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Invoice Payments

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Invoice Payments. Who are we?. What do we do?. We record all invoices that the University receives onto the Agresso system. We aim to pay our suppliers within agreed payment terms for the goods/services that they supply us with.

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what do we do
What do we do?
  • We record all invoices that the University receives onto the Agresso system.
  • We aim to pay our suppliers within agreed payment terms for the goods/services that they supply us with.
  • We respond to any queries that suppliers or internal staff may have about payment of invoices.
essential details
Essential Details
  • Our Address for invoices:

Invoice payments team Finance Services University of the West of England Frenchay Campus Coldharbour Lane Bristol BS16 1QY

  • All invoices must include the key data in order for them to be processed.

Bank Sort Code

Correct invoice address

Bank account number

Unique Invoice Number

Key data for all invoices

VAT number, if applicable

Invoice Date

Official purchase order number

Supplier ID

purchase order numbers
Purchase order numbers
  • Purchase orders are very important when paying an invoice as this is where the money will be allocated to the budgets in the University.
  • If we receive an invoice without a purchase order number, we do not know which department it is for so it could be returned to the supplier. This can result in delayed payment.
  • Please ensure that suppliers are given a correct purchase order number before you order any goods or services, and ask them to quote this on their invoice.
why do invoices need these details
Why do invoices need these details?
  • All of these details ensure that the suppliers are being paid the correct amount of money.
  • By having a unique invoice number it helps us to detect duplicates at the capturing stage and ensures that suppliers are not being paid twice.
  • It also means that suppliers will be paid within the 30 day terms as payment will not be delayed.
changes to supplier details
Changes to Supplier Details
  • Suppliers need to update us of any changes to the details that we have on file for them.
  • Such as:
    • Registered company address
    • Bank details
    • Contact details regarding remittances
    • Change of trading name
    • Telephone number

The supplier will need to inform us in writing on company headed paper. This is so that we can detect any fraudulent letters that may be attempting to change bank details illegally.

the basic process
The Basic Process

This is the basic process that all invoices will go through during the payment process. We complete a BACS run at the end of every week, when all authorised invoices are at the payment stage. The letters in brackets indicate how the invoice will appear in Agresso.

  • Agresso is the Universities accounting database. All financial payments are made using Agresso. The below diagram will show you how to track what stage of the payment process the invoice is at.

Open and Historical items per supplier

This column shows whether the invoice is in workflow (W) or not (N)

A (N)- Scanned

A (W)- Registered in workflow

B- Posted and awaiting payment due date

C- Paid

This column shows the status:

receiving invoices
Receiving invoices
  • There are two main ways that we receive our invoices, either via post or e-mail. We encourage suppliers to e-mail their invoices to us so that they can be processed as soon as we receive them and eliminate any duplicate copies. The invoices are then checked and highlighted for the correct key data.
  • All invoices received up to and including the Friday will be processed the following week (Mon-Wed), we close the payment run on aWednesdayand start processing the next batch of invoices.  If due for payment Invoices are paid into supplier bank accounts the following Tuesday.
scanning and capturing
Scanning and Capturing
  • All of the invoices are then scanned onto the computer and are automatically exported into a piece of software called Version One.
  • This allows us to capture key data from the scanned image and create an entry into the Agresso system against its specific order number. The invoice is then assigned a transaction number.
  • In Agresso the invoice will appear at ‘A’ status
  • The transaction number is then used to post funds from an order against an invoice.
  • If the order has been goods receipted (GRN’d), the invoice will be automatically matched and put through to the payment stage.
  • If the order hasn’t been goods receipted Agresso will create an Auto- GRN this is when the invoice will enter workflow.
  • An Approval task will automatically be sent out from Agresso to check whether the contact on the order has received the goods.
  • On Agresso it will appear as ‘A’ Status but in Workflow
checking and payment
Checking and payment
  • Each member of the Invoice payments team will print off a report that lists all of the invoices that they have registered during the day.
  • This report will then be checked to ensure that all information is correct and no mistakes have been made that might effect payment.
  • A BACS run will be made on the Wednesday each week for payment to be made the following Tuesday.
  • After a Payment has been made Invoices will change to ‘C’ Status in Agresso
receiving an approval task
Receiving an approval task
  • An invoice approval task will have been created and an email will go to the Requisitioner to remind them that they have a P2P task to complete.
  • If they are happy with the invoice that we have entered and have received the goods or services they will press the Approve button. This will allow the invoice to go through to the payment stage.
  • If they are unhappy with the invoice or have not yet received the goods, they need to contact us before clicking the Reject button, so that we can advise them of the best solution.
    • Please discuss your problem with us and do not just click reject.
approved invoices
Approved Invoices
  • After the invoice has completed workflow its now approved for payment.
  • A Report will be run that changes its status to ‘B’ in Agresso, This means that it will be paid in the next available BACS run according to its due date.
what happens to credit notes
What happens to Credit notes?
  • Credit notes follow the same basic process as invoices.
  • The only difference is when we receive the credit notes we must check that we have the invoice that it relates to on the Agresso system.
  • We make a note of the invoice number and the payment date on the credit note so that it is clear that the credit is due.
  • This is so that we only take credit notes that are due to be taken.
  • An overspend form is no longer required on a P2P order.
  • If the overspend is under £100, the invoice will workflow as normal to the authoriser this is similar to the old 10% rule
  • If the overspend is over £100, the invoice will workflow for secondary approval to the budget holder
  • The purchase order will then finish because it has gone over the order amount.
uwe invoice payments
UWE Invoice Payments

Over the last academic year Aug 2011 – July 2012, the invoice payments team have processed over 34,550 invoices, around 610 invoices a week.

This amounts to over £60 million,on average that’s over £1.2 million per week.

agresso queries
Agresso Queries
  • If you are unsure of how to access the Open and historical screen in Agresso.
  • Please contact Finance Business Systems
  • Barbara Milburn82733Finance Business systems administrator
  • Ermir Ademi82166Finance Business systems project officer
purchase order queries
Purchase Order Queries

The Purchasing website should be able to help with any purchase order queries that you may have.

  • Ani Drewery82227Purchasing Officer
  • Rosie Hale86686Purchasing Assistant

Or email any queries that you may have to :

further information
Further information

If you need help with any payment queries please do not hesitate to contact us or click the link below to visit our website!

Invoice Payments