Metadata management and statistical business process at statistics estonia
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Metadata management and statistical business process at Statistics Estonia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Metadata management and statistical business process at Statistics Estonia. Work Session on Statistical Metadata (Geneva, Switzerland 8-10 May 2013) Kaja Sõstra , Eda Froš. Outline. Overview of integrated metadata management system Statistical information system and business process model

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Presentation Transcript
Metadata management and statistical business process at statistics estonia

Metadata management and statistical business process at Statistics Estonia

Work Session on Statistical Metadata

(Geneva, Switzerland 8-10 May 2013)

Kaja Sõstra, Eda Froš

Outline Statistics Estonia

  • Overview of integrated metadata management system

  • Statistical information system and business process model

  • Current metadata projects

  • Future plans

  • Conclusions

Integrated metadata management system imeta
Integrated metadata management system iMETA Statistics Estonia

  • Outsourced project August 2010 – July 2011

  • Integration of iMETA with other subsystems of our statistical information system (SIS)

  • Metadata driven SIS

  • Bilingual application; metadata will be stored in Estonian and in English

Purpose s of the new metadata management system
Purpose Statistics Estonias of thenew metadata management system

  • To support the whole statistical business process;

  • To enable the storage of metadata once for all usages;

  • To act as an instrument for harmonising and standardising metadata;

  • To act as a central repository for all subsystems and for various outputs regardless of purpose, media, format and time.

Source documents
Source documents Statistics Estonia

  • Neuchâtel Terminology Model – classification database object types and their attributes

  • Neuchâtel Termonology Model – variables and related concepts

  • MMX Metadata Framework – implementation of MOF (built on relational database) technology

Content of imeta
Content of iMETA Statistics Estonia

  • Metadata navigator

  • Statistical activities

  • Classifications

  • Concepts

  • Statistical units types and statistical characteristics

  • Measurement units

  • Information about questionnaires

  • Legal acts

  • Databases

User interface
User interface Statistics Estonia

Metadata navigator
Metadata navigator Statistics Estonia

  • Metadata repository contains metadata managed by iMETA application and also metadata managed by other applications.

  • Metadata navigator gives an overview of all metadata stored in metadata repository(terminology objects, SQL objects, etc.)

Classifications Statistics Estonia

  • Classification – kind of umbrella that comprises one or several classification versions

  • Classification version – structured list of mutually exclusive categories

  • Classification variant – the original categories of classification version are split or regrouped to provide context-specific additions to the standard structure

  • Correspondence tables

Classification screen
Classification screen Statistics Estonia

Statistical activities i
Statistical activities Statistics Estonia (I)

  • Statistical activity–the collection, storage, transformation and distribution of statistical information

  • In Statistics Estonia the concept of statistical activity includes not only the conducted statistical surveys, but also management of statistical registers, compilation of yearbooks and analytical publications as well as other works related to the production of statistics

  • Every year a new version (instance) of statistical activity is being described

Statistical activities ii
Statistical activities Statistics Estonia (II)

  • The description of statistical activity is based on ESMS concepts, supplemented by special attributes needed for Statistics Estonia.

  • All attributes are grouped as:

    • General information

    • Methodology

    • Quality

    • Dissemination

    • VVIS (electronic data collection system)

    • E-respondent

  • New attributes and groups can be added

Statistical activity screen
Statistical activity screen Statistics Estonia

Statistical activities iii
Statistical activities Statistics Estonia (III)

Description of statistical activities enables

  • To present descriptions of surveys according to Euro-SDMX structure (ESMS) on the web

  • To create a document of Statistical Programme for 5 years;

  • To present list of conducted statistical activities with short descriptionby years on the web

  • To create XML file according to Euro-SDMX MSD

Defining variables
Defining variables Statistics Estonia

Simplified variables model
Simplified variables model Statistics Estonia

Architecture of the information system
Architecture of the information system Statistics Estonia

Metadata system


Economic entities





Data collection

Statistical analysis










Administrative registers

Statistical registers




Components of information system
Components of information system Statistics Estonia

  • iMETA – integrated metadata system (2011)

  • SRS – system of statistical registers (2012)

  • Kunde – customer relationship management system (2006)

  • eSTAT – data collection system for economic entities (2006)

  • VVIS – data collection system for persons (2011)

  • ADAM – data collection system for administrative data (2011)

  • VAIS – template based data processing system (2012)

  • Analyse – system for statistical analyses (2013)

  • PX-Web – output database (2001) will be replaced by .Stat (2014)

  • Census Hub – dissemination tool for European statistics (2013-2014)

Current metadata projects
Current metadata projects Statistics Estonia

  • Implementation of ESS metadata standards on describing statistical activities and disseminating data

    • Describing reference metadata (in the metadata system) for all statistical activitiesaccordingto ESMS.

    • Modernisation of reference metadata describing and update processes

    • Preparationfor dissemination of reference metadata on the website

  • Technical development of iMeta

Future plans
Future plans Statistics Estonia

  • Dissemination of ESMS based reference metadata on the web is planned on the 1st of July this year

  • Release of concepts and definitions on the web of Statistics Estonia. Replacement of current HTML version of concepts and methodology in output database

  • Further development of iMeta in line with developments of other components of statistical information system

Conclusions Statistics Estonia

  • Several parallel developments course problems of specification common requirements for all systems. Unfortunately, all new developments bring along some changes in the metadata system

  • Responsible unit and persons should be appointed for management of metadata

  • Creation of new metadata, filling in the gaps and harmonisation is very labour-intensive. Support from management and other people in the office is essential for success.

  • Special guidelines and rules should be created. All potential internal users of metadata system should be informed about the development process and involved in it.

Metadata management and statistical business process at statistics estonia

Thank you for your attention! Statistics Estonia