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Commedia Dell’Arte

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Commedia Dell’Arte. Using ‘Stock Characters’. Yesterday’s Lesson. Using ‘tension states’ is a method of getting into character that allows the actor to recall and explore different levels of emotions

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Commedia Dell’Arte

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    1. Commedia Dell’Arte Using ‘Stock Characters’

    2. Yesterday’s Lesson • Using ‘tension states’ is a method of getting into character that allows the actor to recall and explore different levels of emotions We demonstrated using different tension states by improvising a mime about friends going to a shopping centre. • Some tension states we explored were • Exhausted • Laidback • Neutral • Alert • Suspense • Passionate • Tragic

    3. Yesterday’s Lesson • We also explored in the last part of the lesson ‘Centres of leading’.Centres of leading is the part of the body that appears to lead gestures, such as the chest as a leading centre for a brave character. • Some Centres of leading we explored were • Leading with your nose • Leading with your shoulders and chest • Leading with your knees

    4. Commedia Dell’Arte Artist’s Comedy

    5. A form of theatre developed in late-Renaissance Italy, Commedia Dell'Arte("artists' comedy") relied on a group of stock characters, whose roles, characteristics, and costumes were well-defined and widely known. It is a form of improvisational comedy • A stock character is a character who is instantly recognizable to us from other stories; the grumpy grandpa, the snooty cheerleader, the bratty younger sibling • Commedia Dell'Arte originated in streets and market places of Italy, although it's roots can be traced as far back as far as Ancient Greek and Roman Theatre. • These Italian street performers, donning masks with exaggerated comic features to draw additional attention to themselves and complement their physical and acrobatic skills, eventually teamed up in troupes of actors often with a travelling .

    6. Commedia Dell’Arte Characters

    7. PantaloneHis name means something like “Mr. Big Pants.” A wealthy, miserly old man • Mask: a hooked nose, wrinkled face, bushy eyebrows.

    8. Il Dottore“The Doctor,” a smug, know-it-all professor, who really knows nothing. • Mask: a round, stubby nose like a pig, chubby cheeks, bushy eyebrows or a moustache.

    9. Il Capitano“The Captain,” a boasting, bragging macho soldier, who is actually a coward underneath. • Mask: a long nose, wide eyes, sometimes an exaggerated handle bar moustache

    10. Arlecchino“Harlequin,” the nimble, acrobatic, tricky servant. Childlike, sometimes not too bright, but usually wins out in the end. • Mask: a sly, cat-like face, with a short nose

    11. BrighellaHis name means something like “Brawler” (“Knuckles "or “Bruiser” – someone ready for a fight). The tough-guy servant, a good liar, always out for himself • Mask: A green half-mask with a greedy expression

    12. Columbina“Little dove.” The wise-cracking maid, usually the smartest character. Flirtatious and playful • Mask: sometimes masked (with a small half-mask), sometimes not

    13. GliInnamorati The lovers were Fabio for the boy, Isabella for the girl They were Young, graceful and attractive, they wore fashionable clothes and no masks. They could be slightly vain and not always bright – in love with themselves a bit too much – but they were sincere.

    14. Commedia Stock Characters used in today’s comedies!

    15. Futurama • Arlecchino: Fry • Colombina: Leela • Brighella: Bender • Pantalone: Professor Farnsworth • Il Dottore: Dr. Zoidberg • Il Capitano: Zap Branigan • Innamorati: Amy and Kif

    16. The Simpsons • Pantalone: the old miser, thin, miserable, evil - Mr Burns • Il Dottore: has a position of authority, thinks he knows it all, but is in fact quite stupid and gluttonous - Chief Wiggum • Arlecchino: Mischievous, impish fool. Of a low intelligence, except when it comes to pranking figures of authority – Bart • Columbina :The intelligent, beautiful and wily female servant. The one who sorts out the problems. Can be mischievous herself – Lisa • Isabella: A slightly older, female figure of authority who is in charge, often sorts out problems and often lusted after by the male characters - Marge