welcome to open enrollment 2011 n.
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Welcome to Open Enrollment 2011

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Welcome to Open Enrollment 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Open Enrollment 2011. Take the President’s Challenge!. PRESIDENT’S ACTIVE LIFESTYLE AWARD (PALA). PRESIDENTIAL CHAMPIONS CHALLENGE AWARD. Be Physically Active & Earn Points: Earn 40,000 points over a period of time determined by you.

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take the president s challenge
Take the President’s Challenge!



Be Physically Active & Earn Points:

Earn 40,000 points over a period of time determined by you.

Points are based on the energy expenditure of each activity (it’s MET — metabolic equivalent value). So the more activity or the higher the intensity, the more points earned.

Choose from two fitness award plans.

Be Physically Active for:

  • 30 minutes each day
  • 5 times a week. (Almost any activity counts as long as it involves moving the large muscle groups in the body)
  • 6 Weeks.



Be part of making NNU a healthy campus.

open enrollment
Open Enrollment

Important Information:

Deductible and plan now change at the same time

August 1, 2011 through July 31, 2012

Deductible goes back to $1,000

Deductible starts over August 1, 2011

open enrollment1
Open Enrollment

Important Information:

Re-enrollment in Flexible Spending is required annually

May 20, 2011

Deadline for Flexible Spending enrollment

Deadline for changes to health, dental, vision

Deadline for pre-tax of insurance premiums

Un-used Flex Spending dollars will be forfeited – please calculate carefully

flexible spending
Flexible Spending

Must re-enroll every year

Unreimbursed Medical Expense annual maximum election

No maximum on wellness benefits starting 8-1-11

Medical Maximum = $4,800

Child / dependent care Max = $5,000

Over-the-counter meds must be prescribed to be reimbursable

Pre-taxed Insurance Premiums

flexible spending1
Flexible Spending

Unreimbursed Medical and Dependent Care Enrollment:

1. WEBSITE: www.fsaenroll.com




If you have any questions please contact the HR office or Flores & Associates at 800-532-3327

flexible spending2
Flexible Spending

Pre-taxing of insurance premiums

Enrollment form is online at www.nnu.edu/hr under “Open Enrollment”

Enrolling will reduce your taxable income and may increase your take-home pay

Pre-taxing of disability premiums is not advised

pre tax of insurance premiums sample
Pre-tax of Insurance Premiums sample

The example below depicts typical monthly savings as represented on the paycheck of an employee earning $30,000 per year. The actual savings would depend upon your final tax rate. Please see your tax advisor if you have questions.

review all benefits
Review all benefits

Life Insurance


Enroll (There may be a qualifying process)


Pre-taxed $$ set aside for retirement

If you contribute 5% of your gross salary, NNU contributes 9%, if you contribute less than 5%, NNU matches your contribution

W-4 – Are your withholding amounts what you want them to be?

nnu health insurance modification
NNU Health Insurance Modification
  • After a review of health care costs it has been determined that NNU will no longer pay for the insurance coverage for employees spouses if the spouse is employed by a company that offers health care coverage.
nnu health insurance modification1
NNU Health Insurance Modification
  • This cost, borne by NNU in the past will be phased out over the next year.
  • If the spouse’s employer offers health insurance but the spouse chooses not to enroll and the NNU employee wishes to continue to insure the spouse on NNU’s health insurance, the employee may purchase that option for $250 per month above the listed traditional rate.
nnu health insurance modification2
NNU Health Insurance Modification

This does not affect spouses:

  • who do not work;
  • who are self employed and do not have health insurance;
  • whose employer does not offer health insurance coverage;
  • who are currently enrolled on their own employers’ health insurance plans.
nnu health insurance modification3
NNU Health Insurance Modification


  • On the open enrollment form you will indicate:
    • Whether or not your spouse is insured by NNU
    • Whether or not your spouse works outside the home for an employer who offers health insurance. If so,
      • Whether or not you wish to leave your spouse enrolled in NNU’s plan at the cost of $250 per month in addition to the regular premiums.
      • Whether or not your spouse will enroll during his/her employer’s next open enrollment period.
      • Your spouse’s employer’s next open enrollment period.