learning and libraries in the 21 st century l.
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Learning and Libraries in the 21 st Century PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning and Libraries in the 21 st Century

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Learning and Libraries in the 21 st Century - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learning and Libraries in the 21 st Century
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  1. Learning and Libraries in the 21st Century

  2. Success in the 21st Century Measured by our ability to: Compete Learn Engage

  3. Contemporary Context the internet,video games, social networking, facebook,myspace,youtube,friendster,scratch,flickr,databases, computer games, cell phones,texting,im, portable computing,handhelds

  4. 21st Century Literacy • Recognizes – that we live in a global world • Includes – but moves beyond, reading and writing, math and science • Acknowledges – that communication and production tools have changed

  5. Learning and Innovation • Critical thinking and Problem Solving • Creativity and Innovation • Communication and Collaboration  From the Partnership for 21st Century Skills

  6. Information Media and Technology • Information Literacy • Media Literacy • Information and Communication Technology Literacy (ICT)  From the Partnership for 21st Century Skills

  7. Life and Career Skills • Flexibility and adaptability • Initiative and self-direction • Social and cross cultural skills • Productivity and accountability • Leadership and responsibility  From the Partnership for 21st Century Skills

  8. 21st Century Learners • Global Awareness • Expectation of participation • Collaborative learning/discovery • Higher order thinking • Varied learning styles

  9. 21st Century Public Library • Space, staff, resources all devoted to learners and literacy • Primary agency for informal learning in any community • Traditional role in providing Out of School Time activities

  10. Out of School Time = Informal Learning Time • Challenging environment - drop in nature of programming • No guarantee of what learners bring in to the activity • No mandates for performance, no sanctions for ‘failure’

  11. Focus on Outcomes • What do we want kids to be able to do when they leave our programs? • How do we measure changes in behavior, attitudes and skills? • Keep it simple - don’t need every outcome from every youth in every program.

  12. Possible Outcome Areas • Behavioral – in library and out • Attitudinal – about libraries and learning • Developmental Assets – leadership and confidence building • Literacy – love of books and reading, technology and production

  13. Outcomes and 21st Century Literacy Many outcomes contribute toward building 21st century skills in youth: ICT Leadership Creativity Literacy

  14. Techniques • Know thy self – what kind of learner are you? • Know your audience – how old? Repeat customers? • Go with what you know – but don’t be afraid to stretch • Enjoy the process

  15. Quality Learning Environment • Caring and nurturing relationships • Engaging activities • High expectations • Continuity over time • Opportunities for contributions • Intentionality about learning

  16. At our libraries

  17. Art Out of the Box • Leadership and Responsibility • Flexibility and Adaptability • Social and Cross-Cultural Skills

  18. Homework Hub • Help Students master core academic subjects • Critical thinking and problem solving skills • Connection to Library resources

  19. Kids Tech: Scratch Workshops • Engage youth with rich media production tools   • participation in teaching • technology skill building • opportunities for leadership and collaboration • creative expression

  20. Selected Resources Learning Styles: • What’s your learning style?Brief guide to learning styles • What’s YOUR learning style?Short online quiz to help you determine your primary style • Index of learning styles:Comprehensive guide to information including an online questionnaire and peer reviewed literature. • VARK A guide to learning styles:Includes questionnaire for self-assessment.

  21. Selected Resources 21st Century Skills • The Partnership for 21st Century Skills • Project Kaleidoscope • Literacy for the 21st Century - Center for Media Literacy • SLJ Summit - Librarians as Leaders of 21st Century Learning

  22. Program Resources ScratchCheck out projects and download software ScratchEdCollaborative guide for educators using Scratch Guys ReadProgram guide and reading suggestions Homework HubPublic website program information

  23. Program Resources Visual Thinking Skills The approach used by teens to engage kids in “Art out of a Box” The Getty A guide to creating arts lessons with sample lesson plans.

  24. Maggie Snow 952-847- 8874 mesnow@hclib.org Jennifer Nelson 952-847-8664 jrnelson@hclib.org Contact us