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Teen Parent Services. Cause for Concern. 65% fail one or more classes (Ysleta ISD, 2004) Between 75% and 90% of all Pregnant students at each of the regular high school campuses have between 28 and over 67 absences (Ysleta ISD, 2004)

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Teen parent services

Cause for Concern

  • 65% fail one or more classes (Ysleta ISD, 2004)

  • Between 75% and 90% of all Pregnant students at each of the regular high school campuses have between 28 and over 67 absences (Ysleta ISD, 2004)

  • Graduation Cohort & Standardized Test results are unknown

  • 76% Graduation Rate Pregnant & Parenting (Ysleta ISD, 2003)

  • Pregnant & Parenting population caused low performing school and lowered district accreditation rating to Acceptable (Texas Education Agency, 2002)

Behavioral change finding
Behavioral Change Finding

  • Study of The Partners for Life Nutrition Education Program for Pregnant Women

    • Focused instruction

      • Changes in dietary behavior

      • Improved knowledge

    • Regular monitoring to ensure application of newly learned skills

    • Continued support

    • Retention through complete program

      (Boyd and Windsor, 2003)

Pregnancy related services prs

Prenatal Education



Labor & Delivery

Postpartum Care

Newborn Care

Support Services

Medical access

Community Resources


Home Instruction (CEHI)

State mandated service (Texas Education Agency, 2004, p. 121)

Academic support

Teacher visits weekly

Liaison between home and school

Regular class schedule

Compulsory Attendance

Pregnancy Related Services (PRS)

Ysleta isd teen parent services prenatal education

Existing Plan

No curriculum

Student receives average of 1 lesson

Occasional inconsistent monitoring of attendance and academic progress

Limited access to social support

New Plan

Comenzando Bien Curriculum(March of Dimes)

Student receives minimum of 5 lessons

Monthly group lunch meetings


attendance weekly

grades every 3 weeks

Standardized tests

Graduation cohort

Full access to specialized social support system

Create home liaison positions

Ysleta ISD Teen Parent ServicesPrenatal Education

Compensatory education home instruction cehi

Existing Plan

Conduct 74.3 % of eligible hours (Ysleta ISD, 2004)

Teachers assigned by campus

Teachers office at campus

English, Science & Reading (Vacant) areas of certification

Uneven teacher workloads

low teacher morale

New Plan

Conduct at least 95% of all eligible hours

Teachers assigned by student demand, develop pool tag team

Teachers offices centralized

Meet highly qualified areas of certification (English, Science & replace vacancy with Math)

Add 1 teacher position (History)

Even teacher workloads

Define roles

Improved climate/morale

Compensatory Education Home Instruction (CEHI)

1 st year 2002 03
1st Year 2002-03

  • Record Keeping

    • TEA PRS Audit Results

      • 2000-2001 Audit losses $65K (TEA, 2004)

    • Accountability

      • Student Records

      • Defined Program

        • Developed forms

        • Defined Federal, State, Grant & District requirements

2 nd year 2003 04
2ND Year 2003-04

  • Implementing Technology

    • Upgrading hardware

      • Lap tops

      • Network printers

    • Developing Software Program

      • Manage student records

      • Analyze and generate student and teacher data

      • Generate PRS audit reports

    • Training Personnel

3 rd year current 2004 05
3rd Year (Current) 2004-05

  • Delivery of Student Services

    • Analyzing student data / developing improvement plan

      • Services are Inconsistent

      • Overall, services provided do not significantly positively impact entire population; district

      • Researching what works

    • Seeking Central Office Support

      • Superintendent and Assoc. Super Approval

      • PRS Budget – From Campus to Program in 05-06

    • Personnel

      • Create new positions (teacher, home liaison, and PEIMS clerk)

      • Redefine teacher’s role

      • Reassign personnel

Future have to do that on Monday also.

  • Continue 3rd Year Efforts

  • Implement Web-based software program

  • Explore barcode software for CEHI visits

  • Explore other funding sources

    • If Senate Bill 1391 (2005) Successfully Blocks Grants

  • Implement Prevention Strategies

  • Address Middle School Pregnancies

  • Fine Tune Program Plans

  • Publish findings

Teen parent services

Teen parent services pregnancy related services
Teen Parent Services Cortez asked me to move around a little. I have to get it from my computer at work tomorrow. Pregnancy Related Services