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Welcome!. Kathy Woodford Director of Corporate Support 243-4219. Linda Talbott Associate Director Broadcast Media Center 243-4215. Outline. MTPR Background MTPR Program Overview MTPR versus Commercial Radio What is a Sponsor?

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Kathy Woodford

Director of Corporate Support


Linda Talbott

Associate Director

Broadcast Media Center


  • MTPR Background
  • MTPR Program Overview
  • MTPR versus Commercial Radio
  • What is a Sponsor?
  • Our Listeners
  • The value of a Sponsorship: The Halo Effect
  • How to become a Sponsor
number radio stations missoula bitterroot 23 helena 8 kalispell 9 butte 6
Number Radio Stations:Missoula/Bitterroot 23Helena 8Kalispell 9Butte 6
montana public radio the only place to find

Montana Public Radiothe ONLY place to find:


Montana News

Your SOURCE for NPR and Montana news, jazz, classical, literary and children’s programs.

licensed to the university of montana

Montana Public Radio

Licensed to The University of Montana.

  • We reach over 70,000 listeners every week

in Missoula, Hamilton, Kalispell, Whitefish,

Butte, Helena, and Great Falls.

  • We have 8 transmitters and 6 translators in Western and Central Montana.
  • We stream and podcast at (140 users per hour).
signal improvement project
Signal Improvement Project

Northwest Montana

  • New Transmitter for Libby
  • New Transmitter for Polson
  • Better Signal in

Kalispell & the

North Valley

signal improvement project1
Signal improvement project


Improve signal in the Missoula Valley, 91.5 FM

Rebuild MTPR main production studio

our mission
Our Mission

Montana Public Radio

enriches the mind and spirit,

inspires a lifetime of learning

connects communities through

access toexceptional programming.



Extensive Service


National. International.

Scott Simon Audie Cornish


We’re proud of our award winning news team with

reporters in the

Flathead, Helena,

& Missoula.

Extensive NEWS Service

Sally Mauk

National. International.


Katrin Frye

Dan Boyce

great local programs

*the nation’s longest running children’s program!



with John Floridis

The Food Guys

with Greg Patent

& Jon Jackson

Annie Garde



Great Local Programs


an eclectic mix of local…





Flora Delaterre

national favorites

National Favorites

Brooke Bob

Gladstone Garfield

Ira Glass

Garrison Keillor

an eclectic mix of local…

…and national programs!

Isaiah Sheffer

montana public radio marketing

Montana Public RadioMarketing

Find New Customers While Strengthening

Your Community Ties

what is a sponsor

A business or organization that supports programming and

receives on-air recognition.

You might

hear ‘sponsor’

& ‘underwriter’

used interchangeably.

It’s all the same thing!

What is a sponsor?
montana public radio
Montana Public Radio

Excellent to:

Add to your public image - “Halo Effect”

Announce new products, events, services

Get and keep customers

Reach a highly desirable target audience

Not appropriate for:

  • Price reductions or sales
  • Special offers
  • Inducements to buy
less is more
Less is More!

51 minutes of Programming

  • Commercial radio airs an

average of 9 minutes of

advertising announcements

per hour.

  • Montana Public Radio has

at the most, 1 minute 15

seconds of sponsorship

announcements per hour.


minutes of


1.25 minutes of Sponsorships

58.75 minutes of Programming

less is more1
Less is More!
  • The average American

is exposed to 600

advertising messages

every day.

  • Too many radio ads can create clutter and frustrate listeners.
  • Younger listeners find too many ads annoying.
  • Older listeners are bothered by annoying, loud, or obnoxious ads.
less is more2
Less is More!

Studies show:

  • The less copy in a radio announcement, the better it will sound
  • The first ad in a break is most often the one that listeners remember
  • Repeating a company name or phone number does not guarantee listeners will remember it, but it can irritate them!
listeners turn to mtpr
Listeners turn to MTPR
  • Escape clutter, annoying sound effects, speed reading, & repetitive information.
  • Hear short, tasteful & noticeable


Montana Public Radio

is an escape!

