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Gregor the overlander

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Gregor the overlander . By Suzanne Collins . Also the author of the Hunger Games trilogy :) . Gregor the overlander.

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gregor the overlander

Gregor the overlander

By Suzanne Collins

Also the author of the Hunger Games trilogy :)

gregor the overlander1

Gregor the overlander

Gregor was a normal kid living in New York, until one day. Gregor was in his laundry room with his little sister Boots when she decided to fall through the vent and Gregor jumped after her, sending them falling into a world where people have purple eyes, where animals are supersized, and where Gregor is accused of being the warrior. Now, Gregor has to find his dad and rescue him from the rats before time runs out.


I love this book because it has all I can ask for in a book, this easily bacon my favorite book ever.


Last, I recommend this book because it has everything you can ask for. It has action, adventure, suspense, a little romance, fantasy, and technically a little non-fiction. Just, read it.