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Ender’s Game Questions

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Ender’s Game Questions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ender’s Game Questions. Chapter 1 Questions. 1. Why are adults keeping secrets from Ender? 2. Who is Peter? How does he treat Ender? (2-3 sentences) 3. Does Ender’s fight with Stilson make him a monster? Why/why not? (2-3 sentences). Chapter 2. Why do you think Peter treats Ender so badly?

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Presentation Transcript
chapter 1 questions
Chapter 1 Questions
  • 1. Why are adults keeping secrets from Ender?
  • 2. Who is Peter? How does he treat Ender? (2-3 sentences)
  • 3. Does Ender’s fight with Stilson make him a monster? Why/why not? (2-3 sentences)
chapter 2
Chapter 2
  • Why do you think Peter treats Ender so badly?
  • Is Peter a monster?
chapter 3 questions
Chapter 3 Questions
  • Why does Ender say he hurt Stilson so bad? Why is this important?
  • What is the significance of being a ‘third’? What does it mean? Why is it important?
  • What is the reason that Ender would not want to go to battle school?
  • Why do you think Ender goes?
chapter 4 questions
Chapter 4 questions
  • 1. What is the meaning of “Individual human beings are tools that others use to help us all survive?”
  • 2. How do the adults plan to treat Ender? What is their plan to help him become stronger?
  • 3. What does the incident in the shuttle tell us about Ender? Was he justified in his actions?
chapter 5 questions
Chapter 5 questions
  • 1. Ender works hard to express his feelings in private and not show homesickness in front of any other person. Why does he do this?
  • 2. What is positive and what is negative about showing feelings?
  • 3. What is positive and what is negative about not showing feelings?
  • 4. How did Ender beat Bernard?
chapter 6
Chapter 6
  • What is the purpose of “Giant’s Game”?
  • How should Ender feel about his success at this game? Is he a murderer?
chapter 7
Chapter 7
  • What does Alai say to Ender on the bottom of page 69? Why is this important?
  • What does the phrase “just living” mean in this chapter? How would you feel if you were in his situation?
  • How did Petra help Ender? How is her friendship a problem for Ender?
  • What does Ender learn about leadership and tactics from Bonzo?
chapter 8
Chapter 8
  • Graff says, “Ender Wiggin is ten times smarter and stronger than I am.” Explain what he means.
  • What is important about the quote: “So teach me.” “So learn.”
  • Why is Ender’s response to an attack important?
  • What did the scene with the snake and Peter’s reflection mean?
  • How does the game know?
  • What is important about the last paragraph in the chapter?
chapter 9
Chapter 9
  • Is Peter or Valentine in control of their plan? Who is manipulating whom? How can you tell? (3 – 4 sentences)
  • Why is Ender still angry?
chapter 10
Chapter 10
  • What kind of leader is Ender? What is his style?
  • What did Ender do to Bean? Why?
  • What is important about the end of the chapter? Was Ender’s reaction a mistake or was it what the teachers wanted?
chapter 11
Chapter 11
  • How does the computer know Ender so well?
  • Why is it so important that Ender does not lose any games?
  • Why are the teachers pushing Ender so hard?
  • What is the importance of the last two sentences in the chapter?
chapter 12
Chapter 12
  • Why did Ender provoke Bonzo?
  • Who was Stilson? Why was Ender thinking of him?
  • Why does Ender still expect help from the teachers?
  • Did you know what happened to Stilson? Were there any clues in previous chapters?
  • Why do you think the teachers kept it a secret?
chapter 13
Chapter 13
  • Why does Graff send Valentine to speak with Ender?
  • Why does Ender hate himself?
  • How does Valentine think Ender and Peter have changed?
  • Why does Graff say that war with the buggers must happen?
  • What new device did humans invent to help them defeat the buggers? (p. 248-249)
  • What does Graff tell Ender they are training him to do?
chapter 14
Chapter 14
  • 1. What disturbs Ender about Eros? How does Ender figure out the truth about Eros?
  • 2. How is Mazer different from Ender’s other teachers?
  • 3. Why had Mazer been dishonest with Ender? Do you think Ender could have handled the truth?
  • 4. Did they push the children too far? Was it worth it?
  • 5. Is Ender a hero or a monster? Why?
chapter 15
Chapter 15
  • How does Ender feel about the deaths of Stilson and Bonzo?
  • Why did Valentine not want Ender to return to earth?
  • What did Ender find in the on the new planet?
  • What would you have done with what he found?