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creative writing n.
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Creative Writing

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Creative Writing
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Creative Writing

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  1. Creative Writing Vocab Lesson 2

  2. flummox • The little sheep flummoxed the dim-witted troll that lived under the bridge. By confusing him, they escaped to greener pastures without being eaten. • V. To confuse • Adj = Flummoxed

  3. serendipity • The serendipitous discovery of the oil lamp led the young boy to many adventures. The lamp he accidentally found contained a genie that granted him three wishes. • N. an accidental discovery that leads to good fortune; a fortunate, lucky discovery

  4. parsimonious • The parsimonious man used a frayed bungee cord to tie back the umbrella. He could afford a new one, but he was cheap and didn’t want to spend the extra money. • Adj. Cheap, stingy, frugal

  5. vex • The boy’s belly was vexed. Eating five candy bars would annoy anyone’s belly! • V. to annoy or irritate • Adj = vexing

  6. Chastise • After the boy threw up the candy bars, his mother chastised him. “You should know better,” she lectured. “What were you thinking? Won’t do that again, will you?” • V. to punish, usually verbally (though also in writing)

  7. Galumph • The ogre galumphed his way to the shower every morning, thudding and pounding the dirt floor. He trudged around, banging about until he had his first cup of ogre coffee. • V. to walk with a heavy tread

  8. Pulchritudinous • The pulchritudinous baby wasn’t just cute, he was “magazine cute.” Everyone stared at the beautiful baby. • Adj. physically beautiful

  9. Wanton • The wanton was thought to be a tramp. She really had an aversion to licentious behavior, but she did like to wear gaudy make up, low-cut shirts, and short skirts. • N. a person who is licentious • Adj. licentious

  10. Slothful • The slothful man was so lazy, he drove ten feet to the end of the driveway to get the mail. • Adj. Lazy

  11. Dubious • The gathering clouds hung low in the sky. The once beautiful day grew dubious as the hikers hurried to get off the summit before the dangerous storms hit. • Adj. threatening, doubtful, hesitating

  12. Brouhaha • Fred and George created a huge swamp in the middle of Hogwarts causing a huge tumult. The brouhaha that ensued took Umbridge much longer to settle than she expected. • N. A tumult, a hubbub

  13. Tempest • The saloon grew quiet, like a clam before the storm. Then, with a clap like thunder, one cowboy hit another with a bottle. The clouds burst, and the tempestuous fight began. • N. a violent storm • Adj = tempestuous This word is often use figuratively.

  14. Debauchery • Many people feel that Las Vegas is a debauchery, filled with sin and corruption of mind and soul; I’ve seen CSI, and, man, remind me never to go there! I sure hope what happens there, stays there! • N. Excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures; a lessening of morals