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IT A LY. European Union Project By Shane Hourihan. Map of Europe showing italy. Main cities,rivers and mountains. Population of Italy. Capital City: Rome Overall: 61,261,254 million Currency: Euro (Used to be Lira) Number of Mobile Phones: 82 million Population of Main Cities:

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It a ly

  • European Union Project

  • By Shane Hourihan

Main cities rivers and mountains
Main cities,rivers and mountains

Population of italy
Population of Italy

  • Capital City: Rome

  • Overall: 61,261,254 million

  • Currency: Euro (Used to be Lira)

  • Number of Mobile Phones: 82 million

  • Population of Main Cities:

  • Milan: 2.96 million

  • Naples: 2.7 million

  • Turin: 1.66 million

  • Palermo: 872,000

Flag and national anthem
Flag and national Anthem

Flag of ITALY

National ANTHEM

Ethnicity race religon
Ethnicity (Race),Religon

  • Main Ethnic Groups:

  • Italian, small clusters of German,French

  • Slovene-Italians and Greek-Italians

  • Religions Of Italy

  • Catholics: 80%

  • Jehova Witnesses, Muslins, Atheists and Agnostics 20%

Economic activities in italy
Economic Activities In Italy

  • Main Agriculture: Fruits, Vegetables, Beef, Diary, Olives and Live stock

  • Main Industry: Car manufacturing, Tourism, Clothing

Main industries
Main Industries

  • Car Manufacturing is one of the main industries in Italy, Ferrari, Alfa-Remo and Fiat are all cars manufactured in Italy,

  • Tourism: Tourism in Italy is a big source of income for the economy. More than 46.1 people visit Italy each year, Its the fifth most visited country in Europe

Main agriculture
Main Agriculture

  • Grape growing is one of the main agricultural Wine is made is made in huge quantities in Italy is grape growing is essenital

Brief history
Brief history

  • Italy was under a dictatorship between 1935 and 1943, Mussolini and his facist party over thrown the Italian government in 1935

  • He signed the Berlin-Rome axis in 36 which made Germany and Italy allies,

  • He invaded Ethiopia in 1935

Famous for
Famous For

  • Italy is famous for many things, The leaning tower of Pisa in the City of Pisa is one of Italys famous landmarks,

  • The Colosum is Rome has 1000’s of years of history where anicent Gladiators faught

Famous people
Famous People

  • Michaelanglo is a famous painter and sculpture from Italy during the Reinassanceperoid he has many famous paintings such as sisteen chapel and the sculpture of David

  • Andre Pirlo is a famous Italian football who has many honours including a FIFA world, Champions League and many Seria A winners league medals