Tb pen new member orientation
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TB PEN New Member Orientation. September 20, 2011. What is TB PEN?.

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Tb pen new member orientation

TB PEN New Member Orientation

September 20, 2011

What is tb pen
What is TB PEN?

  • Mission statement: “The mission of TB PEN is to develop and strengthen the capacity of state and local TB programs to monitor and evaluate their programs and use findings to enhance effectiveness of prevention and control activities.”

What is tb pen continued
What is TB PEN? (continued)

  • Goal: The goal of TB PEN is to build capacity for TB program evaluation activities in state and local TB programs and increase the number of programs that are evaluating their program activities through the following means:

    • Engaging TB control professionals to monitor and evaluate TB control activities

    • Providing expertise and technical assistance for conducting TB program evaluation

    • Identifying and sharing effective program evaluation strategies

What is the role of the evaluation focal point
What is the Role of the Evaluation Focal Point?

  • Program Evaluation (PE) focal point is a requirement of each TB Cooperative Agreement recipient

  • Focal Point will be responsible for the following:

    • Serve as the POC in their respective jurisdiction for evaluation activities

    • Share program evaluation experiences and lessons learned

    • Build program evaluation capacity

    • Work closely with TB program staff

    • Engage in TB PEN activities

2011 steering committee members
2011 Steering Committee Members

A. Voting Membership (elected) - 4

  • High incidence: Steve Hughes - Chair

  • Medium incidence: Sharon Sharnprapai

  • Low incidence: Jill Fournier – Co-Chair

  • Big City: Michelle Macaraig

    B. Organizational Membership (elected) - 8

  • NTC (1): Mary Goggin

  • RTMCC (1): Donna Wegener

  • TBESC/TRIP (1): Suzanne Beavers

  • TBTC (1): Elsa Villarino

  • TB ETN (1): Peri Hopkins

  • CDC/FSEB (3): Brandy Peterson, Dan Ruggiero, Vic Tomlinson

    C. TB PEN Team (Co-chairs) - 5

  • Technical Assistance: Leonard Mukasa

  • Tools: Kristina Schaller / Ann Tyree

  • Communications: Phil Griffin

  • Training: Jason Cummins / Elizabeth Zeringue

  • Implementation: Sevim Ahmedov

Tb pen teams
TB PEN Teams

  • Technical Assistance

  • Tools

  • Communications

  • Training

  • Implementation

Tb pen teams technical assistance
TB PEN Teams—Technical Assistance

  • Objectives

    • Provide technical assistance to state and local programs and assist DTBE staff in implementing NTIP and evaluation activities

    • Develop and provide guidance pertaining to evaluation activities

    • Encourage quality assurance as part of the evaluation process

    • Establish guidance for developing evaluation reports that will facilitate appropriate and effective use of findings

Tb pen teams tools
TB PEN Teams—Tools

  • Objectives

    • Maintain an active indicator library and make it easily accessible.

    • Collect and review the repository of evaluation tools or instruments developed by the TB programs.

    • Foster the development and distribution of evaluation tools.

      TB PEN Tools Wiki:


Tb pen teams communications
TB PEN Teams—Communications

  • Objectives

    • Enhance communication related to TB program evaluation at all levels.

    • Conduct assessments to determine needs and current status of capacity to perform program evaluation.

    • Describe expectations for TB program evaluation activities.

    • Facilitate feedback between DTBE and programs related to program evaluation.

Tb pen teams training
TB PEN Teams—Training

  • Objectives

    • Develop a training plan to increase monitoring and evaluation knowledge and skills that the national, state, and local level.

    • Develop training sessions for program evaluation to be used at the state and local levels. Archive training webinars.

    • Develop targeted training materials for program evaluation.

    • Host annual joint training conference in collaboration with TB ETN.

Tb pen teams implementation
TB PEN Teams—Implementation

  • Objectives

    • Disseminate and share evaluation findings and tools reviewed.

    • Assess evaluation findings and ensure use and implementation.

    • Conduct a meta evaluation of evaluation plans.

Tb pen team co chairs
TB PEN Team Co-chairs

  • Technical Assistance

    • Leonard Mukasa, Arkansas

  • Tools

    • Ann Tyree, Texas

    • Kristina Schaller, Arizona

  • Communications

    • Phil Griffin, Kansas

  • Training

    • Elizabeth Zeringue, North Carolina

    • Jason Cummins, Tennessee

  • Implementation

    • Sevim Ahmedov, Florida

  • Email TB PEN Mailbox to join a team

    • tbpen@cdc.gov

Tb pen new member orientation cd
TB PEN New Member Orientation CD

  • Focal Point Resources

  • TB PEN Resources

  • Cooperative Agreement Resources

  • ARPEs Resources

  • NTIP

  • Web Resources for Evaluation

National tb indicators project ntip
National TB Indicators Project (NTIP)

  • What is NTIP?

