social defibrillator
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Social defibrillator

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Social defibrillator. There is life beyond purchase. Hyperconsumption is killing the planet We have 3,000 to 4,000 objects in our homes, 15 times more than our grandparents Retail is two-thirds of GDP (USA – 2011).

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social defibrillator

Social defibrillator


  • We have 3,000 to 4,000 objects in our homes, 15 times more than our grandparents
  • Retail is two-thirds of GDP (USA – 2011)

access trumphs ownership
Access trumphsownership

"The role of the property is undergoing a radical transformation”

“Our social status now depends more on access than on property“ - Jeremy Rifkin

variety is great right
Varietyisgreat! Right?

… but I can only BUY it :(

why alternatives are so complicated
Whyalternatives are SO complicated?


it makes sense for many objects

A tent?

A custome?

NOW WATCH THE VIDEO!Checkthe VIDEO PITCH at theproject page PLAYER recommended
social defibrillator2
Social Defibrillator
  • Action/performance by local ambassadors
  • Awareness generation by shock
  • Diagnosis and sign-up
  • Platform with alternatives to traditional purchase
    • Second hand
    • Rental
    • Group purchase (shared ownership)
    • Sharing
  • Aggregates existing initiatives
registration of objects
Registration of objects
  • Automatic
    • Viastandardized open API (forexistinginitiatives)
    • WhenyoubuywithVisaShareitisautomaticallyuploaded
  • Manual
    • ViaplatformWebsite
    • Viamobilephoneapplication (barcodescanning)
search access
Search & Access
  • Manageyourprofile, networks and objects
  • Checkyourhealth status
search browser plug in
Search - Browser plug-in
  • Providesyouralternativesfromyour local node(first) and the global networkwhensearching
search mobile phone app
Search - Mobile phoneapp
  • Similar to concept
  • Check
  • Social Defibrillatorprovideslargeraggregatedoffer (notonly “friends silo” butalsoother 2nd hand, rental, etc. fromexistingbusinesses and collaborativeconsumptioninitiatives)
  • External
    • Consumers and prosumers
    • Existing collaborative consumption initiatives
    • Existing retail, rental and second hand shops
  • Internal
    • Central coordination
    • Local nodes (ambassadors)
distributed network of local nodes
Distributednetwork of local nodes

distributed network of local nodes1
Distributednetwork of local nodes
  • Knowledge commons + distributed networks + high productivity on a small scale = virtual macrospaces of abundance + micromarketsof production and services
  • What defines a distributed network is the ability to extract any node without cutting off any other, which means no node can filter information on its own.
  • If any group of centralizing nodes produces scarcity — through democratic or authoritarian means — distributed networks turn decentralized pluralism into distributed diversity.
  • Communication between peers has its own logic.

toolkit for ambassadors
  • A node can be createdwithsufficientcriticalmass at local level (mostlyontheofferside): prosumers, collaborativeconsumptionprojects (mostlysiloed), retails (big and small), etc.
  • Commonsknowledge: Documentation (creativecommonslicense) and tools (open source) are providedfor free
  • Additionalpaid training forambassadorsavailable
  • Itziar Pobes
  • Albert Cañigueral
  • MartíCot
  • Milena Samos
  • Elena Minguela
social defibrillator3

Social defibrillator