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Chronic Tonsillitis: Symptoms, causes and treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Chronic Tonsillitis: Symptoms, causes and treatment

Chronic Tonsillitis: Symptoms, causes and treatment

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Chronic Tonsillitis: Symptoms, causes and treatment

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  2. INTRODUCTION TO CHRONIC TONSILLITIS • Tonsils are the two lymph nodes established on each side of the back of your throat. They work as a defense mechanism. They help prevent your body from infection. When the tonsils become infected, the condition is called tonsillitis. • Tonsillitis can occur at any age and is a common childhood infection. It is most often diagnosed in children from preschool age through their mid teens. Symptoms include a sore throat, swollen tonsils, and fever. • This condition is contagious and can be caused by a variety of common viruses and bacteria, such as streptococcal bacteria, which causes strep throat. Tonsillitis caused by strep throat can lead to serious complications if left untreated.

  3. SYMPTOMS OF CHRONIC TONSILLITIS • Tonsils that become red, hot and swollen • Sore throat • Formation of a coating like surface on the tonsils. This could be white or yellow. • Difficulty in swallowing food, even water or saliva • Fever • Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck • Hoarseness in the voice, which may be something like scratchy or muffled for some people • Bad breath • Abdominal pain, especially in smaller kids

  4. CONTINUE :- SYMPTOMS • Feeling of stiffness while moving the neck • Headache that may be recurring and persistent These symptoms may bother small children, but they may not be able to put them in words. So, parents must watch out for signs such as poor feeding, crying while opening their mouth for eating or swallowing, increased irritability, or expressing that their neck is paining.

  5. CAUSES OF CHRONIC TONSILLITIS • Viral infections: Adenovirus, other ARI • Group A streptococcal bacteria. • Epstein-bar virus • Bacteroides and Fusobacterium • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus • Syndrome Stevens Johnson • Leukemia • Radiation • Burns Pharyngitis

  6. TREATMENT OF CHRONIC TONSILLITIS • A warm saltwater gargle has been an age-old treatment method to manage acute as well as chronic tonsillitis. Encourage kids to gargle the water and spit it out. Doing this several times a day provides significant relief in the throat pain when swallowing. • Getting plenty of sleep and rest gives the body enough time to fight the infection. • Kids must be given plenty of fluids throughout the day. This would help to keep their throat moist and prevent dehydration. Warm soups, caffeine-free drinks, ice pops, etc., are good for this purpose. • Dry air may aggravate the symptoms, so it is better to use a cool-air humidifier in the room. Alternatively, leave a kettle of water boiling in the room. The steam will help in keeping the air moist.

  7. CONTINUE :- TREATMENT • Lozenges also provide a good deal of relief from sore throat. • Avoid getting exposed to cigarette smoke, paints and the like. These substances irritate the throat and may worsen the condition. • Doctors may be consulted for medications to treat fever and pain that arise from chronic tonsillitis. These may help during bed time, which otherwise may be difficult because of the symptoms. Although the above measures are good enough to treat chronic tonsillitis, if they don't work, then an ENT doctor may suggest for a surgery to remove the tonsils altogether.