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Treasurer. Our Mission. To develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs in a fun, family environment based on our six philosophies:. Everyone Plays ® Balanced Teams Open Registration Positive Coaching Good Sportsmanship Player Development. Objectives.

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Our Mission

To develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs in a fun, family environment based on our six philosophies:

  • Everyone Plays®
  • Balanced Teams
  • Open Registration
  • Positive Coaching
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Player Development


The Role of the Treasurer in the operation of the Region

The Treasurer’s position description

Review the basic knowledge a Treasurer must have to be successful

Discuss keys to treasury management

Understand the financial forms, reports and tools


Why is Training necessary?

  • Safeguard Region assets.
  • Protect AYSO and its nonprofit status.
  • Keep required financial records and an accurate accounting of all monies.



Treasurer’s Key Job Duties

  • Manage accounts receivable (revenue) and accounts payable (expenditures)
  • Pay player registration fees timely
  • Abide by good internal control procedures
  • File reports on a timely basis
  • Code your checks properly
  • Take the lead in preparing the budget

Treasurer’s Key Job Duties


  • Participate in registration
  • Maintain records for seven years
  • Assist throughout an annual audit
  • Provide Monthly Status to Region
  • Be aware of “red flags”
  • Maintain a player reserve
    • Not less than $5 per player-Not more than $12

Volunteer Protection Requirements

  • Complete and submit a Volunteer Application EVERY YEAR.
  • Be authorized to perform your job by the Region, Area, Section or other AYSO authority.
  • Act within the scope of a Job Description and the AYSO policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Complete Safe Haven training and
  • Be properly trained to do your job.

What support is available?

  • Regional Commissioner
  • Area staff or neighboring Regions
  • Section staff
  • National Office
    • NAP Finance Representative
    • NAP Manager
    • Accounting Manager
    • Controller

Treasurer Tools

  • Software
  • Forms
  • Manuals
  • Checklists
  • Reports
  • Additional Training

Need a Treasurer’s manual?

A Reference Book?


National Accounting Program

Opening a Bank Account

  • Need to find a bank that will return checks (or copies) with the statement to National Office
  • Minimum three signers (RC and Treasurer are required) with two on each check or transaction – not from the same household
  • Whenever practical, the AD should be a signer and at least one other board member

National Accounting Program

Opening a Bank Account

Online banking NOTenabled . . . except for view only privileges

One checking account and maximum of two savings accounts

Must be a federally insured banking institution (FDIC)


Multiple Choice Question

Where should the bank be instructed to send the Bank Statements and copies of cancelled checks?

Regional Commissioner


Region’s P.O. Box address

The National Office

The National Office Lockbox address

d !


Multiple Choice Question

A Region’s bank account must be reconciled monthly because:

e !

Need to know which checks have been not been cashed

Verifies deposits were received by the bank

Verifies financial records match bank’s

Ensures statement received by Finance

All of the above


National Accounting Program

Chart of Accounts

  • Separate 4 digit codes for each category
  • Additional 2 digit code for extended play programs – used before the standard 4 digit code
  • Regions allowed to add additional coding after the 4 or 6 digit account code

National Accounting Program

Chart of Accounts

Revenue/Income Accounts

  • Revenue account codes used on the MonthlyDepositReportForm – MDRF
  • Codes for Registration fees, fundraising, sponsorships and donations
  • Also used on checks for refunds of payments originally coded as income

National Accounting Program

Chart of Accounts

Expense Accounts

  • Expense accounts used on checks
  • Used for bank charges

National Accounting Program

Expenses and Checks

  • All expenses must be paid by check
  • All expenses must have full and complete original documentation
  • Used for payments to AYSO
  • Recommend using a reimbursement form

Mileage rate usually

changes annually

Name, address, date, AYSO position.

Travel section

Date, description, dollar amount and category.

Date, description, dollar amount and category.

Purpose of the expense

Operations section


Approval signature


Should this request be paid?

What should concern a Treasurer with this request?

Detailed explanation of expenses required

Original Receipts must be included


Do not pay

from a




National Accounting Program

Check Writing

  • Checks must be properly completed
  • Large print – legible
  • Proper NAP account coding
  • Must have two signatures
  • Counter checks or checks made payable to cash are notallowed
  • Noblank pre-signed checks

National Accounting Program

Is this a NAP compliant check?

Does not have AYSO Region

Additional Region coding is acceptable

Only one signature


National Accounting Program

Is this a NAP compliant check?

Check made payable to cash

No NAP account coding


National Accounting Program

Is this a NAP compliant check?

Looks good!


Registration Days

  • Be at all registration days – ensure proper procedures for handling of fees
  • Collect the monies generated
  • Reconcile registration forms
  • Cash reconciled with two trained volunteers
  • Cash deposited same or next banking day
  • Pay player fees to the National Office within 30 days

Check section

Cash section

Credit/debit card section


National Accounting Program

Monthly Deposit Report Form

All Deposits must be made into the Region Checking Account

  • Deposits should be made the same or next banking day
  • MDRFcaptures and reports the proper account codes for deposits.
  • Submit the MDRFto the National Office by the 5th of each month.
  • Submit either electronically (email or fax) or hard copy.

