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Educational Center - Vasto (Italy) PowerPoint Presentation
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Educational Center - Vasto (Italy)

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Educational Center - Vasto (Italy) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Educational Center - Vasto (Italy). WHO WE ARE.

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who we are

The Educational Centre plays a valuable service training on prevention of disaffection among young people having learning difficulties, school hardship, difficult in relationship. The staff, composed by psychologists and experts in education, believes that a proper teaching method of study is an essential tool to address these issues and facilitate the achievement of good social and educational results.

These actions reflect the focus of our organisation towards those people having social disadvantage and marginalization, and confirm as the education and healthy growth of young people are among our priorities.

TOI Project: ECAPSE – Kick off meeting - Lidkoping 21-22 November 2013


Wherewe work

We are located in middle/east of Italy, in Abruzzi region, on the Adriatic Sea

3 hrs driving to Rome

connected with several airports

The economy of our region is based on:

Industry (mainly automotive)




Whatwe do

  • Nursery School
  • Pre-PrimaryScool
  • Educational Activities to supportstudents with SpLD
  • Teacher Training
  • Activities with parents
  • Collaboration with ourterritory

TOI Project: ECAPSE – Kick off meeting - Lidkoping 21-22 November 2013


How we work

  • Develop the potential of eachstudentadopting new workingmethods
  • Identifyearlyaspossibledifficultsituations and discomfort in order to findsolutionsaimed
  • Supportstudents in the learningprocess
  • Provide a learningagreementinvolving the school, the students and his family, guidance and counseling centers.
  • Promote the student’sautonomy, hisability to be self assessedtrying to understand the reason of hisdiscomfort;
  • Building a learningenvironmentinvolvingall the actors of our area (schools, public entities, no profit associations, and so on)

TOI Project: ECAPSE – Kick off meeting - Lidkoping 21-22 November 2013


Thanks for yourattention

Mrs. Sabrina Di Tullio

Città del Sole Educational Center

Via Incoronata, 196

66054 Vasto (CHIETI)


Tel. +39.0873.391510