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Summers 2010

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Summers 2010. Seniors Say: Its not a race and its definitely not the end of the world. Keep your cool and you will get through. Placements in HR: 2009-10. Stipend range: Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 10,000/- Recruiters On Campus Cummins India Limited Aditya Birla group

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Summers 2010

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summers 2010


Seniors Say:

Its not a race and its definitely not the end of the world.

Keep your cool and you will get through.

placements in hr 2009 10
Placements in HR: 2009-10
  • Stipend range: Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 10,000/-
  • Recruiters On Campus
    • Cummins India Limited
    • Aditya Birla group
    • Asian Paints, Essar
    • Genpact , Spykar, Omega
    • BMI, Open Spaces Consulting
    • Mahindra
    • Religare
types of project
Types Of Project
  • Research Based. (formulate research papers).
  • Survey based (conduct surveys for the company).
  • On the floor projects (Create Job Descriptions/Induction process etc.).
group discussion
Group Discussion
  • Topics are like:
    • 3 things u would change @ NMiMS.
    • Money cant buy everything
  • Other pointer:
    • Its fine if u enter the GD late
    • Make sure your point is heard when u speak
    • Appear to listen intently
    • Sit straight, Don’t fumble or shake your legs
    • Don’t make the summarizing point a new point.
    • Once a person has summarized, just shut up and end the discussion.
types of interview
  • Structured interview
  • Unstructured interview
  • Situational interview
  • Behavioral interview
  • Job Related interview
  • Stress interviews
  • Panel interviews
  • Sequential interviews
  • Group interviews
interview tips
Interview tips
  • Sit relaxed but straight
  • They are looking for:
    • Clarity in thoughts
    • Confidence
    • Basic knowledge/ general awareness
    • Willingness to work
    • Communication skills
  • Don’t fake your answers or do guess work.
  • Its ok to say “ I don’t know this /I am not

aware of this”

questions that may be asked
Questions that may be asked
  • Tell us something about Yourself
    • Don’t tell them your name or what’s written in the


    • Talk about your learning from the past achievements and failures.
    • Tell them something interesting about you.
  • How has been your day so far.
    • Don’t end up by just saying “ Its been good”.
  • What brings you here/Why Our company
    • Its important to know about the company.
interviewer may ask
Interviewer may ask
  • Educational Background
    • Don’t regret what you have done in the past
    • Share your learning or a key experience
  • Why Marketing/Finance/HR/OPS/IT?
    • Make a decision and a strong reasoning
  • Favorite subject
    • Be ready with basics (important models and application)
other typical questions
Other typical Questions
  • Strength and weakness
    • Show proofs of these in any situation handled by you.
    • Be smart while presenting weakness (something that doesn’t affect your work and something that’s workable)
  • Prepare examples of situations to address your leadership skills/managing skills/a radical change in your outlook etc.
  • Academic projects:
    • Be sure of what has been analyzed
    • Be sure of what role you have played.
questions continued
Questions continued
  • What are your expectations from this project?
  • Make sure you are aware of the company:
    • Products and brands under it
    • And news headlines related to it
    • One should look at companies website
    • Project profile/ company presentation if it has been given
  • Give us One reason Why we should hire you? Why Do you think you stand apart?
  • Any question that you would like to ask us?
work ex related
Work ex related:
  • What was your job profile?
  • Your biggest contribution or your biggest learning.
  • Is there anything you think that could have

been done better?

  • Explain the business process of your company/

your client.

  • Be aware of what has been going on with your

past company.

  • What did you enjoy most or like least about your last job?
bare essentials
Bare Essentials
  • Dress up right.
  • Start reading newspapers.
  • Rehearse the interview in your head before you go for it.
  • Don’t use up a seat when you don’t intend to pursue it in the future. Some other deserving student could have got it.
  • Make a decision what field you will pursue in second year. Life will be a lot easier.