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Proficy* Maintenance Gateway. Close-the-loop Between Your Plant Floor and Plant Maintenance Systems. What are the challenges today when applying maintenance practices…. Current Practices: NOT State-of-the-Art. Reactive Maintenance (Run the assets to failure then fix them!)

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Proficy maintenance gateway

Proficy* Maintenance Gateway

Close-the-loop Between Your Plant Floor and Plant Maintenance Systems

Current practices not state of the art
Current Practices: NOT State-of-the-Art practices….

  • Reactive Maintenance(Run the assets to failure then fix them!)

    • Causes UNPLANNED downtime

    • On average, unplanned downtime exceeds 20% of the total downtime in a plant

  • -OR-

  • Calendar-based Preventive Maintenance (Ex: “first Monday of every quarter”)

    • Will underestimate need – leading to unplanned downtime

    • Or, will overestimate need – leading to unnecessary costs

  • How to increase plant reliability
    How to Increase Plant Reliability practices….

    Move Away from Being Only REACTIVE to Asset Failures!

    • Strategy should include being PROACTIVE!

      • Critical maintenance actions should be focused on PREVENTING unplanned downtime

  • Establish an “agile” infrastructure between the plant and the enterprise

    • prevent any delays in the implementation of the chosen strategy

  • What is a proactive strategy
    What is a Proactive Strategy? practices….

    • PREVENTING failures by scheduling maintenance at appropriate intervals

      • based on asset criticality and failure histories of components (MTTF,MTTR, etc.)

  • -AND/OR-

  • PREDICTING imminent failures based on “symptoms” and attending to them BEFORE they occur

    • especially, to eliminate downtime of critical, capacity-constraining assets!

  • How to increase plant production readiness
    How to increase Plant Production Readiness practices….

    Reduced Failure Rate




    Start Here

    IncreasedPlant ProductionReadiness

    IncreasedPlant Availability

    Appropriate preventive maintenance
    “Appropriate” Preventive Maintenance practices….

    Schedule Maintenance Based on the USAGE of the Assets to Avoid“Under” or “Over” Maintaining Assets

    • Step 1: Set a threshold for USAGE to drive Preventive Maintenance based on prior failure histories

    • Step 2: Collect data from the machines regularly to compute USAGE

    • Step 3: Order Preventive Maintenance when the actual USAGE exceeds the threshold

    Predicting failures
    Predicting Failures practices….

    Understand the “Health” of Critical Machines by ContinuouslyMonitoring the Trend of Key Process Variables and Derivatives

    • If the trend is undesirable (“emerging failure symptoms”), there is a potential for a failure

    • Prevent such failures by ordering maintenance and executing the maintenance activity with agility

      • even while the machines are still producing!

    Real time is of the essence

    Forward-Loop Latency practices…. – the loop starting from data

    collection in the plant to generation of a maintenance WorkOrder in the Enterprise Asset Management System

    Reverse-Loop Latency – the loop starting from the generation of a maintenance Work Order in the Enterprise Asset Management System to the closure of that order

    “Real-Time” is of the Essence!

    Your “Right Mix” of Strategies Must be Implemented withMinimal Latency for Maximum Agility

    Agile Infrastructure: Minimize Forward-Loop Latency through real-time plant integration to Enterprise Asset Management Systems and Reverse-Loop Latency through real-time tracking of MTTR

    Proficy maintenance gateway1
    Proficy Maintenance Gateway practices….

    Maintenance Work Orders Created, Viewed and Closed

    Raw Process Data Stored and Contextualized by Equipment & Events

    Monitors the Health of All Your Assets – All the Time

    Data Flow

    Data Flow

    Proficy maintenance gateway2
    Proficy Maintenance Gateway practices….

    System maps GE Fanuc Software to your Maintenance System

    Configuration wizards walk you through building your rules

    Rules can be time or event-based and can be edited at any time

    Rules configured and maintained by maintenance or production personnel in the plant

    Allows You – in the Plant – to Configure Your Maintenance Rules

    Proficy maintenance gateway3
    Proficy Maintenance Gateway practices….

    Leverage the Plant Model in GE Fanuc software to navigate the complexity of Maintenance Work Orders (WO)

    Access all the information you need for each asset

    Operating locations of equipment

    Stores, repair shops and vendors for equipment

    Equipment-related costs, histories, failures, etc…

    Un/stocked spare parts

    WO-related information

    Your Window to All Asset Maintenance and ProductionPerformance Information

    Proficy maintenance gateway4

    Maximo EAM practices….

    List of open work orders, PMs, Job Plans, failure history, MBTF

    Maintenance Work orders

    Proficy Maintenance Gateway

    • Reports

    • Preventive Maintenance

    • Work Orders

    • Job Plans

    • Failure History

    Proficy Portal

    Machine downtime, states, cycle times

    Cycle counts

    Machine process variables


    Proficy Plant Applications

    Proficy Historian

    Plant Floor Data(CBM, Sensors, PLC, HMI SCADA, etc.)

    Proficy* Maintenance Gateway

    Harbor statement

    Harbor Statement practices….

    The information presented is intended to be an outline of general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information on the roadmap is for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract and is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code, or functionality. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion.

    Pmg architecture

    PMG Intelligence Engines practices….


    Proficy Server



    PMG ActionAgent

    Data MSMQ

    Action MSMQ

    PMG Control Panel

    PMG Administrator

    PMX Viewer

    PMG Business

    PMG Architecture

    PMG 1.0

    Plant Adaptors

    MAXIMO Adaptor

    Proficy Listener

    SAP Adaptor

    OPC DAListener


    Plant X Listener

    PMG Server



    Plant Adaptors

    Enterprise Adaptors

    Note 1: The green boxes represent the adaptations for PMG 1.0.

    Note 2: The dotted lines in the diagram refer to a data exchange between components, against continuous lines which refer to direct interaction.

    Summarizing your steps to transformation
    Summarizing Your Steps to Transformation practices….

    Move away from a “Reactive-Only” Maintenance Strategy

    • Formulate the “Right Mix” of Reliability-Centered strategies that is appropriate for YOUR plant

      • Will include, Preventive, Predictive and Reactive Maintenance

      • Focus to minimize unplanned downtime

  • Implement the “Right Mix” by MAXIMIZING AGILITY in the forward and reverse loops

    • Use real-time integration from the Plant to the Maintenance System and real-time tracking of MTTR

  • Continuously monitor and improve the “Right Mix” to optimize the Cost of Reliability, maximize Plant Availability and increase Plant Production Readiness!

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