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Halcyone. English I Louise S. McGehee School 2004. (Wood). Culture and Beliefs. Began as a myth in Greece Reason for belief is to explain 7 calm days around the winter solstice. (“Europe”). Myth of Halcyone.

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English I

Louise S. McGehee School



Culture and beliefs
Culture and Beliefs

  • Began as a myth in Greece

  • Reason for belief is to explain 7 calm days around the winter solstice


Myth of halcyone
Myth of Halcyone

Halcyone, who was the human daughter of Aeolus, married Ceyx. They both loved each other very much. One day, Ceyx told his wife he was leaving to go on a trip and although she begged him not to, he went.


Myth continued
Myth (continued…)

While at sea, Ceyx perished during a storm, still calling out to his wife. Halcyone received a dream finding out the news of his death and went to the coast. She saw his body, and unable to go on, threw herself off a cliff. The gods took pity and Apollo turned her and her husband into birds.


Halcyone description
Halcyone Description

  • The bird that Halcyone and her husband Ceyx were turned into was a Kingfisher, which was known as a Halcyone

  • Latin name is Ceryle alcyon

  • Not much is given on the physical description of Halcyone


Modern day connections
Modern Day Connections

  • The seven peaceful days at sea are called “Alcyon Days”

  • Peaceful days in life are called “Alcyon Days” as well

  • Many boats and coastal hotels are called either Halcyone or Alcyone


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