Region Number,

Bank Name,

Account Number

Late Registration – Account 4009 – $565.00

Fund Raising Receipts – Account 4040 – $413.00

Contact Information

Name – Phone Number – Email Address – Date

Returned Check

Account 4310




National Accounting Program

Deferred Accounts

(verb): to put off to a future time

  • Defer
  • Deferred Accounts:
  • AYSO Fiscal Year - July 1 to June 30
  • Monies received or paid currently (prior to 7/1) for a future period (after 6/30), use the deferred accounts

to put off or postpone amounts to a future period


National Accounting Program


NAP Online

  • What is NAP Online?
    • NAP Online is a web-based accounting and bookkeeping system.
  • Now the official AYSO NAP program
    • NAP Online is required for all new pilot Region applicants
    • NAP Online is required for all pilot to charter conversions
    • NAP Online is required for all Section / Area discretionary bank accounts.

Benefits of NAP Online

Makes organizing easy

Rollup reporting

Everything is stored electronically

Easily accessible

Embedded help links


NAP Online

  • Create sub-accounts or categories, known as “Dimensions”, to keep organized and help stay on top of your budget!




Track Seasons

Specific to your Spring Season

Compare to your budget

Detailed sub-accounts


Tournament Teams

Specific to your Tournament Category

Compare to Year to Date

Show all your Teams


Region at a Glance

Show all your categories

Compare to Year to Date

Show all your Sub-categories


No more storing paperwork!

  • In NAP Online, everything is stored electronically.
  • Any changes in the Treasurer position are smooth and uncomplicated.

NAP Online

You can access NAP online from virtually any device with an internet connection.


More Information…

  • NAP Online YouTube Channel at
  • Demo the system at
  • Email


  • AYSO’s electronic system for managing and registering players and volunteers
  • Includes monthly financial reports
  • Region’s registration or player fee invoices
  • National player fee invoices are not mailed

Dropped Players

Players who decide not to continue with AYSO may be entitled to a refund of all or part of their registration fees (consult Regional Guidelines)

Regions are only entitled to a refund of the National Player Fee if the player never practiced or participated in any AYSO activity.


Dropped Players

Region>Treasurer>Process Dropped Player

Select “Awaiting Request for Credit”

Select “Request NSTC Credit” or “Drop & No NSTC Credit”



Dropped Players

19750 S. Vermont Ave. #200

Torrance, CA 90502

(310) 525-1155


Regional Budget


  • Who owns the Region’s budget?
      • Regional Board
  • When is the budget due?
      • June 1st
  • Who receives copies?
      • Area Director and National Office
  • What happens when it’s not done?
      • Conditional re-appointment for RC

Fax to 310.525.1155, Email to,

Mail to 19750 S. Vermont Ave. #200, Torrance, CA 90502


Other Required Reports

  • Regional Financial Report
  • Sales tax report
  • 1099 reports
  • Provide updated information on the Information Form for any board changes including new signatures on bank accounts.

Regional Financial Report

  • Provides Regional board with monthly status
  • Typically includes monthly revenue, expense summary and adjusted account balances
  • Must be made available to any participant when requested.
  • Key to maintaining financial transparency.

Actuals vs

Plan or Previous Year

Fiscal Year

July 1st – June 30th

Revenue vs Expense



Sales Tax

  • Many States require payment of sales tax on purchases as well as sales from fundraising.
  • Region’s sales tax obligation is based on income reported on MDRF as well as some expense codes.
  • National Office will consolidate all Region sales tax into one State filing.
  • National Office will invoice each Region for their portion of the total tax due.

Sales Tax

  • Email questions on Sales Tax to

1099 Reporting

  • 1099 Forms required by IRS
  • Requires Independent Contractor’s W-9
  • National Office completes company-wide 1099s based upon information submitted
  • Information due to the National Office by January 10

1099 Reporting

Who is an Independent Contractor?

  • Performs services for multiple customers
  • Sets own hours, determines own price for contracted services
  • Not eligible for employee benefits
  • Provides own supplies, tools and equipment to complete job per contract
  • Personally liable for errors and/or accidents
  • Files self-employment taxes & receives Form 1099-MISC

All as defined by the

Internal Revenue Service


1099 Reporting

Tax ID can be either Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number

Each payment needs to be shown separately.

Region number must be in a four-digit format.


Red Flags

  • Running out of money
  • Checks are bouncing
  • Savings accounts being depleted with no valid reason
  • Suppliers are complaining
  • Board is not receiving financial reports
  • Fundraising activities in question
  • The NAP report has uncoded items

Where does it say…

Treasury Management guidelines are found in:

  • The Standard Regional Guidelines, Article Eight
  • Chapter 8, Regional Operations of the AYSO Reference Book
  • Policy Statement 3.1


  • Need to manage, control and facilitate all financial aspects of the Region
  • Paying player fees timely to the National Office ensures that players are covered by SAI
  • Need to complete required forms
  • Control the financial history of the Region
  • AYSO is one entity!
  • Protect the REGION’S MONEY!!

Other Training

Please take these additional workshops:

  • eAYSO for Treasurers
  • Budgeting for the Regional Board
  • Develop a Regional Calendar
  • Auditor Training

Available Resources

AYSO Reference Book

Treasurer’s Manual

Self-paced Training

Forms and Documents


final exam
Final Exam


  • Cash reconciled with ___ volunteers.
  • Deposit funds ___ ____ banking day.
  • No deposits directly to ________ account.
  • Review monthly reports for proper _____ __________ coding.
  • Send player fees and other payments to the _____________within ___ days.
  • Download your reports from _______.
  • 1099 information is due on ___________.








National Office


January 10