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Lab Equipment and Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Lab Equipment and Safety

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Lab Equipment and Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lab Equipment and Safety. Pre-Lab Discussion. An important part of your study of science will be working in a laboratory. In the laboratory, you and your classmates will learn about the natural world by conducting experiments.

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Lab Equipment and Safety

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    1. Lab Equipment and Safety

    2. Pre-Lab Discussion An important part of your study of science will be working in a laboratory. In the laboratory, you and your classmates will learn about the natural world by conducting experiments. Working directly with household objects, laboratory equipment, and even living things will help you to better understand the concepts you read about in your textbook or in class.

    3. Pre-Lab Discussion Most of the laboratory work you will do is quite safe. However, some laboratory equipment, chemicals, and specimens can be dangerous if handled improperly. Laboratory accidents do not just happen. They are caused by carelessness, improper handling of equipment, or inappropriate behavior.

    4. AGHS Lab Safety RapYouTube (3:24) •

    5. Safety Contract • Pair Read

    6. Lab Linebacker (3:45) TeacherTube Youtube:

    7. What’s wrong with this picture? (6 things)

    8. Don’t fool around during a lab. Always point test tubes and other items away from yourself and others when heating. Don’t eat or drink while in the lab. Always wear safety goggles when doing an experiment Don’t leave a flame unattended. Keep hair and other flammable objects away from flames. The answers are …

    9. What’s wrong with this picture?

    10. Identify what’s correct and/or incorrect?

    11. Scenario 1 The teacher was not in the room yet. Jake began weighing chemicals touching them with his hands. His nose itched, so he rubbed it.

    12. 2 Heather and Jennifer were absent the day before when the investigation and directions were discussed. They gathered the materials and watched their classmates to see what to do.

    13. 3 Sam was heating a test tube. He didn’t put on safety goggles since he was wearing glasses. He slanted the tube away from his work area, but toward students on the opposite side of his lab table.

    14. 4 Cindy broke a test tube. Carefully she picked up the pieces with one hand and placed them in her other hand. Then she dumped the glass pieces into the wastebasket.

    15. 5 The cuff of Sam’s long-sleeved shirt caught fire. He ran to show his teacher.

    16. 6 Mike and Colleen had a lot of chemical left from their investigation. They dumped the chemical in the sink and left the water running in the sink as they left class.

    17. 7 Diana and Mike were going to be late to their next class. After rushing to put away a few materials, they left the rest of the materials on the lab table.

    18. 8 Gina didn’t pay attention when the teacher explained where safety equipment was found and how it was used. She thought to herself, “I’ll never need that.”

    19. Recognizing Laboratory Safety Tinker Bell is thirsty. She rinses a beaker with water, refills it with water, and takes a drink.

    20. Recognizing Laboratory Safety Snoopy notices that the electrical cord on his microscope is frayed near the plug. He takes the microscope to his teacher and asks for permission to use another one.

    21. Recognizing Laboratory Safety The printed directions in the lab book tell a student to pour a small amount of hydrochloric acid into a beaker. Cinderella puts on safety goggles before pouring the acid into the beaker.

    22. Recognizing Laboratory Safety It is rather warm in the laboratory during a late spring day. Aladdin slips off his shoes and walks barefoot to the sink to clean his glassware.

    23. Recognizing Laboratory Safety While washing glassware, Robin Hood splashes some water on Mogli. To get even, Mogli splashes him back.

    24. Recognizing Laboratory Safety During an experiment, Nemo decides to mix two chemicals that the lab procedure does not say to mix, because he is curious about what will happen.

    25. Standing on a rolling chair to get an object out of reach • Cuts himself in class, decides to be tough, wipe it on his pants, and keep working b/c the nurses office stinks • Student informs the teacher that the chemical being used makes her feel asthmatic/wheezy • Student taps animal cage glass • Student lifts the lid to view the animals better after he asked permission

    26. Flinn-Safety QUIZ • Number a piece of paper 1 to 25. • Must pass with at least 85% to participate in any labs this year.