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1950-1955 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1950-1955. Korean War.

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Korean War

The Korean War started on June 25 1950. It was a military conflict between north and South Korea which was supported by the United Nations. North Korea was supported by PRC or the Peoples Republic of China. Because many people from South Korea raiding North Korea war began. North Korea invaded South Korea and an all out war began. It was unexpected and the war was lead by Japan.


TheKuomintang Islamic Insurgency in China

The Kuomintang Islamic Insurgency in China is a continuation of the Chinese civil war. This occurred because of a Muslim army. They wanted some of Chinas land. They forced north east china to move into the areas of Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, and Xinjiang. The Japanese were to help the Chinese but the Muslims outnumbered and scared them. The soldiers also were young and did not have much military experience. As you can see in this picture they are very young.


The Incorporation of Tibet into the People's Republic of China

The Incorporation of Tibet into the People's Republic of China was the process by the Peoples republic of China (PRC) Gaining control over Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) Ü-Tsang and western Kham. There then became a military conflict and many negotiations. People hang up posters like the picture you see here. Then there was an agreement which later was called the seventeen point agreement. They remained under the control of the PRC for the time being. This occurred on October 1950.


Retribution Operations

The retribution operations were operations that were carried out to defeat terrorists. Terrorists from Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Jordan were defeated by the Israelites. This happened because terrorists were attacking civilians and soldiers. On your right is the Israeli flag. Because of their achievement many people hung the flag out their houses.


Tunisian Independence

The Tunisian war of independence began in 1952 and ended in 1956. France was taking areas of Tunis which brought conflict. Before anything happened World War II had began and brought this conflict to a stop. Later after the war The Tunisians helped the Nazis defeated some people of Egypt which lead to the French leaving Tunis and morocco. Due to this people of morocco helped Tunisians bring back its original state. Before the war Tunisians were threatening the French about defeat. The French were going to launch an attack but were stopped by the war.


Mau Mau uprising

The Mau Mau Uprising (also known as the Mau Mau Revolt, Mau Mau Rebellion and the Kenya Emergency) was a military conflict which took place in  Kenya between 1952 and 1960. As you can see on the picture the light color is Kenya and its surroundings. British forces were involved in this and many groups in Kenya. Some were enemies of this group. The group was called Mau Mau. The other group was called anti Mau Mau kikuyu. It was a rebellion against the lands surrounding Kenya.


Cuban Revolution

The Cuban Revolution was a successful revolt started by Fidel Castro on July 26 , 1953. IT began by rebels attacking the Moncada barracks in Santiago. At the same time other people were sent to attack barracks in Bayamo. This ended on January 1,1959. There next well attack was late and they used a yacht called the Granma. It arrived in Cuba on December 2 1956. There arrival was late by two days and they were heavily armed. There last battle was on January 1 1959. The rebels took over cities and on the second the commanders ordered not to fight.


Algerian War

The Algerian war started on November 1, 1954. It was a conflict between independence from France and Algeria. IN the end Algeria became independent. This ended on march 19, 1962. It also led to a civil war between loyalist Algerian Muslims who believed in a French Algeria and their. It was also people who did not believe in this.