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Ndsu memorial union, meadow lark room July 15 and july 17, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Ndsu memorial union, meadow lark room July 15 and july 17, 2014

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Ndsu memorial union, meadow lark room July 15 and july 17, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ndsu memorial union, meadow lark room July 15 and july 17, 2014

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  1. North Dakota State UniversityFederal Work-Study ProgramU.S. Department of EducationInformation & Updates 2014-2015 Ndsu memorial union, meadow lark room July 15 and july 17, 2014

  2. Federal Work-Study is … • Employment Program sponsored by U.S. Department of Education • Provides jobs for students with demonstrated financial need • Considered a form of Financial Aid and must be accepted by the student on Campus Connection • Wages are not lower than (and can exceed) the federal minimum wage • Work-Study Program pays a percentage of student wages (e.g. 75% of the student's wage and the employer pays 25%).

  3. How are students awarded Work-Study? • Students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) • Must complete FAFSA by April 15 priority deadline. If applying after priority deadline, a student may still be eligible, but needs to contact Bison Connection and request to be placed on the waiting list. • Federal Work-Study is considered "need-based aid" and students must qualify. EFC is the largest factor in determining eligibility

  4. How does Work-Study funding work? • EXAMPLE:Anita Jones receives a work-study award of $1800 and she is hired by your department at $8.50 per hour. 75% of Amy's award is paid by FWS: $1350 25% of her award is paid by the Department: $ 450 TOTAL EARNINGS FOR STUDENT: $1800 • Your department just received 211.8 hours of labor and saved $1350 by using the Work-Study Program! A student can earn up to total amount of the award. Any earnings after total award has been earned are to be paid 100% by the hiring department unless there is room to increase the award.

  5. Student Part-Time Job Board • The Student Part-Time Job Board is a central place where students (both work-study and non-work study students) can look for employment opportunities. • This service is offered by a partnership between NDSU Career Services and Student Financial Services

  6. Posting a New Job • Go to: • Enter your employer and job information • Enter the Job Type (Work-Study, Non Work-Study or both) • Provide a short position description • Click: "Submit Form" • Keep track of the Job Number for future reference • The Work-Study Coordinator will review the job information and notify you when the position is "live" on the Job Board.

  7. Re-Posting an Old Job • It's easy! If you already have created a job and used it in the past, simply contact the Work-Study Coordinator with your request to update the position information. • Please provide the previous Job Number in your request. • You will receive an email copy of the position as it was previously posted. Just make your changes and return the information to the Work-Study Coordinator. We will update with your changes and send you a draft for your approval before it is reinstated to the Job board. • The Work-Study Coordinator will review the job information and notify you when the position is "live" on the Job Board.

  8. You Have a Potential Employee • A student contacted you and wants to work for you. That's GREAT! • Set up a interview/meeting and ask the student to bring along a copy of their Financial Aid award with them. • Contact the Work-Study Coordinator to request the Work-Study Authorization form. You need to complete this form with the student BEFOREhe/she is permitted to begin working for you. • The Work-Study Authorization form will be sent to you via email if the student has an award and does not have any Financial Aid holds. • Complete the form with the student and return the original document to the Work-Study Coordinator

  9. Payroll Paperwork is Essential! • ALL STUDENT WORKERS must complete the required Payroll forms ON or BEFORE the first day of employment! • Send students to HR/Payroll Office: Stop & Go Center, 1919 University Drive. N. #102 • Students are required to set up Direct Deposit. Go to: • Students will need 2 forms of ID to complete new employee paperwork. • All required forms must be completed and on file with HR/Payroll within 3 days of being hired.

  10. On-Campus Employers: Important Paperwork • New Employee: Set up FORM 100: Hiring Form • Returning Employees: Set up FORM 101: Change Form • Both forms can be found in the “PAYROLL” section at: • Current fund and project numbers are listed in the session hand outs.

  11. Off-Campus Employers: Important Paperwork: • Return the Federal Work-Study Authorization form to the Work-Study Coordinator as soon as possible for processing. • All students employed off campus through the America Reads Program are still required to go to HR/Payroll Office to process all required paperwork. • The Work-Study Coordinator will set up the HR/Payroll forms for processing work-study funding.

  12. Tracking Work-Study Balances • Maintain a running balance of your student workers work-study balance! Students cannot earn more than their work-study award. • All earnings beyond the work-study award are 100% the department’s responsibility. • Balance award notifications – important information! • Data reflected in the “$500 and under” report has a lag time. It is best to track the hours the students worked on an on-going basis to maintain an up-to-date balance

  13. Requesting to Increase a Work-Study Award • It is possible a student may use up their entire award before the end of the academic year. Contact the Work-Study Coordinator to see if the student qualifies for an increased award. • Once the student has earned the full amount of their award: • Student is NOT eligible for an award increase: • He/she must stop working for you immediately unless the department continues to guarantee 100% of the hourly wages • Student IS eligible for an award increase: • Contact the Work-Study Coordinator to add student’s name to the list for review. If approved, you will be contacted via email with updated information.

  14. Requesting Your Student Back … • In April you will receive an email form the Work-Study Coordinator asking for you to submit the names and ID numbers of any students who may be returning for the following year. • Replying to that email request will put the students’ names on the list of returning students and they will be considered for a work-study award during the first round of awarding. • Submitting a request is not a guarantee. They still need to meet minimum qualifications to be considered for an award.

  15. Common “myths” about Work-Study: “One of my work-study student’s won’t use their full award and I have another who will exceed their award – can we transfer aid from one student to another?” “If my work-study student is granted an increase to their award it will negatively impact their other aid or future aid eligibility!” “My work-study student won’t use all of their award by the end of the academic year – can they use it for summer or carry it into the next academic year?” “I have had the same work-study student for years, I don’t need to go through all the steps of requesting them back or asking for an authorization form each year.”

  16. Beyond the Basics … • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in order to continue to receive Financial aid (which includes work-study). • Maintain 2.0 GPA (semester and cumulative) • Complete 2/3 of the coursework for which they have registered • Students who drop below half-time (6 credits), withdraw from all coursework, are placed on financial aid disqualification, or become academically suspended must quit Federal Work-Study employment immediately.

  17. Q & A with HR/Payroll Tricia Johnson Associate director, Ndsu payroll

  18. Going Forward… • What is working well? • What can I do to help you be successful? • What can we do together to improve the Work-Study Program?

  19. Thank you for attending today's session! If you need further information, please contact: • Tammie RegerNDSU Student Financial ServicesFinancial Aid Counselor andWork-Study CoordinatorTammie.Reger@ndsu.edu701-231-7535