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metal fabrication n.
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  1. Metal Fabrication

  2. Sheet metal fabrication means joining (fusing) metals together in several different ways to build a working part, or fix a working part. There are many different techniques and many different tools that are used in the metal fabrication process.

  3. At LDM Engineering in Melbourne, we strive to provide our clients with the best stainless steel fabrication and sheet metal fabrication in the industry. We have a full workshop, and we use several basic and advanced methods in our processes.

  4. Our metal shaping equipment is state of the art, allowing for form bending and clean metal breaking. For cutting metal, we utilize aviation snips (hand shears) for delicate jobs, and we also use power shears, angle grinders and plasma cutters for precision and craftsmanship.

  5. When it comes to shrinking the metal, it takes a skilled hand. Our professional team heats a stretched area of metal until it is red hot (via torch), and proceed with the stretching process until the metal cools, thereby shrinking. We also utilize shrinking discs that are attached to angle grinders to produce heat as another method of shrinking. In addition to these methods, we have several English Wheel options available for our finished product.

  6. Our welding experts can fuse small panels together so that they form a larger, complex part. The most common form of sheet metal fusion is definitely welding, and our certified welders are some of the most talented in the industry.

  7. These methods of stainless steel fabrication and sheet metal fabrication are not unique to LDM Engineering Melbourne, but they are used by our professionals in a fully equipped shop to develop and produce only the very best products in the industry. Our certified team of welders and metal workers are second to none. We are proud to say that we’ve been in business for forty years, and we continue to strive for perfection in the sheet metal fabrication industry.

  8. For more to know about Metal Fabrication Stainless Steel Fabrication Melbourne Certified Welding Melbourne Call us now at (03)95802967