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9/12 – 9/13…To Do… PowerPoint Presentation
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9/12 – 9/13…To Do…

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9/12 – 9/13…To Do… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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9/12 – 9/13…To Do…. Roles: Facilitator – All voices heard, moves group through WS Runner – get key, go to other groups for help Checker – Asks each member if they understand each problem Timer – done with all tasks by…. Agenda/Goals: Review metric HW IDEO video

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9 12 9 13 to do
9/12 – 9/13…To Do…
  • Roles:
  • Facilitator – All voices heard, moves group through WS
  • Runner – get key, go to other groups for help
  • Checker – Asks each member if they understand each problem
  • Timer – done with all tasks by…
  • Agenda/Goals:
    • Review metric HW
    • IDEO video
    • Whirligig messing about
    • Company meeting
    • Begin experimental write-up
  • (7 min) In your table groups compare answers to metric WS (front & back)
    • See group roles to left…
  • (4 min) Come grab key and do one final check on WS
  • (2 min) Record any problems you don’t understand or questions that you have
  • If you are done…come up with a creative way to remember the order of metric prefix and share out
  • 3-hole punch your metric WS + Bingo notes and put into first section of binder
share brainstorm
Share brainstorm

Pencil game? – What theories did you test?

What makes companies successful?

What have you learned about gravity or falling objects so far?

write these questions in journal in notes section
Write these questions in journal (In notes section)

What can I learn about the process of Science from the IDEO video?

What can I learn about working in groups from the IDEO video?

What made them successful? (Qualities)

What was the point of watching the video?

  • Build on the ideas of others
  • Encourage wild ideas
  • Defer judgment
  • Stay on the topic
  • One conversation at a time
to do list
To-Do List:

Grab a “Diving In To Science” book from the side counter.

Think back to last week when you were getting to know the whirligig product.

On a scratch piece of paper, write down a list of parts you could change or variables that you could test.

whirligig challenge
Whirligig Challenge

Criteria: To design a new Whirligig toy for the cereal box company that falls slower than their current design.

  • Constraints:
    • The whirligig template has to fit on the back of the cereal box.
    • The only materials available are the cereal box and paper clips. (assume that people will have scissors to cut out the whirligig template from the cereal box)
whirligig challenge1
Whirligig Challenge
  • Agenda:
    • Hold a “company meeting” with your class period to discuss what you learned after using the original whirligig design. Discuss all variables and parts of the whirligig that could be changed for the final design.
    • Divide into smaller sub-groups (table partners) to design a test for one particular element of the whirligig.
    • Run small group experiments to learn what new design features should be included in the final class design. Remember to test ONLY ONE VARIABLE!
    • Write up your experiment results for the group to analyze.
    • Meet with the entire company (class period) again to agree on a new design and build the final whirligig based on each group’s recommendations.
journal requirements
Journal Requirements

Whirligig Challenge

Use pages 44 and 45 in your book for help on your experiment & Write-up!!

Problem Statement:





Don’t forget a title!

Skip a line between each section

Underline all section headings








journal requirements1
Journal Requirements

Whirligig Challenge Cont.

Graph with a ruler and SALTPAD requirements


Organize your results in a conclusion summary for your company partners to better understand






testable questions
Testable questions
  • How does _____________ affect ______________?
  • How does blade length effect the time it takes for whirligig to fall?