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WELCOME!. Class of 2016. Why Manual?. #1 high school in the state for academics One of the top high schools in the nation Colleges recognize Manual students 97% of our students go to 4-year universities 43 National Merit & Achievement Semifinalists 70% of students have 3.0 GPA or higher

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Class of 2016

Why manual
Why Manual?

  • #1 high school in the state for academics

  • One of the top high schools in the nation

  • Colleges recognize Manual students

  • 97% of our students go to 4-year universities

  • 43 National Merit & Achievement Semifinalists

  • 70% of students have 3.0 GPA or higher

  • Average ACT composite score of 26

It is a privilege to be a manual student but with this privilege comes great responsibility
It is a privilege to be a Manual student!But, with this privilege comes great responsibility…

  • Very competitive environment

  • Heavy, demanding work-load

  • Must have strong, consistent study habits

  • Can be a stressful atmosphere

  • Must be organized

Scheduling booklet

Descriptions Included:

  • Letter from Principal Larry Wooldridge

  • Scheduling Instructions

  • High School Graduation Requirements; Additional Diploma Requirements

  • Course Level Descriptions; Advance Program

  • Commonwealth Diploma; Advanced Placement Information and Courses

  • Grading System; Grade Reporting; High School Student Support; Course Enrollment Points of Emphasis

  • NCAA Clearinghouse Information

  • Scheduling Directions

Pre college curriculum minimum jcps graduation requirements

  • Four credits of English

  • Four credits of Math

  • Three credits of Science

  • Three credits of Social Studies

  • Two credits of the same Foreign Language (3 for Advance Program)

  • One credit of Humanities or HAVPA or a Four Year Specialization in the Arts (Advanced Humanities for Advance Program)

  • One half credit each of Health and PE (or full year of FOD)

  • One credit in Computer Applications or have passed the JCPS 21st Century Technology Exam in middle school with an 80% or have passed the IC-3 Exam in high school

  • Enough Electives to total 23 credits or above

Commonwealth diploma

  • Requires the student to take 4 AP classes

  • AP English; AP Math or Science; AP Foreign Language; One other AP Class

  • Must take the AP exams and pass at least 3 of them with a score of 3 or better

  • The Commonwealth Diploma is the state of Kentucky’s most prestigious diploma

  • At graduation, a student will earn both their regular diploma and a Commonwealth Diploma

  • Some Manual students graduate with 14-16 AP classes and pass all of the AP exams but do not earn the Commonwealth Diploma because they did not take an AP Foreign Language Class

How to handle manual
How to handle “Manual”? REQUIREMENTS

  • Time Management

  • Good Attendance

  • Get Organized

  • Know Your Teachers’ Rules

  • Ask for Help

  • Get to Know Your Teachers and Counselor

  • Get Involved

  • Make a Friend in Each Class

  • Use Your Agenda Book

  • Get a Life! All work and no play is not the answer!

Get organized
Get Organized!!! REQUIREMENTS

  • Use your agenda book

  • Separate notebooks/binders/folders

    for each class

  • 2 backpacks

  • Do homework at home

  • Use your study skills time

  • Know your teacher’s rules

  • No late work

  • Find a friend in each class

  • Request homework for extended absences

Helpful tips

  • Work after school with your teacher

  • NHS in library (before/after school)

  • Forming study groups with other students in your class

  • Checking your grades regularly with your teacher

  • Use your agenda

  • Structure study time at home

  • Participate in class

  • Maintain healthy lifestyle

What your counselor can do for you? REQUIREMENTS

  • Guidance counseling

  • Personal issues

  • Family issues

  • College applications

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

  • Help advise/resolve conflict

  • Much more!

How do you see your counselor? REQUIREMENTS

  • Drop by times:

    • Before school

    • After school

    • During lunch

    • During study skills


  • If counselor is unavailable:

    • Leave a note with the clerk at the front desk.

    • Email counselor

Top 10 things seniors wish they had known as freshmen
Top 10 things Seniors wish they had known as Freshmen REQUIREMENTS

  • Don’t procrastinate—get left behind

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions

  • It’s not at all like middle school!

  • Always take a study skills—you need it!

  • Get involved—extracurricular very important

  • Choose friends wisely

  • Never give up!

  • Make friends

  • Get help immediately—NHS tutoring or from your teacher

  • Study Hard! Grades/GPA begin your 9th grade year and do not go away on your transcript

Ways to get involved
Ways to Get Involved REQUIREMENTS

  • Join a club

  • Try out for a sport

  • Be in a play

  • Check out opportunities at YPAS if you love drama, dance, music

  • Leadership

  • Volunteer/community service


  • List of classes taken

  • Provides credit summary

  • Only semester grades are included

  • GPA: grade point average (Unweighted & Weighted)

  • Failed classes do not disappear

  • Levels of courses

    • Regular

    • Honors (Hon)

    • Advanced (Adv)

    • Advanced Placement (AP)


(Advanced Placement Courses Only)






Unweighted Scale






Advanced Placement REQUIREMENTS

  • Most challenging courses offered at Manual

  • Opportunity for college credit

  • Must take 4 or more AP courses to be considered most rigorous

  • Colleges look at the number of AP courses you take along with your GPA

  • AP exam is given at the end o the year

Advanced Program

  • JCPS incentive program

  • Students make a certain score on the Advanced Program test at the end of the 8th grade year

  • Students must maintain at least 3.0 GPA, take 3 yrs of same world language, take minimum of 12 advanced classes, & take Advanced Humanities

  • Seal on your diploma

  • Do not have to be Advanced Program to take Advanced classes


Fall Spring

1st Semester2nd Semester

1st 6-week progress report 4th 6-week progress report

2nd 6-week progress report 5th 6-week progress report

3rd 6 week Semester Grade 6th 6-week Semester Grade

(final grade on transcript) (final grade on transcript)


  • Stay on top of your grades

  • Get help if you see that your grades are falling

  • Turn your assignments in on time

  • Do all of your homework assignments

Problems in a class
Problems in a Class? REQUIREMENTS




Student-Teacher-Parent-Counselor-ASST PRINCIPAL

Manual academic rigor guide

  • Comprehensive Classes – very basic high school diploma

  • Honors Program (HNR) - Manual’s challenging regular pace college preparatory classes designed for the college bound student

  • Advanced Program (ADV) - higher rigor accelerated instruction for academically gifted and talented students

  • Dual Credit Classes (DUAL) - these classes are advanced classes that a student may earn dual college credit at JCTC, Bellarmine, or UofL - requires a minimum ACT/SAT score and GPA to receive the dual credit

  • Advanced Placement (AP) - Manual’s most rigorous courses developed and sanctioned by the College Board. These courses require special teacher training and a prescribed accelerated curriculum culminating with an AP Exam in May. Students enrolling in AP courses should be self-motivated, demonstrate strong reading and writing skills, and be willing to devote the time necessary for success

Review 4 year magnet planning sheet

Review 4 year magnet planning sheet REQUIREMENTS

(back of booklet)

CMA p. 7

HSU p. 8

MST p. 9

VA p. 10



* HNR English I – B’s and C’s, not a strength, prefer a regular pace

* ADV English I – A’s, strength, accelerated pace

Place an ‘X’ in the column beside your choice.


  • Algebra I – Have not had Algebra I

  • HNR Algebra I – Have had part of Alg. I but will not complete the Alg. I textbook

  • ADV Geometry – Will have completed the Algebra I textbook, math is a strength, accelerated pace (on track for Calculus AB in the senior year)

    (math placement test for all students)

    Place an ‘X’ in the column beside your choice.


  • ADV Integrated Science – science is a strength / accelerated pace

  • HNR Integrated Science – not a strength / prefer a normal paced course

    Place an ‘X’ in the column beside your choice.

Social studies
*Social Studies REQUIREMENTS

  • ADV Exploring Civics

  • AP (Advanced Placement) Human Geography – The only AP (college level) course offered to freshman. Mature, organized, significant amount of reading. Strong comprehension skills, commitment to large amounts of reading.

    (CMA and VA – Choose either SS or World Lang.)

  • Place an ‘X’ in the column beside your choice.

Foreign language see front of flyer
*Foreign Language REQUIREMENTS***See front of flyer

  • HNR Level I – has no prior instruction / for the student who prefers a regular pace / would remain at honors level each year

  • ADV Level I – No more than one year of middle school FL / accelerated pace (Advanced Program pacing)

  • ADV Level 2 – 2 or more years of instruction at the middle school level. Understand the basics / accelerated pace

    Mark 1st choice with ‘X’. Mark alternate language as ‘F2’(*Comm. Diploma)

Health and pe

  • Required for graduation

  • Place an ‘X’ in the column.

Magnet requirements
Magnet Requirements REQUIREMENTS

  • Check your magnet planning sheet and mark the remaining required courses

    CMA Journalism I and Eng Graphic Arts

    MST MST/ADV Computer Applications, MST Geometry/Alg. II, MST Integrated Science

    VA Basic Design and Drawing/Painting

    HSU Computer Apps (prior to graduation)

    *4 Advanced Placement (AP) courses

    (Leadership Dynamics no longer required)


  • Check magnet planning sheet to see if an elective is available for grade 9.

  • If so, review the elective description sheet.

  • Choose three and mark your choices in order of preference A1,A2,A3 on the course request form.



Study Skills – Strongly recommended by faculty

Visual Art I

Computer Apps

Business Law

Business Management


Life Skills

YPAS – courses open to non-majors

Ypas courses for non majors
YPAS courses for non-majors REQUIREMENTS

  • Fundamentals of Dance

  • Total Body Conditioning

  • Beginning Tap 1 (audition)

  • Exploring Theatre

  • Piano (audition)

  • Orchestra (audition)

  • Band (audition)

  • Vocal Music (audition)

Turn to page 6

  • Instructions for completing the course request form.

  • Ignore #9.

  • Choose 3 alternate electives (A1, A2, A3) in addition to the 8 selected.

  • Choose an alternate foreign language. (FL2)

  • In all 12 courses will be chosen.

    • 8 first choice marked with an ‘X’

    • 3 elective alternates marked with A1, A2, A3

    • 1 foreign language alternate marked with FL2