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Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece . Chapter 8 Lesson 3. Athens’ Age of Glory.

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ancient greece

Ancient Greece

Chapter 8

Lesson 3

athens age of glory
Athens’ Age of Glory
  • As stated before, Athens paired up with other city-states to fight against the Persian army and won. As a result, the Athenians learned to improve their naval forces. In addition, other colonies still needed protection from invaders so they began to pay tributes to the Athenians. A tribute or payments made to Athens by its allies added to its wealth.
athens age of glory1
Athens’ Age of Glory
  • Athens made major achievements in the arts, philosophy, literature, and democracy.
  • One major achievement was created by a man named Pericles. He introduced reforms that included poor citizens to have a voice in public business. He also used the increasing wealth to build the Parthenon which was used to worship the goddess Athena.
athens age of glory2
Athens’ Age of Glory
  • The Acropolis was the religious center of the city. Each Greek city-state had their own acropolis; however, this acropolis was the largest in the country.
athens age of glory3
Athens’ Age of Glory
  • The daily activities were held in the agora of the city. Each day tradesmen, farmers, and businessmen would meet there to conduct the affairs of the city.
  • The government met in a council called an assembly. It is the lawmaking body of government. It is much like the Congress in our government.
athens age of glory greek science and philosophy
Athens’ Age of GloryGreek Science and Philosophy
  • Most Greeks believed that the gods were responsible for all natural events; however, some believed differently. People called philosophers believed that people could use the powers of the mind and reason to understand natural events.
  • One philosopher, Socrates, wanted people to consider the true meaning of qualities such as justice and courage. “Know thyself”
  • was his most important lesson.
greek science and philosophy
Greek Science and Philosophy
  • Unfortunately, Socrates was brought to trial because he was accused of dishonoring the gods and misleading young people to think differently. He was sentenced to death by a forced suicide, which was common in Athens. Socrates drank a cup of hemlock, a poison, and died.
greek philosophy
Greek Philosophy
  • Fortunately, a young scholar of Socrates, Plato, wrote down all of Socrates teachings for others to learn from. He later became a well known philosopher.
class work
Class Work
  • Turn to page 208-209 in the old textbook and 211-213 in the new textbook and read the accounts of the final battles of the city-states Athens and Sparta against the Persians. Be ready to discuss the information.
terms to know
Terms to know
  • Assembly, jury, philosophy, Peloponnesian Wars, Pericles, Socrates, Plato, Acropolis, Parthenon