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Academic Words List

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Academic Words List. Participate, Relevant, Text By: Roziel Santos. Participate (Verb). Pronunciation : par- TIC - I -pate Definition: V erb

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academic words list

Academic Words List

Participate, Relevant, Text

By: Roziel Santos

participate verb
Participate (Verb)
  • Pronunciation: par-TIC-I-pate
  • Definition:


  • To takeorhaveapartorshare,aswith others; partake;share(usuallyfollowedbyin ): toparticipatein profits; to participateinaplay.
  • To takeor have a part or share in; partake in; share.
  • Take partin activity.
synonym s
Synonym(s) :
  • Associate with, be a participant, be a party to, come in, compete, cooperate,enter into, have to do with, join in, partake, perform, play, share, sit in on, sit in, take an interest in.


  • observe, watch.

Word family words :

  • Participating (adverb)
  • Participative (adjective)
  • Participator (noun)
  • Participatory (adjective)
Sentences :
  • Some guys compete, even place bets, when they participate in local charity runs.
  • Tom was a life long sports fan, but he truly enjoyed watching his children participate in soccer, hockey and baseball.
  • Then, have students list all the rituals they can think of in which they participate.
relevant adjective
Relevant (Adjective)

Pronunciation: Rel-e-vant


  • Bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent: a relevant remark.
  • Appropriate; to the purpose.

Synonym(s) :

  • Applicable, Apposite, Appropriate, Fitting.


  • Inappropriate, Irrelevant, Unsuitable
word family words
Word family words :
  • Relevance, relevancy (noun)
  • Relevantly (adverb)
  • Non-relevant (adjective)
  • Un-relevant (adjective)

Sentences :

  • Remember to only include the experience that is relevant to the job.
  • Knowledge of best practices in academic advising, student retention, and relevant trends in higher education.
text noun verb
Text (Noun)/(Verb)

Pronunciation: Teskt(N)/(V)


  • The main body of matter in a manuscript, book, newspaper, etc., as distinguished from notes, appendixes, headings, illustrations, etc.
  • Any of the various forms in which a writing exists: The text is a medieval transcription.
  • Any theme or topic; subject.
  • To send a text message to: The only way I can ever reach her is to text her.
synonym s1
Synonym(s) :

Noun: body, contents, context, document, lines, main body, matter, quotation, sentence, subject, theme, thesis, topic, vocabulary

Word family words :

Text less (adjective)

School text

Text edition


Sentences :


  • They can train a monkey to read out of a concepts text.
  • It robs us of ever finding out what an author or text is saying.
  • She won't discuss it, though she will send a text saying she's sorry.
  • :
Sentences :
  • Noun:
  • Computers and other electronic devices that display text use power continuously.


  • Coaches handed out cash and sent text messages telling players how to spin their stories to the police