The war on drugs
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The War on Drugs:. The epitome of blatant disregard for societal norms and prudent budgeting of tax dollars. Senseless Rhetoric:.

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The war on drugs

The War on Drugs:

The epitome of blatant disregard for societal norms and prudent budgeting of tax dollars.

Senseless rhetoric
Senseless Rhetoric:

  • “Fourteen year old Jane purchased marijuana from Mike, who in turn contacted his dealer Dave, who happened to kill innocent Lisa while procuring marijuana for Mike to sell to Jane; obviously, Jane killed Lisa.”

Today s drug war is one without end
Today’s Drug War is one without end.

  • Funds and manpower wasted to date with little or no real change.

  • Projection of tomorrow’s drug war.

  • Cessation of current campaign; greatest good assessment.

Every tax paying american is affected
Every tax-paying American is affected.

  • Like it or not, we’re all a part of the drug war

  • Last year the state of Florida spent more on 56,000 prisoners than it did on 203,000 university students.

  • Throughout the 1980’s, state spending on corrections increased 95%, while spending on higher education decreased 6%.

    Students for Sensible Drug Policy

The major players
The Major Players:

  • John Walters:

    Drug Czar; director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

    Researched America’s drug war by watching the movie Traffic per the request of President Bush

George soros
George Soros

  • Billionaire in support of dying with dignity and the drug policy alliance among other endeavors.

John sperling
John Sperling

  • Billionaire in support of de-criminalization of marijuana. Donated 13 million to drug reform campaigns and successfully blocked 17 ballot initiatives.

Peter lewis
Peter Lewis

  • Retired CEO of Progressive Insurance Company. Converted from scotch to marijuana and donates his billions to the marijuana policy project.

The facts
The Facts:

  • Just like alcohol prohibition in the fifties, the anti-marijuana laws of today create and fuel the drug cartels.

  • America is waging a war it will never win, while spending billions of taxpayer dollars in the process.

More facts
More Facts:

  • 80% of Americans think adults should be able to use marijuana legally for medical purposes.

  • 47% of Americans admit having tried marijuana at least once.

  • 72% of Americans say people arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana should be fined, not jailed.

  • Joseph D. McNamara, former San Jose police chief: “Most of the police officers I hired during the 15 years I was police chief had tried [marijuana] it.”

    Time Magazine November 4, 2002 “Is America Going to Pot?”

The problem is real
The Problem is Real

  • 734,497 people were arrested on marijuana charges in 2000, more than twice the number in 1991.

  • Nine in ten of the ‘criminals’ were guilty of possession alone.

  • The government spends $1.2 billion a year to house 60,000 people in prison for marijuana offenses.

    The Economist September 26 2002 “One puff at a time”

The war on drugs

  • Unlike alcohol, no one has ever died of THC poisoning.

  • Marijuana does not make users sick, in fact some patients studied enjoyed significantly higher increases in their lymphocytes, which are cells that help fight disease.

  • Marijuana users are a no greater risk of cancer than smokers of cigarettes.

  • 9% of marijuana users develop a dependence, in contrast to the 15% of drinkers who develop a dependence, and the third of tobacco users who do the same.

  • There is currently no conclusive evidence that marijuana causes long term cognitive impairments.

A logical solution concurring with societal norms
A Logical Solution Concurring with Societal Norms:

  • End the current drug war.

  • Tax and regulate the sale of drugs.

  • Free law enforcement officers to fight real crime.

  • Free doctors to prescribe medical marijuana when prudent.

What about johnnie crack head
What About Johnnie Crack head?

  • “If there are no drug laws, Johnnie crack head will break into my house in order to get drug money, probably killing me in the process.”

  • Johnnie crack head will have no reason to break into your home.

  • Johnnie crack head will naturally select himself right out of the gene pool in a few short years.

  • All of the resources currently being used to protect Johnnie from himself can instead be used to protect you from Johnnie.

Marijuana cocaine and heroin all under the fda not the dea
Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin all under the FDA, not the DEA

  • In addition to the money saved waging the drug war and incarcerating ‘criminals’ in the process, the government will enjoy substantial revenue from the sale and regulation of these popular drugs.

  • Those who choose to partake in such drugs can rest assured they’re enjoying pure, uncut cocaine, instead of a mystery substance cut with rat poison.

Drugs in the hospital
Drugs in the Hospital

  • HIV & Chemotherapy patients can use marijuana to control nausea and increase appetite.

  • Glaucoma patients enjoy up to a 25% reduction in pressure on their eyeballs.

  • Aids in spasticity among multiple sclerosis patients.

  • Reduction in pain ranging to migraine headaches to the spread of cancer.

Rocky start smooth ending
Rocky start, smooth ending

  • By removing laws and limits on illicit drug use, we will no doubt see a spike in the same.

  • Those who learn to manage their appetite will be forced to conform to societal norms.

  • Those who cannot will naturally select themselves right out of the gene pool.

Marijuana abroad
Marijuana Abroad

  • We don’t have to look far for a prediction; Canada.

  • European locales not limited to Amsterdam.

In summation
In Summation

  • End the drug war to save face, money and lives.

  • Allow the country to prosper by working with mother nature instead of fighting the inevitable.

  • Allow the sick and dying access to the drugs they need.


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  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy