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Shinto “Way of the Spirits” PowerPoint Presentation
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Shinto “Way of the Spirits”

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Shinto “Way of the Spirits” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shinto “Way of the Spirits”. Japan’s ancient native religion. Shinto Beliefs. All natural things are alive. For example: wind, rivers, mountains, trees, etc. All these things have spirits called Kami.

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shinto way of the spirits

Shinto“Way of the Spirits”

Japan’s ancient native religion.

shinto beliefs
Shinto Beliefs
  • All natural things are alive. For example: wind, rivers, mountains, trees, etc.
  • All these things have spirits called Kami.
  • Kami are called upon to help people through difficult times. Humans become Kami after they die.
  • The most important Kami is the Sun Goddess Amaterasu.
torii gates
Torii Gates
  • To pay your respects to a kami one must go to a Shinto shrine.
  • A Torii Gate marks the entrance to a shrine.
shinto shrines
Shinto Shrines
  • Shrines are holy places were priests, musicians, and dancers, perform rituals for people who ask the gods for things like a favor or good harvest.
  • Sumo wrestling was once a Shinto ritual that began as a way to pray for a good harvest.
  • Every Shinto shrine provides water for washing the hands and rinsing the mouth before approaching a shrine to purify.
the japanese emperor
The Japanese Emperor
  • Japan’s first emperor, Jimmu is said to be related to the Sun Goddess Amatrasu.
  • Today Japan’s emperor is said to be the 125th direct descendant of the Sun Goddess.
true or false
True or False

1. Buildings have Shinto spirits.

2. Shinto spirits are called kami.

3. The most important kami is the sun goddess.

4. A Heavens Gate is built at the entrance of Shinto shrines.

5. A Shrine is a Shinto priest.

6. Sumo wrestling was a Shinto ritual first used for praying for a good harvest.