Craig Shannon,

Missoula Attorney & MTPR Sponsor

montana public radio1
Montana Public Radio
  • Reach over 70,000 listeners every week
    • More than the population of Missoula (population 57,053)
    • More than the populations of Helena and Kalispell combined! (Helena’s population 25,780; Kalispell 14,223)*

*2009 U.S. Census figures

mtpr audiences are loyal supportive
MTPR Audiences are Loyal & Supportive

Spend an average of 4 hours PER DAY listening to Montana Public Radio.

They contribute financially to the station.

They prefer to patronize businesses who support the station.

mtpr audiences are loyal supportive1
MTPR Audiences are Loyal & Supportive
  • Members and Sponsors contribute

65% of our

total funding.

montana public radio listeners are
Montana Public Radio listeners are:

Very active.

driven to learn more

travel more

become more involved in their communities

influence the world around them

From all income brackets.


political ideologies

Interested and engaged.

pursue many different hobbies

Source: MRI Doublebase 2010

npr listeners value
NPR Listeners Value:

Learning:Continuing to learn throughout my life (93%)

Source: MRI Doublebase 2010

npr listeners value1

Honesty: Being sincere, having

integrity (95%)

Freedom: Freedom of action

and thought (93%)

Stable Personal Relationships: Maintaining a long term commitment to family and loved ones (94%)

Protecting the Family: Having safety for loved ones (93%)

NPR Listeners Value:

Source: MRI Doublebase 2010

npr listeners value2
NPR Listeners Value:

Duty: Fulfilling

obligations to

family, community,

& country (84%)

Having Fun: Having a good time (83%)

Romance: Having romance in my life (78%)

  • Enjoying Life:Doing things
  • because I like them (90%)
  • Equality:Desire equal
  • opportunity for all (86%)

Source: MRI Doublebase 2010

npr listeners
NPR listeners …

65% dining out

54% entertain at home

65% read books

60% listen to music

51% go to museums and live theater

26% swim or bike for exercise

…leisure activities

Source: MRI Doublebase 2012

demographics age
Demographics: Age

Median Age

United States: 45.4

NPR Audience: 48.8

Source: MRI Doublebase 2010

demographic income
Demographic: Income

Median Household Income

United States: $59,500

NPR Audience: $92,400

Source: MRI Doublebase 2010

39%of MTPR listeners have average household income between $50,000 and $74,000

public participation politics
Public participation & politics

NPR reaches a politically diverse audience

NPR has a higher concentration of voters in its

audience than any of the cable news networks.

71% of NPR listeners voted in federal, state and local elections.

Source: MRI Doublebase 2012

npr listeners1
NPR listeners …

3 times more likely to engage in multiple public activities.

5 times more likely to participate in environmental causes

3 times more likely to participate in groups that influence public policy.

43% participated in a club or organization

40% gaveto a non-religious charitable organization

38 % gave to a religious organization

…when compared to the U.S. as a whole

…and they are givers

Source: NPR Small Market Survey 2012 & MRI Doublebase 2010

saturday listeners
Saturday Listeners





sunday listeners
Sunday Listeners





sponsors are noticed
Sponsors are noticed!

Listeners pay attention to them.

Listeners are comfortable with the selection of sponsors, quantity of credits, length of breaks.

Listeners appreciate sponsors who have public radio’s core values at heart - “Halo Effect”

Messages are held to the same quality standards as the programming.

the halo effect
The “Halo Effect”

The goodwill that MTPR listeners have about the station is transferred to the sponsor via association.

  • Sponsors share our “Halo” of public goodwill
  • Listeners think positively about your business because you sponsor MTPR
  • They think your business or service is of higher quality
  • They’re more likely to patronize your business

Listeners don’t like commercial radio ads.