    • A monitoring system for tracking the progress of U.S. TB control programs towards achieving the national TB program objectives.

      • 15 high-priority TB program objectives

National tb indicators project ntip1
National TB Indicators Project (NTIP)

  • How Do I Get Access to NTIP?

  • Identify the TB Application Administrator at the TB program/health department; request access to NTIP

  • TB Application Administrator will request access to Vic Bowker (via a User List)

  • User will receive an email to develop a SAMS Partner Portal username and password

  • Once approved, the user will receive an email invitation with instructions to access NTIP

Ntip invitation email from sams no reply@cdc gov
NTIP Invitation Email from SAMS‑NO‑REPLY@cdc.gov


You have been authorized for access to:

* National Tuberculosis Indicators Project: NTIP

You can reach the activity home page directly by clicking https://apd‑v‑hstp‑sams.cdc.gov/NTIP.

You may also access this activity through the SAMS Partner Portal pages by clicking here<https://sams.cdc.gov/>.

When prompted, please enter your SAMS' account Username and Password. Then click the Login button.

If you've forgotten your password, you may reset it by following the ́Forgotten Password́ link on the SAMS Portal log in page.

Thank you,

The SAMS Team

***Note: In order to access the SAMS Partner Portal, your browser must be configured to use TLS 1.0 encryption. If your computer is not configured for TLS, or if you are unsure, please contact your local IT System Administrator for assistance.


For more information or assistance, please contact the SAMS Help Desk between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM EST Monday through Friday (excepting U.S. Federal holidays) at the following:

Toll Free: 877‑681‑2901

Email: samshelp@cdc.gov<mailto:samshelp@cdc.gov>

***Note: This email has been sent from an unmonitored mailbox. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. Please direct all inquires to the Help Desk as listed above.

Ntip help desk
NTIP Help Desk

  • If they have problems, contact the help desk at (678) 460-7828

Staying connected in tb pen
Staying Connected in TB PEN

  • Submit Membership Form/Added to listserv

  • TB PEN Focal Point Updates

  • TB PEN Open Forum Calls (held monthly)

  • TB Notes articles (quarterly)

  • TB ETN/PEN Conference abstracts

  • Join a team

  • Serve as a mentor or mentee

Conference overview day 1
Conference Overview Day 1

  • Breakout Session I 10:30 – 11:45

    • Option #1: Evaluation 101

      • “What is” and “How to. . .”

    • Option #2: Basic Data Analysis

      • Basic terms

      • Demonstrate statistical calculations, such as rate and proportion, used to assess program activities

      • Qualitative vs. quantitative measures

Conference overview day 11
Conference Overview Day 1

  • Cohort Review 1:00 – 2:15

    • Experiences with cohort review from Arizona and Kansas

Conference overview day 12
Conference Overview Day 1

  • Breakout Session II 2:30 – 3:45

    • Option #1: Basic Data Analysis (repeat session)

    • Option #2: Moving Forward from Evaluation Findings: Next Steps

      • Lessons learned

      • Interpreting data

      • New plan

Conference overview day 2
Conference Overview Day 2

  • Breakout Session III 10:00 – 11:30

    • Program Evaluation Plan Assessment & Panel with Local Focus Areas

      • Findings & recommendations from evaluation plan review

      • Four focal point presentations on the top four focus areas

        • Completion of treatment

        • Known HIV Status

        • Sputum Culture Conversion

        • Contact Investigation

Conference overview day 21
Conference Overview Day 2

  • PEN Plenary: CDC Guidance for Developing Plans and Reports 1:00 – 2:00

    • What are the components of an evaluation plan?

    • What are the components of an evaluation report?

    • How do I provide an effective reporting update?

    • Example interim and annual reports and templates for evaluation progress

Conference overview day 22
Conference Overview Day 2

  • Focal Point Open Forum 2:15 – 3:45

    • TB PEN Steering Committee Update

    • Facilitated discussion

      • Issues/Concerns

      • Ideas/Suggestions

  • Cooperative Agreement Q&A 4:45 – 6:30

    • Open Meeting with Program Consultant or Program Evaluation Representative

      • Group Q&A or 1:1 TA

Conference overview day 3
Conference Overview Day 3

  • Plenary—Local presentations 8:30 – 10:00

    • 2 ETN presentations; 2 PEN presentations

  • RMTCC and International Breakouts 10:15 – 11:30

    • Additional Option: meeting with Program Consultant or Evaluation Team Representative

  • Plenary—Updates from CDC 11:45 – 12:45

Tb pen conference planning committee
TB PEN Conference Planning Committee

  • Sherry Brown (DTBE)

  • Jason Cummins (TN)

  • Christina Dahlstrom (DTBE)

  • Bruce Heath (DTBE)

  • Cheryl Kearns (NY)

  • Awal Khan (DTBE)

  • Marcee Mortensen (UT)

  • Brandy Peterson (DTBE)

  • Elizabeth Zeringue (NC)