changing church culture from getting to giving
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Changing Church Culture from Getting to Giving

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Changing Church Culture from Getting to Giving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Changing Church Culture from Getting to Giving. Sustainable Prosperity By Chris Michaels. New Thought. How valuable is this teaching to YOU? How valuable is this teaching to the world?. The Power of YOUR Voice. It ain’t been said until YOU say it!

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changing church culture from getting to giving

Changing Church Culture from Getting to Giving

Sustainable Prosperity

By Chris Michaels

new thought
New Thought

How valuable is this teaching to YOU?

How valuable is this teaching to the world?

the power of your voice
The Power of YOUR Voice

It ain’t been said until YOU say it!

It ain’t been written until YOU write it!

You are a link in a chain of Causation that stretches before and after your life for a thousand generations.

Chris Michaels

We are like flies crawling across the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, unaware of what angels and gods lie just beneath the threshold of our perception.

William Irwin Thompson

the first step consciousness creates
The First Step – Consciousness Creates

“…before you attempt to raise money, the first step should be to raise consciousness.”

Eric Butterworth

Spiritual Economics

what s wrong with church pledge programs
What’s Wrong with Church Pledge Programs

OMG, they are so last century!

Based on providing expense information to inspire people to support. (eg: It costs $25 per person, per Sunday)

I have my own bills, I don’t want to know about the church’s

Manipulative and ineffective. Not in alignment with the principle, “As you give, so shall you receive”

Does not speak to the socially-responsible consciousness of the new generation

the heart inspires giving
The Heart Inspires Giving

They don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.

Create a “culture of caring.” Communicate your core values.

Address the need to make a difference in the world and provide opportunities to do so.

Partner with other non-for-profits that are in alignment with your vision and mission. Provide financial support and service opportunities.

what would happen if we actually practiced what we teach
What would happen if we actually practiced what we teach?
  • What would happen if we operated at the highest level of faith by tithing 10% of our income?
  • What would happen if the Church gave EVERYTHING away?
what would happen if we actually practiced what we teach1
What would happen if we actually practiced what we teach?


  • Prayer
  • Counseling Appointments to support building a prosperity consciousness
  • Education (Classes – Workshops)
  • Access to an Estate Planner – Financial Planner
  • Subscriptions to magazines ( MONEY, Black Enterprise, Daily Word, etc)
money formula
Money Formula

Give Some 10%

Save Some 10%

Spend Some 80%

tpl program
TPL Program

Tither’s Circle

Highest level of faith receives the most benefits

Quarterly educational workshops on how to live a more prosperous life

Quarterly personalized appointments with a Prayer Practitioner/Minister to support a prosperity consciousness

Daily Prayer from Practitioners

Access to a Financial/Estate Planner

tpl program1
TPL Program

Committed Giver

Daily Prayer from Practitioners

Complimentary entrance into one quarterly educational workshop

tpl program2
TPL Program

TPL Foundation – provides financial support to members in emergency situation (apply for grant given in increments of $200) – Culture of Caring

TPL Partners – provides support for three local non-profit organizations chosen by our members each year – Socially-responsible Action

Benefits are communicated at the annual TPL brunch in January

Program is launched in October every year with “spiritual investment cards” to be returned by mid-November

Names of TPL members printed in program alphabetically

setting new standards
Setting New Standards

To serve at the highest level of leadership you must operate at the highest level of faith.

Chris Michaels

Board Members – Required to be in Tither’s Circle

Practitioners – Required to be in Tither’s Circle

Church Members – Required to be in TPL program

service level agreement
Service Level Agreement

A church is a service business. We are in the business of serving our congregants. Therefore, it is important to set a standard of service equal to the excellence we provide in other areas.

service level agreement1
Service Level Agreement

A Service Level Agreement sets the intention and commitment from the CSL staff to handle business with integrity.

We agree to make congregant requests our highest priority. 

We agree to answer the phone in a courteous manner by the third ring and to not leave a caller on hold for more than 30 seconds.

We agree to return all phone messages or emails within 24 hours

We agree to respond to messages as they were sent, unless the need arises to communicate differently (ie; phone calls warrant return phone calls, email messages warrant return emails)

We agree to provide all other administrative duties or requests in a timely manner. And if we are unable to fulfill a certain request, communicate our intentions immediately.

board member standards
Board Member Standards…

Understands and supports the vision, mission and goals of the church

Operates and communicates with love and compassion

A proven track record of leadership

Spiritual maturity

Holds a certificate of completion to the Foundations class

Daily practices the Science of Mind teaching in their own life

Leads by example

board member standards1
Board Member Standards…

A visible financial supporter of the church (TPL Tither’s Circle)

Operates with honesty and integrity

Is able to have “crucial conversations” with others when necessary

Skilled at enrolling others to perform tasks and accomplish goals

Acts as an ambassador for the church at the Sunday Service

Is willing to devote a minimum of five hours a week to church duties

behold i make all things new
Behold, I Make All Things New!

There are no fixtures in nature. The Universe is fluid and volatile. People wish to be settled: only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

everything has a lifespan
Everything has a lifespan…

Things that once worked, at some point, will stop working.

If the Sunday Service is the same as it was five years ago, it is probably stale

Add popular music, video, dance, performance art, spoken word, etc.

Brand everything you do (In the Spirit, TPL)

Use FACEBOOK, Twitter

Update your website

Try something NEW