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Hosting a Fundraising Event

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Hosting a Fundraising Event - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hosting a Fundraising Event. Setting Up the Event. Step 1: Setting Expectations Set realistic goals – # of contributors just as important as total $ raised. Most events should aim for $10k+. RADPAC obviously will support most events it helps organize.

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setting up the event

Setting Up the Event

Step 1: Setting Expectations

Set realistic goals – # of contributors just as important as total $ raised. Most events should aim for $10k+. RADPAC obviously will support most events it helps organize.

Keep costs low – most fundraisers like to have at least a 5:1 ratio of money in vs. money out

Step 2: Invitation

Hosting event at someone’s house cheaper (compared to room rental at country club or restaurant) and also more intimate.

Once a mutually convenient date/time/location has been identified, the campaign will draft an electronic invitation for the event. Always great to have a host committee (no matter how few or many).

Suggested contribution levels are:

Host Committee: $1,000/couple; Sponsor Level: $500/couple; Attendee Level: $250/couple

(If residents might attend, make a level for them at $50/couple)

Do not send out hard copy invite (costs too much $$$). RADPAC will blast email invite to radiologists in the state/congressional district. Host should do word of mouth as well as use the state radiology society’s email list to promote the event.

event logistics flow

Event Logistics & Flow

Step 3: Catering

Let the campaign pick the caterer. The campaign often has one they prefer to use. The Member of Congress often has certain food/beverage preferences. And the campaign has a tight budget for food/beverage for such events. Have campaign order and pay for catering.

A Week Before Event:

RADPAC will send talking points to both radiologist host AND congressional staff.

Send one final reminder for event to radiologists in cong. district/state.

Touch base with campaign fundraiser on headcount for event.

Remind attendees that those supporting event should bring check with them to event. If supporting event but not attending (or if they forget to bring check with them) make sure anyone sending check to campaign writes “Radiology Event” with the date of the event on the memo line of check.

At Event:

First 20-30 minutes: Host greets Member of Congress upon arrival and introduces him/her to small groups of folks. Let Member of Congress mingle at own pace.

Next 20 minutes: Ask Member of Congress if he/she is ready to make some remarks. Introduce Member of Congress and let Member speak/take questions.

Remainder of time: Immediately after remarks/Q&A concludes ask the Member of Congress to take pictures with both the entire group as well as a picture with the “host” committee.

event follow up

Event Follow-Up

Host should write notes to both the campaign fundraiser and to the Member of Congress thanking them for participation and help with the event. Include your business card and offer to serve as a resource in future.

Send campaign fundraiser electronic copies of pictures from the event.

Send RADPAC electronic copies of pictures from the event as well as a brief summary of highlights of event (how much raised, how many folks attended, any key information from remarks made by the Member of Congress).

Send thank you email to all who attended and include electronic copies of pictures from the event.