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TomCat® IUI Catheter

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TomCat® IUI Catheter. TomCat® IUI Catheter.

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TomCat® IUI Catheter
  • The TomCat® IUI catheter is designed with a flexible body which enables the catheter to fit itself to the curvature of the uterus. It is relatively a small and maneuverable IUI catheter, 4.5" length, 3.5Fr. and open end. The TomCat® IUI catheters are sterile, individually packaged and are sold in 50 catheters per box.
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Indications and Contraindications for use of TomCat® IUI Catheters



  • Intra-uterine insemination


  • Not intended for IVF, GIFT, or other intra fallopian tube procedures.
  • Should not be used in the presence of cervical infection.
  • Should not be used in the presence of or after recent pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • Always used washed spermatozoa when performing intra-uterine artificial insemination, or intra-cervical artificial insemination. The introduction of unwashed sperm into the uterus will almost always result in severe adverse reactions, which may include anaphylactic shock. Please refer to the SpermPrep™ and ZSC™ methods for preparing spermatozoa for IUI before performing this procedure.
TomCat® IUI Catheter
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TomCat® IUI Catheter

To order the TomCat IUI Catheter, please call us at 859-278-6806.

You can also email us:

Or visit our website at: