and competencies in the domain of mobile technology giving now a very high chance to win DELIJN, NATO… mobile projects for a total of at least 250K Euros • Thanks to this project, we have already won Irisnet2 project with Mobistar and France Telecom. • The Mobile project templates we have delivered to BRIC can be reused by CSC to speed up development of any mobile projects by at least 65% • Another additional added value it that MSTC is modular. It means that MSTC can be easily integrated in an existing customer infrastructure decreasing final architecture costs up to 75%. • The solution is clonable from a cloud console. Thanks to this we can easily setup multiple environment of MSTC • (For instance development, staging and production environments) • The MSTC solution is definitely reusable for all as CSC Belgium has setup its own internal • MSTC to develop tools like CSC Belgium mobile timecard system and several new • customers are interested in.

  12. President’s Award Nomination • Proven • After the delivery of FixMyStreet mobile app and MSTC, BRIC has decided to sign for a third contract with CSC to go deeper in details of mobile native development. • In the future, BRIC will integrate all mobile projects in MSTC as we have delivered • template projects for mobile platforms iOS, Android and also Optimized Mobile Webservices. • Very constructive collaboration between many business partners / stakeholders • Application available on Apple and Google Market Stores to Citizens using Facebook since 03/2012. (More than 1.000.000 people are living in Brussels') An enhanced version (v2) will be delivered after 06-2012. • Communication • Brigitte Growels, minister of informatics in Brussels has decided to assign a big budget to BRIC • to extend functions of the FixMystreet V.2 mobile Project. This decision definitely proves that • our solution positively impacted BRIC • http://www.brigittegrouwels.com/?niv=3&subniv=5&paginaid=68&artikelid=908 • http://www.cirb.irisnet.be/news-fr/13-03-2012-la-ministre-bruxelloise-brigitte-grouwels-fait-le-bilan-de-la-politique-informatique • BRIC is publishing advertising for our delivered MSTC architecture on internet • http://www.cirb.irisnet.be/documents/presentations/mobile-application-center-cirb (Slide 24) • http://blog.cibg.irisnet.be/mobile-la-strategie-du-cirb-en-region-bruxelloise-aux-rewics-2012/#more-470 • We are preparing an article in DataNewsas a Success Story. (Our contact is Frederique Jacobs)

  13. President’sAward Nomination Value

  14. President’s Award Nomination • Additional Information • Networking • We enjoy relations with mobile testing in the cloud providers: eggplant, device anywhere and perfecto mobile. • Communication • L’ECHO: http://www.lecho.be/actualite/economie_politique_belgique/Un_trou_a_Bruxelles_Fix_My_Street.9168666-3157.art • CIRB-CIBG: http://www.cirb.irisnet.be/news-fr/13-03-2012-la-ministre-bruxelloise-brigitte-grouwels-fait-le-bilan-de-la-politique-informatique • Reusable • Supported by Belgian Key Service Offering Mobile, we have build an advanced and dynamic pricing sheet made available on demand at: https://c3.csc.com/docs/DOC-312694 with pricing sections for: • Development • Architecture • Change Management • Business Intelligence • CRM • Infrastructure • Material & Licenses • Sales • MSTC solution used by FixMyStreet App is promoting CSC BE Mobile Cloud offering (WIN-WIN approach) giving us more chances to win new mobile deals with NATO or DE LIJN customers. • Thanks to our good deliveries, CSC haswon a new projectat BRIC (Irisnet 2 with Mobistar & France Telecom) • A word from BRIC Department Chief • BRIC representative responsible for project: “Nous avons définitivement besoin de CSC pour les phases suivantes du projet. Il est stratégique pour le CIRB d’être capable d’offrir les solutions mobiles les plus innovantes sur le marché telles que la réalité augmentée et ce dans un environnement garantissant la qualité des livraisons”.

  15. PASSIONATE INGENIOUS PURPOSEFUL Supported by Belgian KSO Mobile https://c3.csc.com/groups/phonegap

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