parental involvement is the key to student success n.
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Parental Involvement is the Key to Student Success PowerPoint Presentation
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Parental Involvement is the Key to Student Success

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Parental Involvement is the Key to Student Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parental Involvement is the Key to Student Success
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  1. Parental Involvement is the Key to Student Success Gwendolyn Longmire, ZCSD Federal Programs Director

  2. Why Parental Involvement? • In 2002, U.S. Secretary of Education, Rod Paige said, “Schools can’t improve without the help of parents.” • Study after study has revealed that the single largest influence on student achievement is parental involvement.

  3. Why Parental Involvement? • What does it mean to be an involved parent? • How do you define parental involvement?

  4. Be An Active Partner • There are two distinct roles for a parent when it comes to parental involvement: • parent as supporter and • parent as an active partner.

  5. Be an Active Partner • An active partner in education reinforces the lessons from the classroom by: • encouraging homework completion, • “checking for learning” at home, and • promoting reading.

  6. Be an Active Partner • With summer coming to an end, here are six tips for parents on how to become an active partner in your child’s education.

  7. Communication • Provide contact numbers, including place of work, e-mail, and a cell phone number. • Get to know your child’s teachers.

  8. Content • Know the material being taught to your child. • the Comprehensive Curriculum for every grade is on the website • Enhance learning for your children by providing them with activities that relate to what they are learning.

  9. Homework • Be sure to provide a quiet location in the home or apartment that allows your child to concentrate on their homework. • Support your child through their struggles.

  10. Read • Encourage your child to turn off the television, video games, and radio. • Instead, have the family spend time reading.

  11. Exercise • Children have minds and bodies that are growing and need to be taken care of. • A healthy body contributes to the healthy development of the brain.

  12. Encourage • You must share the value of education with children. • Model the behavior you desire of your child. • Be careful choosing your words in describing your child’s teacher, school, or school system. • If you do not value education, they will not either.

  13. Prepare for School • This year, parents should prepare for school just as much as their children do.

  14. Questions… • If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school or: • Gwendolyn Longmire • • Phone: 658-4969