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Spyware& Anti-spyware

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Spyware& Anti-spyware - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spyware& Anti-spyware. Member 1.Kittisak Phongsuarintr M.2/5 No.9 2.Pakhapong Sangkapreecha M.2/5 No.15 3.Varit Prompuntjai M.2/5 No.17 4.Chanasorn Jitkraison M.2/5 no.17 . Spyware. Purpose of spyware purpose in order to secretly monitor other users.

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1.Kittisak Phongsuarintr M.2/5 No.9

2.Pakhapong Sangkapreecha M.2/5 No.15

3.Varit Prompuntjai M.2/5 No.17

4.Chanasorn Jitkraison M.2/5 no.17

  • Purpose of spyware
  • purpose in order to secretly monitor other users.

Kittisak Phongsuarintr M.2/5 No.9

Meaning of spyware

Spyware is a program that can be installed on computers, and which collects small pieces of information about users without their knowledge. The presence of spyware is typically hidden from the user, and can be difficult to detect. Typically, spyware is secretly installed on the user's personal computer.

anti spyware

Kittisak Phongsuarintr M.2/5 No.9

Meaning & Purpose of Anti-spyware

Anti-spyware software is a type of program designed to prevent and detect unwanted spyware program installations and to remove those programs if installed. Detection may be either rules-based or based on downloaded definition files that identify currently active spyware programs.

how to use spyware
How to use spyware

Pakhapong Sangkapeecha M.2/5 No.15

Some might also hijack your browser to take you to an unexpected site, cause your computer to has virus, replace the Home page setting in your browser with another site, even when you're offline. Spyware that serves personalized advertisements is called adwarealso known as malware or spyware

how to install spyware and anti spyware
How to install spyware and anti spyware

Pakhapong Sangkapreecha M.2/5 No.15

First choose the machine which has no useful data and is isolated from rest of the network.

Install an appropriate operating system onto this virtual machine.

Create a snapshot of the virtual machine to easily revert back to a clean install.

Navigate to a website you know installs malware or spyware on your computer.

Install any other malware or spyware you wish to research.

After your experimental study is finished, revert to your saved snapshot to the clean install before the infection.


Advantage& Disadvantage

While the term spyware suggests software that secretly monitors the user's computing, the functions of spyware extend well beyond simple monitoring. Spyware programs can collect various types of personalinformation, such as Internet surfing habits and sites that have been visited, but can also interfere with user control of the computer in other ways, such as installing additional software and redirecting Web browser activity.

Chanasorn Jitkraisorn M.2/5 No.23


Advantage& Disadvantage

Spyware is known to change computer settings, resulting in slow connection speeds, different home pages, and/or loss of Internet connection or functionality of other programs. In an attempt to increase the understanding of spyware, a more formal classification of its included software types is provided by the term privacy-invasive software.

Chanasorn Jitkraisorn M.2/5 No.23


Advantage& Disadvantage

In response to the emergence of spyware, a small industry has sprung up dealing in anti-spyware software. Running anti-spyware software has become a widely recognized element of computer security practices for computers, especially those running Microsoft Windows. A number of jurisdictions have passed anti-spyware laws, which usually target any software that is surreptitiously installed to control a user's computer.

Chanasorn Jitkraisorn M.2/5 No.23


Advantage& Disadvantage


1.can Antivirus OK

2. Antivirus program will show Alert window when It detect virus


1.Can delete easily

2.Can find password easily

Chanasorn Jitkraisorn M.2/5 No.23



Spyware - meaning directly is a code program that has for find information from the computer that has been installed and then send the information to the one who write that program

Anti-spyware -is a program that has been made for detect the work of spyware. But it has to be careful for work because there are some anti-spyware ,that truly it is the real spyware and lies the user. So, the user has to be use carefully.

Varit Prompuntjai M.2/5 No.17


Example picture

Varit Prompuntjai M.2/5 No.17


Example picture

Varit Prompuntjai M.2/5 No.17