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By April and Bobby

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By April and Bobby
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By April and Bobby

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  1. Leif Ericson By April and Bobby

  2. Leif was born • Leif was born in Norwegian,Iceland. He was born in Iceland but his parents were Norwegian.Leif was born in about 960 A.D. • Leif Ericson had a sister who was killed by a group of Indians in Vinland.

  3. Where LeifEricson sailed • Leif Ericson sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from Greenland to visit Norway in about 999A.D. • It was probably in 1003 that Leif Ericson sailed west from Greenland to seek the strange land about which he had heard.

  4. The first European to set foot on North America • Leif Ericson was one of the first Europeans to set foot on North America. • Leif was the second child of Eric The Red,who in about 985 established the first European settlement on Greenland after he was exiled from Iceland.

  5. Leif The Lucky • Leif Ericson came upon a wrecked trading vessel whose crew he rescued ,for this deed he received the entire rich cargo and the nick name Leif the Lucky. • After he reached Greenland he carried out his commission to bring Christianity to the settlers.

  6. He Found It • After Leif sailed up the west cost of Greenland, he sailed west for 600 miles and found a land with high glacier and rocks.He named the land Helluland. • Leif then sailed south and found another land.When he went ashore he found it to be flat with white branches and some trees. He named it Markland.

  7. Not The First • Christopher Columbus was not the first European to discover the new world. • A thousand years ago seafaring Vikings champions explorers and traders settled in Greenland.

  8. His First Voyage • Here we discussed Leifs life before his voyage growing up in Iceland living in Greenland his first voyage to a new world. • After three years Leif passed Eric the Red returned to Iceland and told of the bounty which he had found in the new land to the west the land he named Greenland.

  9. Leif was born • Leif was born in Iceland in about 960 A.D of Eric the Red he was a tradition with the Vikings, Leif did not grow up with his family. • Thyker taught Leif everything he needed to know, he taught him how to read and write and how to trade and sail

  10. Rough Weather • Due to rough weather he and his crew spent the winter in Vinland which may have been New Foundland . • The Vikings built wooden boats that were strong and light.They used small fishing boats for local and trades they had smooth bottoms so they could come in close and put the boats on shore.

  11. Eric Yells • Eric the Red shouted the order to the rowers. He was searching for a new home for his family. • In the spring Leif and his men returned to Greenland, rescued his crew and got the name Leif The Lucky.

  12. His dad died • A year later his father Erie the Red died and Leif took over his farm. • A few years later leif retuned to GreenLand became the leader of his colony and died there in 1020.

  13. When his Dad died what did he take over? When was Leif born? When it was rough weather were did they spend the winter? In what year did Leif sail west from Greenland to seek the land about which he had heard? Leif came upon a wrecked trading vessel whose crew he received , for that deed name the two things he received ? Who killed Leif Ericson’s sister? QUESTIONS

  14. THE END Hope you like the show