84% agree!


Source: NPR & Knowledge Networks; 2010 Halo Effect Studyn=601 public radio station listeners

public radio sponsors are perceived to be of a different higher quality
Public radio sponsors are perceived to be of a different (higher) quality.

58% disagree!


Source: NPR & Knowledge Networks; 2010 Halo Effect Studyn=601 public radio station listeners

all things equal listeners prefer to buy from public radio sponsors
All things equal, listeners prefer to buy from public radio sponsors.

65% agree!

Source: NPR & Knowledge Networks; 2010 Halo Effect Studyn=601 public radio station listeners

listeners take direct action as a result of sponsorship
Listeners take direct action as a result of sponsorship.

Direct actions taken in response to

public radio sponsorship (percent saying “yes”).

85% of listeners have taken a direct action as a result of NPR sponsorship.

Source: NPR & Knowledge Networks; 2010 Halo Effect Studyn=601 public radio station listeners

wbur public radio in boston conducted the study
WBUR Public Radio in Boston Conducted the Study

WBUR invested in an ROI study to measure the effectiveness of WBUR sponsorship messages.

Study started in December 2010 and ended in June 2011

Unlike other media studies, this one was designed to measure how being a sponsor on WBUR compares directly against:

other radio stations

local TV stations

local print publications

website audiences.

July, 2011

WBUR Underwriting ROI Study


two survey groups
Two Survey Groups

Public Radio general listeners

Public Radio donors

New Sponsor campaigns

Current Sponsor campaigns

roi conclusions
ROI Conclusions

Sponsorship is Part of the “Base Buy” in Your Media Mix

A sponsor campaign on public radio brings in more new customers than traditional commercial outlets

The highly desirable public radio audience makes public radio a base buy rather than an incremental opportunity

The longer an underwriting campaign airs on public radio the better the results

The ability to drive definitive sales and ROI through a sponsorship campaign on public radio is not equal to traditional advertising…… it is better !

July, 2011

WBUR Underwriting ROI Study

one call does it all
One Call Does it All!

For one price and one contract you reach all of Western Montana.

To achieve this kind of reach on commercial radio you would need contracts with several stations in each location. This is time consuming and expensive!

sponsor announcements
Sponsor Announcements:

“Today’s program is sponsored in part by Barry’s business. Offering goods and services in Montana for 25 years.”

Announcements are 15 seconds long.

sponsorships include
Sponsorships include:

On air announcements

A listing on our website, with a direct link to your website

Recognition in our annual Program Guide

crafting your sponsorship
Crafting your sponsorship

To get you started, we need:

Your budget

Your target audience

Your timeline

We’ll do the rest!

sponsorship rates per spot
Sponsorship Rates per Spot
  • Weekday News: $50
  • Weekend News: $40
  • Morning Classics: $30
  • General Programs: $20

Includes: Freeforms, This American Life, BBC World Service, Performance Today, Prairie Home Companion, and more!

  • Sponsorships are a charitable contribution and are tax deductible as allowed by law
annual sponsor packages
Annual Sponsor Packages

Gold Package ($13,000 value)

$10,000 cost per year

260 prime weekday news spots (about 1 per day)

Silver Package ($6,500 value)

$5,000 cost per year

80 prime weekday news spots (1-2 per week)

85 additional spots (1-2 per week)

Copper Package ($1,250 value)

$1,000 cost per year ($83 per month)

10 prime weekday news spots (about 1 per month)

25 additional spots (2 per month)


Public radio has a strategic advantage over other media

  • Halo effect – add to your company’s image
  • Credibility
  • Separate yourself from your competition
  • Increase sales or participation
  • Reach a unique and loyal audience
  • Your message is really heard

Maximize your marketing plan by sponsoring Montana Public Radio!


Get Started Today!

Kathy Woodford

Director of Corporate Support


Linda Talbott

Associate Director

Broadcast Media Center